Leanbean Review (2024) Scam Or #1 Fat Burner?

Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BSc, CPT
Published by Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BSc, CPT | Staff Writer
Last updated: February 1, 2024
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Recently, when a client brought Leanbean to my attention, I approached it with caution because it made the same claims as other fat burners on the market.

However, when a number of readers who tried Leanbean requested I review it, I thought that maybe there was more to this supplement than I thought.

As a fitness trainer and women's health expert, I spent hundreds of hours researching to see if this product does what it claims.

After analyzing the product, studying its ingredients, and trying it out myself, here's what I found.

Rated : 4.9/5
LeanBean supplement product

Key Information

  • Uses all-natural ingredients
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Free of gluten and soy
  • Offers a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Can also be used by men


  • Glucomannan
  • Choline
  • Vitamins B6 and B12
  • Green Coffee Extract
  • Acai Berry

How It Works

  • Reduces appetite
  • Accelerates fat metabolism
  • Increases energy and endurance
  • Improves digestion

What Is Leanbean?

LeanBean Product close up image

Leanbean is a fat-burning supplement for women manufactured by Ultimate Life. According to the company, this body fat burner may lead to reduced cravings, accelerated fat metabolism, and help a healthy body weight loss process.

Straightforward claims, right? But they're not something I haven't heard before from other supplements.

To dive deep into the claims, I took the help of our in-house dietician to review all the ingredients and how they contribute to fat burning.


Overview of Leanbean Ingredients

Supplement Facts of LeanBean

According to our dietician, Leanbean's ingredients are completely natural, unlike other fat burners.

As of March 2023, the formula has been updated based on research to be even more effective. Let's take a closer look.

1. Glucomannan (1,000 mg)

The root of the konjac plant has fiber that acts as an energy booster source of nutrition and appetite suppressant.

Within a few days of using Leanbean diet pills, I felt fuller for longer, even with smaller food portions, which may have helped with my snacking and food cravings [1].

2. Choline (27.5 mg)

Produced by the liver, this nutrient is crucial to a more efficient fat metabolism and cholesterol removal. In addition to boosting metabolism, choline reduces body fat, according to a study we found in the National Library of Medicine [2].

3. Vitamins B6 and B12 (0.56 mg)

It appears that the results of a PubMed study conducted over 29 weeks were promising [3]. These vitamins help reduce fatigue, boost energy, and support muscle function during workouts.

4. Green Coffee Bean Extract (40 mg)

Green coffee bean extract can help lower blood glucose levels, reduce body fat absorption, and provide you with a source of caffeine [4].

The study found that when combined with a calorie-restricted diet for eight weeks, chlorogenic acids doubled the fat reduction [5].

Also, the results of our experiment indicate this is one of the best ways of getting natural caffeine into your system to help with the weight loss process.

5. Acai Berry (50 mg)

According to the study, acai berry functions as a powerful antioxidant. It has been associated with an increase in the rate at which fat is burned [6].

It also lowers glucose and cholesterol levels in the blood and boosts the body's antioxidant capacity.

Taylor Testimonial LeanBean

Honestly, I love Leanbean. My overall mood has increased as well as my energy. It does not make me feel anxious or lightheaded like other diet pills do. This month, I've lost 4 pounds, which encouraged me to continue working out with that natural energy; you can really see my muscles!*

Tailored to women

LeanBean supplement product


Rated With Total Shape's Scoring System


What Are the Benefits of Taking Leanbean?

Fit and Lean women with product overlay

The benefits of taking a Leanbean fat burner are reduced food cravings, boosted fat metabolism, improved digestion, and increased energy levels and endurance.

Leanbean is one of the most unique supplements on the market for helping people lose weight.

Aside from having a formula tailored to women, we found that this natural fat burner may help promote the weight loss process without stimulants in the following ways.

1. Reducing Food Cravings

This fat burner for women helps you lose weight with a whopping dose of glucomannan that keeps you feeling full whenever you are tempted to grab some chocolates and chips.

After trying Leanbean weight loss supplements, my clients were impressed that it helped curb their food cravings within just the first few days, leading them to lose weight.

2. Boosting Fat Metabolism And Natural Digestion

A fit person lifting hands up

Leanbean can help you kickstart your fat metabolism by increasing calories burned during workouts and at rest. However, to achieve the utmost potential outcomes, prioritizing workout routines whenever possible is imperative.

Its unique formula includes choline, which is proven to support metabolism and manage oxidative stress within liver cells [7].

