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You often hear people say that vegans could end up lacking certain nutrients. A carefully planned diet might solve that.

But if you want to boost testosterone levels, then it might become difficult to achieve that just through food.

It’s a lot easier with the right testosterone booster.

But, as always, there are a lot of crappy products out there.

Our team has spent the last six months testing over 30 products, and we’ve come up with a list of best vegan testosterone booster supplements


Our Top Vegan Testosterone Boosters

1 - Centra Peak (Editor's Choice)

centra peak

What we liked most about this is that it may increase free testosterone by reducing the chance of it binding to SHBG [1].

This seems to be supported by users who have measured higher hormone levels and experienced an increase in energy levels as well.

  • Main ingredient: Boron (10 mg)
  • Claims to reduce Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin (SHBG) for higher free testosterone levels
  • May help to block estrogen release
  • The formula claims to promote natural hormone production in your body
  • Available in good bulk discount offers
  • You’ll need to remember taking three pills a day

The only downside is that the dose is split over three pills, so get your reminder set up.

2 - T Hero by Essential Elements

T hero

We were surprised by the small number of ingredients, but our dietitian confirmed that they seem to be chosen well.

It seems like quite a few people were able to boost testosterone levels, and our clients have used it successfully for muscle growth.

Another nice thing about it is the discounts on bulk orders.

  • Main ingredient: Ashwagandha Extract (600 mg)
  • Doesn’t use any fillers or common allergens
  • Claims to only use a small number of scientifically proven ingredients
  • The bulk orders are good value for money
  • Some people have mentioned that the capsules are a bit large

Now, because you only take two capsules, they seem to be a bit bigger and tougher to swallow.

3 - Testogen


I wouldn’t recommend this for athletic performance, but if you have low testosterone levels and need a small boost, then Testogen Testosterone Booster may improve things enough.

There is also some reported fat burning, but it’s not something we noticed during testing.

  • Main ingredient: D-aspartic acid (2,352 mg)
  • May contain a good dose of zinc to support hormone levels
  • Positive reviews about better focus
  • May have some fat burning ability
  • Several athletes have reported little to no effects

A recurring comment from performance athletes was that the health effects were minimal, with other supplements being more effective.

4 - Primasurge by Jacked Factory


Primasurge seems to work well in a stack with the company’s pre-workout supplements. The chosen ingredients seem to increase testosterone levels, as we confirmed with some blood tests on clients.

Professional athletes seem to like it as there are some recommended stacks for healthy strength and endurance boosts.

And our clients have said that they feel their body doesn’t get T count spikes like with other supplements.

  • Main ingredient: Ashwagandha Extract (250 mg)
  • Seems to have a good selection of proven ingredients
  • Many professional bodybuilders favor this diet supplement
  • Positive reports about it being easily digested
  • The ingredient list is missing zinc

We couldn’t quite figure out why the company didn’t include zinc.

5 - Tribulus by Arazo Nutrition


This testosterone booster is a good choice if you don’t like swallowing lots of pills throughout the day. The full dose comes with two pills that you could take at the same time.

The company also has another product that you may want to stack, based on the comments we’ve seen.

It might be an effective solution but would cost a bit more.

  • Main ingredient: Tribulus terrestris extract (1,500 mg)
  • Only requires two capsules per day
  • Seems to work well when stacked with Testo Boost
  • Many reviews about better physical performance
  • Limited to one active ingredient

It’s a simple product, but it might be just a bit too simple with one ingredient.

6 - Pure Long Jack by Micro Ingredients

pure long jack

I know a few of our readers don’t like taking capsules and prefer just having a powder to mix into a shake.

Pure Long Jack does just that, and there is no flavor to it, so it’ll mix well with your smoothie.

The feedback we got seemed to be supporting that it could increase natural testosterone levels in the body, with some reporting additional benefits in the bedroom activities.

  • Main ingredient: Long Jack Root (350 mg)
  • The powdered supplement seems to be easy to digest
  • Might be suitable for mixing into a smoothie
  • Some men reported positive impacts on libido
  • Limited ingredients which may not result in significant boosts

Our dietitian pointed out that the ingredients may not be the most effective ones.

