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Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Review (2023 Upd.) Legit or Scam?

Tyler Sellers
Published by Tyler Sellers
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Last updated: October 3, 2022
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There has been a lot of heated debate over Hydroxycut in the past couple of years, and it keeps popping up in forums and Facebook groups.

The problem that our clients and readers had is that there really didn’t seem to be extensive research and test results.

And because the fat burner market is full of dodgy snake oil, we thought it was time to team up with a nutritionist and do some more research.

Here’s our full Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite review.

What Is Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite?


Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is a powerful fat burner that uses natural ingredients to support maximum weight loss. The claimed energy release is another valuable benefit for bodybuilders in a cutting phase.

Now, it doesn’t claim to be a magic pill that allows you to binge-watch TV shows all day while eating piles of junk food.

The company does highlight that it should be combined with a low-calorie diet.


Apparently, this fat burner should support enhanced mental focus and better endurance in the gym.

This all sounds great, but only someone with a background in food science can speak to the effectiveness of its fat-burning ingredients.

Let’s take a look at what our nutritionist had to say.

Suitable For Men & Women

hydroxycut hardcore elite

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

Overall Score 4.2

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Active Ingredients

Supplement Facts of Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

This is what the company has listed as its active ingredients.

1. Caffeine Anhydrous (270 mg)

Caffeine anhydrous is a known stimulant and thermogenic commonly found in weight loss supplements [1]. It may slightly raise your body temperature to burn fat and lose weight in the process.

The 270 mg of caffeine per serving is equivalent to around 3 cups of coffee, which might be on the strong side. However, this amount might be helpful to suppress appetite, enhance athletic performance, and support muscle recovery.

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2. Green Coffee Extract (200 mg)

Green coffee extract is rich in antioxidants called polyphenols. There is some anecdotal evidence that it may stop your body from storing more fat [2].

Green coffee extract also contains chlorogenic acid that can lower sugar absorption into the body which stabilizes your blood sugar levels throughout the day.

3. Coleus Forskohlii (100 mg)

The active ingredient in Coleus forskohlii is a supplement called forskolin. Due to its possible use in weight loss, it has been one of the most commonly added ingredients in weight loss supplements.

However, nutritionists are divided on the effectiveness of this ingredient [3]. Without a proven and solid link to help with weight loss, it might be a wasted ingredient.

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4. L-Theanine (100 mg)

There have been several positive studies supporting the use of this amino acid for weight management. But they all used significantly higher doses, which may make this one less effective.

“L-Theanine is an amino acid which we don't usually get in our diet. It is not one of the essential amino acids or even one of the common non-essential amino acids. It is found in meaningful amounts in tea, but otherwise, supplementation is the main source of it.”


- Kamal Patel, Co-founder of

5. Cocoa Extract (100 mg)

No, you won’t get a chocolate treat, but the extract has been linked to boosting metabolic rates and fat oxidation due to its caffeine and theobromine content. Theobromine works similarly with caffeine, but it can also potentially reduce cravings.

Again, the problem is the low dosage that this product contains, which might not be enough to make a difference.

6. Yohimbe Extract (56 mg)

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite also makes a big deal about this ingredient. It has been marketed as a effective fat-burning ingredient, the reason why it is common in several fat burners and weight loss supplements.

There is some evidence that it may help release fat cells quicker and improve body composition.


How Does Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Work?

ripped bicep

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite works by boosting your body’s ability to release more energy stored in body fat. This thermogenic effect triggers a slight increase in body temperature and helps burn off fat.

By taking this product for at least 60 days, you should start noticing your weight loss speeding up.

While we did see quite a few positive comments that the product improved energy levels, our nutritionist suggested a lot of this might be down to the stimulants.

This would explain why in a 24-hour period where we took 2 capsules, we got a bit of a buzzing sensory experience.

Pros and Cons

Here’s a summary of our research so far, which is a bit mixed based on test results and feedback from our nutritionist.

Suitable For Men & Women

hydroxycut hardcore elite

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

Overall Score 4.2
  • Some positive comments that it may boost focus on motivation, focus, and concentration
  • It might help you extend fasting periods with boosted metabolism and energy levels
  • Can reduce physical and mental fatigue
  • Comes as pills, which may make taking them throughout the day easier
  • You need to take different serving amounts on different days of the week
  • Limited weight loss results based on customer reviews
  • Might mess up your diet due to high dose of caffeine
  • Might not help reduce user appetite levels

Are There Any Side Effects?

One side effect of Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is jitters related to its high caffeine dose.

That’s why you should start to take one capsule to assess your tolerance to caffeine and other ingredients.

I would even say that you should spend a whole week on just one capsule a day, as sometimes the jitters take a while to build up. If the caffeine in this weight loss supplement doesn't work for you, opt for a stim-free fat-burner instead.

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Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Reviews

We looked up Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite review comments online to see if our test results aligned with what other people are saying.

Shaun had to stop taking it after 5 days as it made him feel very jittery. He couldn’t say whether it worked for cutting because he didn't take it long enough.


-Shaun, Ontario

Conor has used it for several months and finds the mental boost helpful for both the gym and studying for college exams.


- Connor, San Diego

This bodybuilder took it for a while, but the stimulants overlapped too much with some other supplements, which meant it had limited benefits for him.


- Angel, Austin

Matthew was impressed with the results he got and found that it helped him stay motivated during trips to the gym.


- Matthew, New Jersey

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How fast does Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite work?

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite works within eight weeks of taking it. On day one, you might notice that the product gives a mental boost from caffeine, but the difference it makes in your weight will take longer to see.

How does Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite make you feel?

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite may make you feel a bit jittery if you are sensitive to stimulants. It contains as much caffeine as two cups of coffee, and on some days, the recommended dosage is more than one capsule.

What are key ingredients of Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite?

The key ingredients of Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite are caffeine anhydrous, green coffee extract, Coleus extract, L-Theanine, cocoa extract, and Yohimbe extract.

Should You Buy Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite?

We talked to several people who spent at least 2 months taking it, and they didn't think that it made enough of a difference.

You might get a good mental boost from the caffeine, but it doesn’t seem to be the most effective for losing weight and burning fat.

The product that still gives our team and clients the best results for weight management and cutting is PhenQ.

With a lower volume of stimulants per serving, it should also be more suitable for taking later in the day.

Order yours today and check out our full test results.

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