Most of my clients observed an accelerated weight loss process and effective maintenance.

What impressed us the most was the visible firming and toning this burner promoted in the belly, arms, and legs within two months.

These are challenging areas for most dietary supplements, making Leanbean exceptional. Our own testing experience showed it helped some individuals overcome weight loss plateaus.

Leanbean also helps improve your digestion, ensuring that your body absorbs all the essential nutrients it needs and burns fat more efficiently.

3. Improving Energy and Endurance

Leanbean weight-loss pills claim to boost energy and enhance endurance during workouts. This benefit enables more intense routines and faster fitness goal achievement.

With turmeric, vitamins B6 and B12, and natural caffeine from green coffee bean extract, it helped me feel energized after a long day to focus on priorities.

It doesn't rely on stimulants, ensuring trouble-free sleep while shedding stubborn fat and aiding the weight loss process.

Our experience showed that female clients who took Leanbean in the morning reported an energy boost similar to caffeine-free coffee.

4. Other Health Benefits

A woman outdoor jogging

The other major benefits you can experience from taking Leanbean are the ability to break through weight loss plateaus and gain a lot more confidence in your diet and training routine.

Based on our experience during an extensive testing phase, we saw several women regain weight control after spending many months not being able to shed additional pounds.

Tailored to women

Does Leanbean Have Any Side Effects?

No, Leanbean doesn’t have any side effects. However, you should be mindful of how you feel if you are sensitive to stimulants or have allergies.

Leanbean contains green coffee bean extract, which may cause caffeine jitters for some people. However, this is unlikely due to the small dose compared to other thermogenic supplements unless someone is particularly sensitive.

Most users in our test group were pleasantly surprised by the absence of side effects, unlike the usual fast heartbeat or tingling sensation they experienced with other fat-burning supplements they tried.

How to Take Leanbean?

You should take Leanbean three times daily, two at a time, before the three main meals of the day.

It’s an all-natural weight loss supplement, so there would be no need for cycling, a practice common with other fat-burning products.

When we trialed Leanbean, we found it's best paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise for maximum weight loss journey results.

Tyah Testimonial LeanBeanSo I tried it, and now I'm obsessed with it. It gave me more energy, and it helped me stop snacking throughout the day. I love the fact that it has all-natural ingredients, and I could break my plateau.

  • A natural blend of B vitamins, minerals, and superfoods
  • Ingredients in Leanbean like green coffee bean extract, help with cravings and quell the appetite
  • Formulated specifically for women to help manage their weight
  • 11 safe yet potent weight loss ingredients
  • 100% vegan-friendly, and gluten and soy-free
  • Dosage is six capsules per day

How To Get The Best Results with Leanbean Weight Loss Pills?

To get the best results with Leanbean weight loss pills, you should take this supplement alongside a healthy diet and intense workout routine.

Let me first say that you shouldn’t expect any great results by taking these capsules and then eating boxes of donuts on the couch.

The only way you’ll get great results is by taking these as a supplement to your healthy and balanced diet and strict exercise routine.

That means planning a calorie-restricted diet, extending your fasting times, and staying active every day.

In our experience testing these, we found that taking the capsules first thing in the morning allowed us to delay breakfast by a few hours. And taking some during the day also reduces hunger cravings that lead to snacking.

Where Can You Buy Leanbean Fat Burner?

You can buy a Leanbean fat burner through its official website. You may find these fat-burning supplements being sold at other online or offline stores like Amazon or GNC.

Some sellers even sell it for a fraction of the price. Sadly, we cannot guarantee that they sell the legit Leanbean weight loss supplement.

Some Leanbean reviews report receiving a nearly expired product or a fake one.

As we reviewed Leanbean, I looked into the most convenient place to purchase the product. While I haven't heard or read anyone reporting adverse reactions or side effects from non-official Leanbean purchases, it's something that I wouldn't encourage, even when you want to start losing weight fast.

Tailored to women

LeanBean supplement product


Rated With Total Shape's Scoring System


How Much Does it Cost?

Leanbean costs a bit more than other fat-burning supplements if you decide to buy one month's supply. But you can take advantage of their bulk purchase discounts.

At the time of writing this article, Leanbean offers the following pricing:

  • Single bottle 180 capsules (30-day supply): $59.99
  • Two bottles 360 capsules (60-day supply): $119.98
  • Three bottles 720 capsules (90-day supply): $189.97

The third bundle includes a downloadable workout guide and meal plan.

