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A person lifting two dumbbells
By Connor Sellers 1 month ago
10 Best Supplement Stacks for Weight Loss (2022 Updated)
As a certified fitness coach, I’ve noticed that most of my clients reach out for fat-burning stacks when their goal is to lose pounds fast. With the help of my dietitian, I dedicated my time to researching the best stack to burn fat. I found a few stacks with ingredients that boost metabolic activity and energy and suppress appetite, among other important things. Keep on reading for our top... Read more >
PhenGold vs. Leanbean graphic with a woman and man working out in the gym in the background
By Connor Sellers 2 weeks ago
PhenGold vs Leanbean (2022 Review) Which One Is the Best?
Ask anyone at the gym about the best fat burners, and you’ll likely hear about PhenGold and Leanbean as two of the most popular ones in today’s market. For years I have helped fitness clients navigate diet, exercise, and supplements to achieve their goals. To keep providing informed advice, I devised a four-week-long experiment and solicited the help of a dozen clients to test out PhenGold... Read more >
Supplements scattered around the table
By Michael Garrico 1 month ago
Are Fat Burners Natty? (Basics Explained)
Some of my fitness clients participate in competitions outside the gym and want to make sure whatever they put in their bodies isn’t going to get them banned. Many of them use fat burners for cutting phases before they compete, but they often check in with me to ask if “fat burner XYZ” is natty. So, I got together with our dietician to closely examine the most common ingredients in these... Read more >
single fat burner supplement on spoon
By Tyler Sellers 1 month ago
Are Fat Burners Actually Dangerous? (Revealed)
Most of my fitness clients have questions about supplements, including if any of them include dangerous ingredients. A recent conversation about fat burners prompted me to consult our dietician to discuss such questions as: “do they contain too much caffeine?” or “are there any harmful effects?” If you are considering taking a fat burner and are concerned about their safety, read on. Read more >
Close up shot of powder with Razalean on the side
By Michael Garrico 2 months ago
Razalean Review (2022 Updated) Does It Really Work?
Having heard many of my fellow gym-goers raving about Razalean diet pills and how they’ve been a game-changer, I’ve decided to incorporate this supplement into my workout routine to check its effectiveness firsthand. I used the supplement for six months and teamed up with my dietician to see what was behind its formula. In this article, I will provide a full Razalean review based on my... Read more >
PhenQ Vs PrimeShred graphic with a woman in the background running
By Tyler Sellers 2 weeks ago
PhenqQ vs PrimeShred (2022 Updated) Which One Is Better?
Here at Total Shape, our team of personal trainers and fitness coaches always gets excited when we hear of new fat burners. But the problem with many products in the weight loss industry is that so many of them spend more on advertising than on developing a great formula. One of the more recent fat-burning supplements we heard people talk about is PrimeShred, and we decided to do some more... Read more >
A person lifting weights with PhenQ and PhenQ Ultra side by side in the foreground
By Tyler Sellers 1 month ago
PhenQ Vs PhenQ Ultra (2022 Updated) Opt For The Best One
When it comes to weight loss supplements, the one product that our team at Total Shape recommends to athletes and those trying to lose a few pounds is PhenQ. But I recently had a client show me a new bottle he received called PhenQ Ultra. I was a bit suspicious, as I hadn't received anything from the company about this in their recent newsletters. So, we decided to do some research and look... Read more >
A person holding protein powder with Modere Trim and PhenQ logos on the sides
By Connor Sellers 1 month ago
Modere Trim Vs Phenq (2022 Updated) Which Is The Best?
As a team of personal fitness trainers, our staff at Total Shape often get involved in many discussions about the latest and greatest fat-burning supplements. While most of them turn out to be snake oil, we do give every new recommendation the full attention of research and testing. And that’s exactly what we did when we heard some people say that Modere Trim was giving them better weight loss... Read more >
A woman showing no belly fats while holding pills
By Donald Christman 2 months ago
10 Best Belly Fat Burners (2022) & Stomach Fat Burning Pills
During my fitness career, I usually advised my clients challenged to lose excess belly fat to add stomach fat burners to their diet and exercise routine. However, far too many fat burners on the market today have an ineffective formula and lack scientific evidence to back it up. So I decided to gather a few of my clients and my team at Total Shape to conduct intensive research and testing on 20... Read more >
Spilled pills on the floor
By Michael Garrico 2 months ago
6 Best Over The Counter Phentermine Alternatives (2022 Upd.)
Phentermine diet pills are prescription weight loss medication, which makes them inaccessible to people who can't get the prescription. Luckily, there are plenty of over-the-counter phentermine alternatives, many of which I’ve used and tested myself or with my clients, and in this article, I outlined those that consistently performed best over the years. I’ve consulted with my dietitian and... Read more >
A man with muscular physique with product overlay
By Michael Garrico 2 months ago
ShredFIERCE Review (2022 Updated) Is It A Scam?
As a fitness trainer with over a decade of experience helping people achieve their weight loss goals, one of my duties is to recommend reliable fat-burning supplements to my clients. When ShredFIERECE made its way into the market and into the hands of a few clients, I immediately wanted to test out its claims. So, I took about a month to study the product, its history, its ingredients, and the... Read more >
Partners working out with Alpha Lean 7 product overlay
By Chris Bolt 2 months ago
Alpha Lean 7 Review (2022 Updated) Is It The Best Option?
During my competitive fitness years, I tried a lot of different fat burners, and I know deciding which fat burner to pick could be a difficult task. A product that’s recently fallen into my hands was Alpha Lean 7. Few of my new clients use it for weight loss, so I decided to do a complete Alpha Lean 7 review to test its effectiveness and show you the actual price-quality ratio. Four of my... Read more >