Transparent Labs PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner Review: Legit or Scam?

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As someone who at various stages in life struggled with some unwanted flabby stuff, I know exactly how easily you can be tempted into buying fat burners you see advertised online. 

Unfortunately, there are so many hyped-up products out there, that it can really be difficult to find something that is both effective to increase your metabolic rate and has limited side effects.

Transparent Labs has quite a long list of health and sports supplements, and I had noticed quite a lot of people at my gym using them. One that caught my attention the most is the PhysiqueSeries fat burner supplement, so I decided to do some research. 

I had my dietitian give me a review of the ingredients, and then I tested it out with some friends to try and gather some actual results for both cutting and general weight loss.

So, let’s dive right in.

What Is Transparent Labs Fat Burner? 

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Transparent Labs PhysiqueSeries is a thermogenic fat burner supplement that claims to work by triggering an increase in your metabolic rate. Without going into extremely boring details of how your metabolism works, let me give you just a really quick explanation of what that means.

Basically, any excess energy you take in is stored in the form of body fat. In the long run, this results in quite a bit of fat storage, and even performance athletes can struggle with their BMI at the low end.

Fat burning is triggered when there is a net negative amount of available energy. While diet and a strict exercise regimen can help, there are ways in which you can help out a bit.

Thermogenic fat loss is one such way, and certain ingredients can increase your core body temperature. This requires energy, which is sourced from body fat.

And that’s exactly what Transparent Labs says they have created with this product. It’s provided in the form of capsules that can be taken every day. 

What attracted me to PhysiqueSeries is that the packaging is really simple, and the company doesn’t embark on major celebrity endorsements and hyped-up advertising. So, my first step was to review the ingredients with my dietitian. 

What Are The Ingredients? 


There are 9 main active ingredients that transparent Labs claims were chosen based on scientifically proven results. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

1. Green Tea Extract

Many people drink green tea for its detox benefits, but in extract form, it will also provide a nice boost of caffeine. We did find some studies that have shown some fat burning benefits [1], so there is a good reason to include it on the ingredients list. This is also the main ingredient of our best nighttime burners.

2. White Willow

This was a new one to me, but it is a type of bark extract that has been quite extensively studied. It seems like when combined with caffeine it can increase the effectiveness of thermogenesis even when resting [2].

3. Caffeine Anhydrous

Yes, that morning coffee you have to make you wake up could actually be helping with the weight loss process. One of the most common natural ingredients in weight loss supplements is caffeine. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the more you take in, the less effective it will become. So be careful with supplements if you’re a coffee drinker. 

4. Synephrine HCL

This also seems to be a bit of a newcomer to the supplements industry, but there is one study in particular that verified that when sourced from bitter oranges, it works to increase energy levels in resistance training as well as targeting fat [3].

5. L-theanine

Some people may have seen this advertised on certain teas in health food stores as a way to help with decreasing stress levels [4]. However, when combined with caffeine, it can help to amplify the effects on fat.

6. L-tyrosine

This is another very interesting amino acid that affects the metabolic rate, specifically during exercise and workout phases [5].

7. 5-HTP

This rather cryptic name has been shown to influence serotonin levels, which are directly tied to being able to suppress appetite. 

8. Forskolin

This one will be particularly interesting for people who want to achieve more muscle mass definition. A 2005 study revealed positive results for obese men where a significant fat loss was noted [6].

9. Cayenne Pepper

Don’t worry, this fat burner won’t set your mouth on fire, but cayenne pepper is a positive ingredient to see in weight loss supplements. It has been extensively tested as a natural treatment option for obesity, which makes it a good option for anyone trying to lose weight.

Does PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner Work? 

This is always the big question when you’re taking some nutrition supplements.

So, after confirming the ingredients with my dietitian, I set out and read through several hundred online reviews and comments in forums and Facebook groups.

Overall, the feedback on Transparent Labs is very positive, with people noting that it worked well to accelerate weight loss and helped with appetite suppression. That was enough for me to give it a try and see how it would work in a cutting phase. 

