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A person at the gym doing muscle workouts
By Tyler Sellers 3 days ago
Best Workout Routine to Build Muscle (7 Day Challenge)
Building muscle isn’t as easy as it seems, and there is a lot of science behind becoming anabolic and inducing the most significant hypertrophy effects. However, an appropriate muscle-building workout will get you halfway there, assuming you correctly nail the reps, sets, rest intervals, volume, intensity, and frequency. As a certified personal trainer and based on my 40-hour research, I... Read more >
Lebron James holding a bottle filled with supplements
By Michael Garrico 4 days ago
What Supplements Does LeBron James Take?
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A Better Approach To Product Reviews

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We Order Products Anonymously

We order every product anonymously to find out what the whole ordering experience is like, including reaching out to customer service about shipping updates to test their responsiveness.

This approach has resulted in us not including many products on our recommended lists because of problems with shipping, customer service, and even the quality of packaging.

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Direct Product Comparisons

Because we always go through the same ordering and testing process, we’re in a much better position to come up with honest product comparisons.

From testing the ordering process, shipping times, and packaging and then going through a standardized product testing process, we end up with a scoring system that takes the guesswork out of our product rankings.

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Standardized Testing Process

We have created highly standardized testing processes to ensure that we give every product the same fair chance.

The benefit to our readers is that it reduces the chances of making product recommendations based on marketing bias rather than real results.


Fat Burners for women for losing weight
By Tracy Thompson 21 days ago
Best Fat Burners For Women (2023) Top 10 That Actually Work
Women who want to lose weight quickly might reach out to fat burners to fast-track their progress without having to dedicate too much time to gym workouts and diet tracking. However, the true effectiveness of the best fat burners wildly differs from product to product. Therefore, as a certified fitness trainer, I set aside a good amount of time to do proper research and hopefully find the best... Read more >
Top view spilled nootropics supplement
By Tyler Sellers 3 months ago
What Are Nootropics? (Benefits, Usage & Side Effects)
Nootropics, or cognitive enhancers, can provide a wide range of cognitive benefits, from improved memory and concentration to enhanced creativity and overall mental performance. Despite their widespread use, nootropics are still a mystery to some individuals. I teamed up with our dietitian and spent two weeks researching how nootropics work and some of the potential benefits and side effects... Read more >