Shipping and Returns

Leanbean does not ship to certain countries. The complete list of countries is available here.

Customers who purchase the 'Complete Bundle' are offered a 90-day money-back guarantee if they consistently use the product for 90 days.

I bought the Complete Bundle to try the product, and it includes free worldwide shipping. I received the package within four days, which is close to the average delivery time.

Please note that Leanbean is a supplement and should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

About The Brand

Ultimate Life manufactures health supplements that provide natural solutions to the demands of modern-day women.

So far, the company has created two products — Leanbean and Powher — which use natural formulas to help females achieve quicker results from their weight loss efforts and training regimen.

Our team's research found that their formulas are also vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and gluten-free, making their products one of the most accessible on the market.

Alternatives to Leanbean Diet Pills

Here are a few other fat burners that we have had some great results with. Just keep in mind that they are not specifically formulated for women, but it’s still easy to adjust the dosage.


What we particularly liked about PhenQ when we reviewed it was the fact that it seems to deliver consistent energy throughout the day. And that is energy for both physical and mental tasks.

It also provided us with great results for preventing new fat accumulation, and we noticed that the yo-yo effect on the scales was gone altogether.


Trimtone is another fat burner that we have been able to prove to be effective for triggering thermogenesis through natural ingredients. That means it will target more fat reserves to release energy, even when you're not working out.

Our research confirmed that Trimtone doesn't have a massive dose of caffeine, so it won't make you jittery, either.

Transparent Labs

Our review of Transparent Labs Fat Burner noted that it's one of the more affordable fat burners. That's impressive, considering it stood out to us during testing for having one of the best effects on appetite suppression.

What that means is that we were able to extend our intermittent fasting by a few extra hours and delay the first meal of the day until after 11 a.m.

We also found that it consistently burned more calories from fat storage and significantly improved how fast we were able to get to our weight and physique goals.

  • Suppresses appetite to burn fat
  • Prevents excess body fat accumulation
  • Boosts mood and mental focus
  • Increases energy levels
  • Uses all-natural ingredients
  • A bit pricier than other fat burners
  • Can only be purchased on the company website
Instant Knockout Cut CTA supplement product
Instant Knockout Click For Best Price
  • Improves mental performance
  • Boosts testosterone production
  • Contains a good dose of glucomannan
  • Aids fat-burning and weight loss journey
  • Can be stacked with other weight-loss supplements
  • Need to take 4 pills every day
  • Only available on the company website
Transparent Labs CTA supplement container
Transparent Labs Click For Best Price
  • Aids quicker fat-burning and weight loss
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Transparent formula
  • Reasonably priced
  • No vitamins in minerals in the formula
  • May cause an upset stomach when taken without food

LeanBean Results: Before And After

I’ve used LeanBean for 60 days straight, and to control the results, I’ve measured my weight first thing each morning. Without changing any other variable, I lost 4.2 pounds at the end of the testing period, which is amazing considering my fitness level.

And I seem to be far from alone in this, let’s take a look at a few other user experiences on losing weight.

Rebecca's Results After 7 Weeks

Rebecca's Review for LeanBean

After around ten days, my cravings had gone, and I could see my shape improving.*

After using Leanbean fat-loss supplements for seven weeks, Rebecca found that she felt fantastic and lost weight more efficiently than ever before. She explains that she experienced no shakes or side effects, recommending Leanbean wholeheartedly to her colleagues and friends.

Margarita's Results After 1 Month

Margarita used Leanbean for 30 days with the recommended dosage of 6 capsules per day to slash 20kg of excess body weight.

Within one month of taking Leanbean fat loss supplements, Margarita went down from an Australian size 16 to a size 14, helping her lose weight after gaining some during her pregnancy.*


Annette's Results After 3 Months

Anette's LeanBean review

After several weeks of holiday eating and not going to the gym, I lost fat, and got more toned while taking Leanbean, when I usually gain weight during holiday.* Cellulite was always my biggest concern about my body.

After three months, Annette found that the pills helped control her appetite and improve her sleep, helping her efforts to lose weight. She lost 2-3 inches from her waist and drastically reduced her cellulite, thanks to Leanbean fat loss supplements.

Why Do Women Need a Fat Burner?

Women need a legitimate fat burner to increase energy levels, improve fat metabolism, suppress food cravings, and promote thermogenesis while losing weight.

Women have about 10–13% essential body fat, while men only require 2–5% [8].