And I have to say that compared to the results I got 6 months earlier without any fat burner product, I did get to my goals faster. So, let’s take a closer look at the specific benefits.

What Are The Benefits? 

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OK, so let’s analyze what I personally experienced during a 4-week trial where I was going through some targeted exercises for cutting.

I took the recommended dose of 2 pills twice a day, which is the same for men and women. During this time, I was exercising 5 days a week, which included a light cardio day. 

1. Improved Weight Loss

So, I had planned to reduce my BMI by 4 points over the 4 weeks, and I was using a body fat caliper to get the most accurate readings. The good news was that I managed to achieve my goal a full 4 days sooner than expected. 

The last time I went through a cutting phase, it took the full 4 weeks, so that was a nice surprise. 

2. Reduced Appetite

I often try to go through some longer fasting periods where I might skip my breakfast and a morning snack. That will usually mean a good 5 hours in the morning where I can feel hungry and get a bit crabby as well.

What I did find is that when I took PhysiqueSeries first thing in the morning that I actually got until about 11 am before I started feeling the usual hunger pains. So, from the perspective of appetite suppression, it does seem to bridge a gap.

3. Energy Boost Throughout The Day

I was able to confirm what I saw in quite a few reviews when it comes to some extra energy. By burning extra calories and fat, I did feel like my metabolism was making a good bit more energy available.

Both mentally and physically, I found that I just had a bit of an edge over my normal days.

Are There Any Side Effects? 

So, the good news is that I didn’t experience any side effects, and that matches with the majority of online comments. That being said, I am healthy and don’t have any underlying conditions.

If you have any allergies or illnesses, then it’s always best to check with your doctor. Especially when it comes to sensitivity to caffeine, some people can end up with increased blood pressure and heart rate, which is best avoided.

When Should You Take It? 

Transparent Labs recommends that you take 2 capsules twice a day with food. For me, that was with breakfast and then again with an afternoon snack. 

I wouldn’t recommend taking it later in the day, as the caffeine dose could end up affecting your sleep. It’s also best to think about reducing your tea or coffee intake by 1 or 2 cups a day to not end up overstimulated.

The more caffeine you take, the less your metabolism will react, which could have the opposite effect of your weight loss goals.

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4 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Fat Burners

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1. Start With Your Diet

If you don’t fix your diet, then there is no point in taking fat burner products. There really is no way around it, and if you think that you can get rid of fat by sitting on the couch and eating donuts all day, then you need a serious reality check.

Any fat loss goal will be 70% diet and 30% exercise, so make sure you adapt accordingly.

2. Plan For Regular Off Cycles

The longer you take a fat burner, the more your body will become tolerant of the ingredients. That’s why it’s best to take regular breaks. There really is no exact formula to this, but I would generally say that taking one or two weeks off for every 8 weeks of supplementing is the best approach.

Over time, you can see what works best for you and adjust it accordingly.

3. Drink More Water Than Normal

We all know how important hydration is for our fitness levels and performance at the gym. But what you might be surprised to hear is that a thermogenic fat burner will also mean that you process more water.

If you’re in a particularly active phase, then It’s best to add at least an extra pint of water a day.

Never overlook the importance of drinking enough water to enhance your fat-burning benefits. Water is essential for life and optimum health, and without enough of it, your energy, strength, and metabolism suffers.

Shannon Clark Sports Performance Scientist

4. Plan Your Exercises The Smart Way

Stay away from cardio. When you’re trying to lose fat, then you need to trigger sustained fat burning processes, and that requires higher intensity levels of training. For me, this is generally a time when I switch to lots of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and I even throw in a regular full-body training day as well.

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Transparent Labs Fat Burner: The Bottom LIne

OK, so that concludes this Transparent Labs fat burner review, and at this stage, you should have a full understanding of what’s in it, how it works, and what results you can expect. With practically no side effects, it’s a safe option to consider. 

My personal results and those of some friends at the gym have been quite positive, and it is one of my regular go-to supplements. The great thing is that I can easily stack it with some pre-workout as well, to really give me some maximized results.

And with great bulk order discounts available, you should really place an order today and find out for yourself.

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