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Applied Nutrition Green Tea overlay
By Tyler Sellers 2 years ago
Applied Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner Review
Should You Buy It?
We all know about the antioxidant properties and many other health benefits of Green Tea. It’s also been popular in fat burner products recently. But is it equally effective for shedding extra pounds as advertised? Our expert team has carefully examined one of the popular Green Tea fat-burning supplements on the market. Before setting too high expectations and putting your money on the table,... Read more >
MHP Ultrisine Hardcore product overlay on fit couple
By Tyler Sellers 2 years ago
MHP Ultrisine Hardcore Review
Is This Fat Burner Worth It?
Got stuck in a dieting plateau? Coming across Ultrisine Hardcore that promises ultra-fast weight loss results looks like a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. But is it so? Some studies claim this supplement could help you burn the same amount of calories in 90 minutes as a two-mile run. In our Ultrisine Hardcore review, we’re going to reveal whether this fat burner is as effective as it... Read more >
Muscular person with MHP Anadrox Pump supplement
By Connor Sellers 2 years ago
MHP Anadrox Pump and Burn Review:
Ingredients, Side Effects & More
If you’re among bodybuilding or other fitness enthusiasts wondering whether the Anadrox supplement content can effectively fuel up your strenuous gym workouts and support weight loss goals on your way to a perfectly shaped, lean physique, read on to find out the truth. Read more >
Introducing Nutrex Lipo 6 Black Ultra Concentrate
By Tyler Sellers 2 years ago
Nutrex Research Lipo 6 Black Review
Ingredients & Side Effects
One of my clients received a free sample of Lipo 6 Black Ultra Concentrate, and as it wasn’t a supplement I had experience with, we decided to run a trial with it. We’ve tested about 39 different weight loss products in the past 12 months, and unfortunately, a lot of them ended up showing very little fat loss effects. Not surprisingly, it always comes down to the chosen ingredients, and... Read more >
Is GAT Jetfuel Effective?
By Tyler Sellers 2 years ago
GAT Jetfuel Review
Is This Fat Burner Worth It?
It seems like not a day goes by without another weight loss supplement hitting the market with lofty promises of that perfect beach body. I’m an eternal skeptic when it comes to these products, and GAT Jetfuel is one of the latest products that our clients and readers have asked about. And we always give these supplements a fair chance with one of our dietitians and some team testing. As... Read more >
T-Lean Extreme Review
By Tyler Sellers 2 years ago
NOW Foods T-Lean Extreme Review
Should You Buy It?
I decided to review NOW Foods T-Lean Extreme, a popular supplement claiming to help users reach their weight management goals using a potent blend of all-natural and clinically tested ingredients. It’s disturbing how the market is littered with hundreds of brands making untruthful claims about their fat burners. Sadly, many people still fall prey to hoax products, and it’s all because they... Read more >
Lifting dumbbell with Universal Nutrition Ripped overlay
By Tyler Sellers 2 years ago
Universal Nutrition Ripped Fast Review
Should You Buy?
Serious athletes take fat burners and other supplements to help them grow stronger and more energized to perform and look better. Universal Nutrition Ripped Fast promises these benefits. It’s quite a bold promise because increasing your muscles’ size and strength while cutting fat is tricky because losing weight typically goes hand in hand with losing muscle mass. Enhancing athletic... Read more >
Liquid Burn Results
By Tyler Sellers 2 years ago
RSP Liquid Burn Review:
Ingredients, Side Effects & More
Let’s face it, the FDA has a limited role in regulating dietary products. It allows manufacturers to put almost any (ineffective) ingredients in their products, while the FDA can only alert the public when an item is unsafe, falsely labeled, etc., and remove it from the market (which takes time). Meanwhile, users may suffer from the consequences of dangerous, misleading marketing. Hopefully,... Read more >
Holding a supplement pill on hand, Stacker 2 product overlay
By Tyler Sellers 2 years ago
Stacker 2 Review (2023 Updated) Does This Fat Burner Work?
In my years as a trainer and fitness enthusiast, I've seen amazing results with fat burners firsthand and from my clients. By combining a fat burner like Stacker 2 with a healthy diet and regular exercise, it can boost your metabolism, suppress appetite, promote weight loss, and build lean muscle. This review reveals whether Stacker 2 is "the world's strongest fat burner" as marketed. Let's... Read more >
Kaged Muscle Clean Burn Review
By Tyler Sellers 2 years ago
Kaged Muscle Clean Burn Review:
Is It Effective For Weight Loss?
There is no shortage of weight loss pills out there, but when you narrow down your search to the non-stimulant fat burner category, then your options shrink a lot. Kaged Muscle Clean Burn is one such product, and we had seen it mentioned in quite a few forums and Facebook groups. The comments were a bit mixed, so we decided to look into the details of the ingredients and give it a trial run... Read more >
Muscular person with Animal Cuts overlay
By Tyler Sellers 2 years ago
Animal Cuts Review:
Is It Effective For Weight Loss?
Many of my clients are looking to get into shape quicker, and Animal Cuts is a supplement that claims to help them achieve exactly that. The product promises to help users boost their metabolism, reduce their stress, increase their energy and, ultimately, burn body fat using all-natural ingredients. Those are some pretty big claims, so I decided to try it out myself to assess its... Read more >
Ab cuts product overlay on a woman with loose pants
By Tyler Sellers 2 years ago
Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula Review
Read This Before Buying
You’re probably familiar with the promises, main ingredients, and effects of many fat-burning supplements. Lots of them, including Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula, contain the popular Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) that seems safe and effective at first sight but turns out to be a topic of debate among scientists. You must know both sides of the coin before you decide whom you can trust. So,... Read more >
A woman with loose pants and Hydroxycut overlay
By Tracy Thompson 2 years ago
Hydroxycut Max for Women Review:
How Good Is It for Weight Loss?
Struggling to lose weight and searching for the right supplement to help you achieve your fat-burning goals? The chances are that you’ve come across Hydroxycut, one of the best-selling US brands despite its questionable ingredients, legal issues, and proven risks of serious health complications. Hydroxycut Max for women promises a lot - slim, youthful appearance, healthy skin, hair, nails,... Read more >
Lean XT Review
By Tyler Sellers 3 years ago
Lean-XT Review:
Is This Fat Burner Worth It?
The weight loss supplements industry is worth billions of dollars in the U.S. alone, and it seems like these numbers won’t be going down anytime soon. This trend comes as no surprise, considering that a staggering percentage of the population is struggling with their weight. Companies have leveraged this need by producing countless products that claim to help with fat burning, weight loss,... Read more >
Person wearing tank top with PhenGold overlay
By Tyler Sellers 3 years ago
PhenGold Review
Is It Really Effective For Weight Loss?
PhenGold is probably one of the newest weight loss supplement products to hit the market. And while it joins a long queue of other similar products that claim to have the solution to all your health and wellbeing issues, there was something that stood out for us. Not only that the company didn't hype it up with celebrity marketing and super slim models, but it’s also completely transparent... Read more >
Fit Couple posing on camera with Cellucor SuperHD product overlay
By Tyler Sellers 3 years ago
Cellucor SuperHD Review
Is This Fat Burner Worth It?
I’ve been a big fan of Cellucor dietary supplements, and I’m always interested when they release new products aimed at maximizing certain goals. Our clients often need the help of weight loss supplements, either to achieve a healthier body shape or to support them during a cutting phase. Unfortunately, even the best supplement product designers sometimes get it wrong, so it’s important to... Read more >