Leanbean is marketed on its official website specifically as a top female fat burner with a formula that suppresses appetite, thus helping to reduce calorie intake and help lose weight efficiently.

When I mentioned this to our female clients, they were excited to test Leanbean since most dietary supplements have stimulants or high ingredient doses.


Is Leanbean FDA-Approved?

No, Leanbean is not FDA-approved. However, the facility and company that makes the product have passed the strict standards of the FDA.

Is Leanbean Legitimate?

Yes, Leanbean is legitimate. It is a product with well-researched ingredients that have been proven to control appetite, trigger thermogenesis, and help in your weight loss journey.

Are Leanbean Fat Loss Supplements Safe?

Yes, Leanbean fat loss supplements are safe, and as long as you keep to the recommended dose, you shouldn't expect much when it comes to side effects.

When Is the Best Time to Take Leanbean?

The best time to take Leanbean is before your main meals and snacks to reduce calorie intake. With the recommended dose being six capsules a day, you should take two before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

What Happens If I Miss A Dose?

If you miss a dose, it is recommended to skip it and resume where you left off later in the day.

How Long Does It Take for Leanbean to Work?

It takes around 90 days for Leanbean to work. As long as the product's recommended dose and instructions are followed, alongside a balanced diet and active lifestyle, you will start losing weight.*

How Long Can I Use Leanbean?

You can use Leanbean for as long as you wish. It all depends on your fat-burn progress or set weight loss goals.

Our Verdict: Should You Buy Leanbean?

After reviewing the Leanbean supplement, it's clear that while it's effective for some, a more comprehensive option like PhenQ could be a better choice. PhenQ addresses weight loss through various mechanisms, offering a well-rounded approach.

It's an ideal alternative for those looking for an effective weight loss supplement with a broader impact.




Rated With Total Shape's Scoring System

  • Loaded with organic components for fat burning
  • Speeds up shedding of weight and fat
  • Reduces appetite and lessens the urge to snack
  • Enhances metabolism and promotes thermogenesis
  • Elevates energy and sharpens focus
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
  • Available exclusively on the official site

* individual results may vary

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  10. Bought this for my granddaughter a couple of months ago. Last week, she visited our house and told me how grateful she was for the product I gave her. I also noticed she lost a few pounds but she still looked healthy, and most importantly, happy. I am glad that she is achieving her waistline goal but not at the expense of her health.

  11. Finally achieved the beach bod that I’ve always wanted! Of course, it was not solely because of this weight loss supplement. I did put effort to go to the gym but I partnered heavy workouts with Leanbean and it was very effective. It helped suppress unnecessary food cravings that I needed to avoid so I can also stick with my strict diet.

  12. Proud boyfriend here. I know how much my partner has been insecure about her weight. Although I do think she’s really pretty no matter what, I bought this product for her just to try. I’m happy I made this purchase because this product has made my girlfriend more confident in her body. She’s been trying this for a few weeks now and I’m really glad to see her glow.

  13. Came across this article and thought that the product was too good to be true. As I am into fitness, I eventually got myself to try this product just to see how it works. The first few days did not show immediate progress but consistency really is the key. It’s been a month since I first bought LeanBean and I can say that the product stays true to what it promises.

  14. At first, I was worried that I need to take six capsules per day, as advised. I thought it would have a big side effect on my mood and energy. So far, I don’t feel jittery nor do I feel weak whenever I take it.

  15. One month in and wow! The results are quite impressive. I went from 190 pounds to 183. Not quite huge but considering the one-month span, that is something I would consider an achievement.

  16. Took a while before I felt the effect. It was really hard for me to say no to food but somehow this product helped me with that problem. I do not have to deal with food cravings mid-day and midnight and focus more on becoming fit and healthy.

  17. I absolutely love how Leanbean works for me, so far. I like how I don’t feel all jittery and uneasy after intake. This is quite a good deal for me because I have tried their weight loss and they all made my heart beat faster, making me all too conscious of the supplement I took. Thank goodness Leanbean doesn’t work that way, at least in my experience.

  18. It really feels amazing that I can still enjoy food while on a fat burner. It’s not that I don’t have to eat anything. I think it’s really because of the fact that I am able to enjoy an adequate amount of food and not think of wanting more because I don’t have to deal with food cravings.

  19. Bought Leanbean for my two sisters and they were so happy. They were on the chubby side and wanted to be more confident wearing bikinis for our out-of-the-country summer vacation. Not gonna lie, they really look great and I’m happy I was able to help them on their fitness journey.

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