7 - More Man by Sapien Labs

More Man

One of the supplements with a stronger dose of zinc is this More Man one. This mineral could be something you’re deficient in, which may negatively affect your T count [2].

We also read a lot of comments where people found they had better workout sets within a couple of weeks of taking it.

  • Main ingredient: Horny goat weed extract (200 mg)
  • Many comments about increased endurance
  • Contains a good dose of zinc which is needed for the production of male sex hormones
  • The label is transparent with exact details of each ingredient
  • While it does contain some zinc, there are a few other ingredients that don’t have scientific support.

8 - TestoJack by NOW Supplements


You’d expect it to be a potent supplement for testosterone levels based on a name like that.

We did see reports about increased sexual activity, but a lot of performance athletes were disappointed with the training results.

  • Main ingredient: Horny goat weed extract (250 mg)
  • Several reviews about improvements to libido
  • May improve your overall physical and mental energy
  • Doesn’t have an overly complicated formula
  • Some people had to take six capsules a day to notice a difference

The formula is simple, but it seems like the chosen ingredients aren’t strong enough to make a difference at the normal dose.

9 - Testosterone Booster by Dr. Martin's Nutrition

Testosterone Booster

This is one of the supplements that claims to improve testosterone levels as well as burn off some excess body fat [3].

Some people will like that in a product, but we generally prefer to use separate products that contain a better fat burning formula.

  • Main ingredient: Horny goat weed extract (amount not provided)
  • Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee
  • Claims to help burn off some excess fat
  • The formula has limited ingredients
  • Some men didn’t get the best results with the standard dose

t’s another product where user experience seems to suggest it’s just not strong enough at the normal daily dose.

Buyer’s Guide

credit card and laptop

1 - Avoid Stimulants

You’ll notice that all the above products focus on a vitamin, mineral, and herb formula. But caffeine or other stimulants is the one thing they all lack.

And that was a conscious decision.

Some products hide that they don’t work all that well by giving you a high dose of caffeine that makes you feel alert for completely different reasons. 

Our advice is to avoid such lower quality products.

2 - Get The Right Dosage

variety of medicine

You have to experiment a bit with the dosage no matter what product you choose.

Start with the recommended dose and then increase to the maximum if you’re planning for an intense muscle growth phase.

You don’t need a maximum T count all the time, which leads us to the next item.

3 - Plan For Off-Cycles

Your body’s testosterone production will fluctuate.

But it’s even more important to consider that your body may get used to the active ingredients meaning that it won’t give you a high hormone level anymore.

We generally advise taking a break for 7 to 10 days every six weeks.

This shouldn’t cause negative health or training issues, and you could always eat more natural plant foods like leafy greens and chia seeds to bridge the gap.

“For example, take test boosters for too long, and your body may become so dependent on them that it slows down its natural production of testosterone hormone.”


- Krissy Kendall, Sports Nutritionist.

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Should Vegans Take Testosterone Boosters?

Yes, some vegans should take testosterone boosters if they haven’t been able to fine-tune their diet yet. Switching from animal to plant products may result in an initial decrease in testosterone production, but with the right foods that should stabilize.

Is a Vegan Diet Bad for Testosterone?

No, a vegan diet isn’t bad for testosterone. But, you need to start eating more foods like ginger, leafy greens, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and extra virgin olive oil. In our experience, these would be good enough for normal T counts, but athletes may still need a supplement.

We have been recommending Centra Peak to our clients for the past year based on our research and test results.

We have clients with lower than normal T counts, as well as professional athletes who needed to produce a lot more. Both types of clients have managed to get good results with Centra Peak.

Check out our full Centra Peak review.

Order yours today and then report back to us on social media about how it worked for you.

centra peak

Centra Peak

Our #1 Vegan Testosterone Booster

  • Claims to reduce Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin (SHBG) for higher free testosterone levels
  • May help to block estrogen release
  • The formula claims to promote natural hormone production in your body
  • Available in good bulk discount offers
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of March
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