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PhenGold is probably one of the newest weight loss supplement products to hit the market.

And while it joins a long queue of other similar products that claim to have the solution to all your health and wellbeing issues, there was something that stood out for us.

Not only has the company not hyped it up with celebrity marketing and super slim models, but it’s also completely transparent about how it came up with the list of ingredients.

So I teamed up with my dietitian Susan and a group of 10 clients to see what it was all about.

What is PhenGold?

phengold supplement

PhenGold is a fat burning weight loss supplement that claims to use only natural ingredients to trigger certain metabolic processes in your body.

This release of stored body fat may help to increase your overall energy levels for both physical and mental activities.

There are also ingredients that show promising signs that they could possibly help suppress hunger cravings that would often result in snacking.

You know those sneaky trips to the forbidden pantry shelf, right?

And unlike many other weight loss pills, PhenGold doesn’t hide behind a proprietary blend of ingredients.

Let’s take a closer look.

PhenGold Ingredients

pepper, pills and tea

The first thing my dietitian pointed out is that it’s refreshing to see a short list of ingredients and the exact amounts.

That’s important for anyone who might be stacking with other supplements but also to avoid side effects.

More on those shortly.

Here’s what’s in the formula.

1. Cayenne Pepper (200 mg)

Don’t worry; this stuff won’t burn your mouth.

But cayenne pepper is one of the most studied fat burning ingredients. Many of these studies have shown conclusively that cayenne pepper may help your body to melt away more fat [1].

2. L-Tyrosine (300 mg)

The reason L-Tyrosine might be important for this product is that some studies claim that it helps with mental focus and concentration.

“Tyrosine supplies what your body needs to generate three important neurotransmitters: dopamine, norepinephrine, and adrenaline. Studies show tyrosine might also help with mood and help people enjoy life.


Tyrosine is common in food, but to get its brain-boosting, stress-relieving benefits, you want purified tyrosine in supplement form. “ - Spencer Brooks, Writer at Bulletproof.com. 

Some of our clients noticed this both at work and at the gym, where they found their motivation had increased.

3. L-Theanine (250 mg)


Studies have been a bit mixed on L-Theanine when it comes to fat burning.

It’s quite possible that it may help your body’s metabolism, but what’s also interesting is the potential results for your mind.

Some researchers believe they have found a link between L-Theanine and overall stress levels.

By reducing stress, the company claims it helps to lower the chances of comfort eating.

4. Green Tea (500 mg)

There’s no shortage of clinical support for the benefits of green tea on your metabolism. Similar to cayenne, it helps to boost thermogenesis, which burns off excess fat reserves to slightly increase your core body temperature [2].

5. Green Coffee (100 mg)

This is extracted from raw green coffee beans, and it contains a fancy substance called Chlorogenic acid. This has some known health benefits that may reduce the amount of fat and sugar your body can absorb.

Technically, this might help you maintain the fat loss without that common yo-yo effect on the weighing scales.

6. Rhodiola Rosea (250 mg)

Rhodiola Rosea

The producers claim that Rhodiola Rosea extract might reduce mental and physical fatigue.

In theory, this should help to get more out of each workout, as you might be able to push yourself a bit further.

The only thing I’d say is that we couldn’t get enough scientific evidence of this, so we decided to keep an eye on this for the actual client trial.

One final comment from my dietitian was that the dosage of the product ingredients seems to match up with recommendations from different studies.

How Does It Work?

I generally tell people not to try to lose weight. Sounds crazy, right?

But, when you lose something, you tend to want to get it back, and that shouldn’t be your goal with fat.

PhenGold works by taking the approach of helping you to burn off more fat during the day and at the gym. And once you’ve burned the fat, then it may also work by reducing the amount of new fatty tissue being added. 

The thermogenic processes that it triggers are completely natural, which means there are no dangerous reactions taking place.

Between the simple formula and study results, our research so far was pretty positive for this fat burner.

Pros and Cons

phengold supplement

The first thing we monitored with clients was how fast they were able to lose weight before taking any weight loss pills.

Then we went through a standard diet and exercise phase that included PhenGold for 4 weeks.

Overall, the results looked positive, with the majority of our clients reporting more smiles when they got on the scales.

The other thing we liked is that you can order the product with free shipping, and if it doesn't work the way you expected, then you can simply ask for your money back.

  • Positive reviews about faster weight loss and cutting phases
  • No reports of side effects online or in our client trials
  • Effortless money-back guarantee allows for a risk-free trial
  • It could do with a more appetite suppressing boost

The only area where we thought it could be improved is with some better appetite suppression. Stopping the snacking is often a quick win to reduce your calories.

Side Effects

happy with diet pills

None of our clients reported any side effects, and our dietitian supports that, saying that the ingredient list is generally classed as safe.

Always check if there’s something on the label that you might be allergic to, but there’s a good chance that won’t happen.

We also saw many online reviews saying that the diet pill didn’t have a negative impact.

Overall, it should be safe for the majority of people.

Where Should You Buy It?

online shopping

When it comes to any kind of supplement, you should always go to the official website to buy it.

There have been too many reports of fake weight loss supplements flooding even some of the more respected eCommerce platforms.

In a best-case scenario, they’ll do nothing, but you could also be taking risks that harm your health.

You’ll also find the best PhenGold bulk offers by buying directly, and that’s the only place you’ll get the money-back guarantee.

Basically, don’t be fooled by dodgy sites with prices that are too good to be true.

Customer Reviews

phengold banner

To provide some balance to this review, we decided to pull in some testimonials that seem to match up with our client results.

She had suffered from a lot of weight gain after having a baby, and PhenGold helped her reverse that. Laura lost 9 pounds in the first month and over 30 pounds in total, and the early results of the fat burner motivated her to keep going.  - Laura from New York

After many different diet attempts, Kristina decided to try out PhenGold to help her lose and maintain an ideal weight in the winter months. Even with less physical activity during the winter, she lost 21 pounds in 4 months.

- Kristina from London

He noticed a big change in his metabolism and overall energy levels within a couple of days. The first month resulted in losing 6 pounds, and he has continued that steady trend.  - George from LA

Gary was looking for a safe fat burner with an all-natural ingredient list that worked well with his bodybuilding stack. Most other supplements that he tried gave him limited results, but PhenGold seems to have worked a treat for a cutting phase.  - Gary from Columbia


How Long Does Phengold Take to Work?

It takes PhenGold about 30 minutes to work. However, you might not see measurable weight loss until after 2 weeks of consistently taking this supplement.

Does Phengold Contain Stimulants?

Yes, PhenGold contains a small amount of stimulants. These mainly come from green tea and coffee bean extracts. But it’s not a strong dose that would make you jittery or lose sleep. The formula is more reliant on other thermogenic that don’t have a stimulating effect.

Is PhenGold Worth Buying?

Based on our personal and client feedback and the information from our dietitian, we believe PhenGold is a weight loss supplement that we’ll recommend to our readers.

The ingredient list is short and has enough scientific backing for us to believe it should improve how well you can manage your weight.

Order your first supply today, and then let us know how much of a difference it will make to your health.

phengold supplement


Our #1 Recommendation

  • Positive reviews about faster weight loss and cutting phases
  • No reports of side effects online or in our client trials
  • Effortless money-back guarantee allows for a risk-free trial
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