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Muscular person flexing bicep muscles with Testogen and Nugenix supplement product overlay
By Connor Sellers 22 hours ago
Testogen Vs Nugenix (2022 Review) What Should You Choose?
As a fitness expert, I’ve been asked many times which testosterone boosters work best by clients looking for ways to enhance their physical performance. It can be hard to know which one is right for you with so many different brands available on the market. In this article, we'll compare Testogen and Nugenix, two of the most popular testosterone boosters on the market. Then, we’ll analyze... Read more >
Man with muscular physique, overlay of Centrapeak and Prime Male supplement product
By Tyler Sellers 1 day ago
Centrapeak Vs Prime Male (2022 Review) The Key Differences
It isn’t easy to wade through all the options in a market flooded with products all promising to be the best testosterone boosters. Centrapeak and Prime Male are two names making the rounds at the gym, so we decided to put them head-to-head with several of my fitness clients, who were willing to commit several weeks for product testing. After recording their results and feedback and... Read more >
Person struggling to lift a heavy barbell
By Michael Garrico 3 days ago
Centrapeak Vs Testogen (2022 Review) Which Is Better?
Our team of personal fitness coaches recently ended up in a heated debate over two popular testosterone boosters - Centrapeak and Testogen. And the only way to settle a debate is to put both of them to the test and measure which one works best. So, we got our nutritionist to carefully review the formula and 12 of our clients to help out with testing the product over a six-week period. We also... Read more >
Man looking at self in the mirror with Testogen and Prime Male product overlay
By Tyler Sellers 3 days ago
Testogen Vs Prime Male (2022 Review) Which One Is For You?
As a personal trainer, I'm always excited to test out new dietary supplements. But the problem is that many brands invest more in advertising the product than the formula. So when I was looking for new testosterone boosters, I heard a lot about Testogen and Prime Male, so I decided to give them a try. Both products were put through an eight-week test period with a group of my clients. Then, the... Read more >
Man flexing his muscles with Centrapeak and TestoFuel product overlay
By Michael Garrico 3 days ago
Centrapeak Vs Testofuel (2022 Review) Which Is Better?
Taking natural testosterone boosters can be an extremely important thing for people who want to bulk up more lean muscle mass or drop some unwanted fat. TestoFuel and Centrapeak are two popular T-boosters that claim to help with low testosterone levels, so to figure out which one works best, we put them to the test and compared the results. With the help of 12 clients, we took before and after... Read more >
Lifting weights with Centrapeak and Nugenix product overlay
By Michael Garrico 22 mins ago
Centrapeak Vs Nugenix (2022) What’s Their Key Difference?
Natural testosterone boosters are one of the most important supplements I always recommend to my fitness coaching clients and readers. But as with all supplements, the testosterone booster market is full of poor-quality products. This is why we always do in-depth research, testing, and comparison between as many different products as we can. That usually means gathering around ten clients and... Read more >
Muscular person with test Boost Max Overlay
By Connor Sellers 1 month ago
Test Boost Max Review (2022 Upd) Legit or Just a Scam?
Most of my clients believe a testosterone booster supplement is a great place to start when you want to restore low testosterone levels, and while I do agree, finding the right one can be tricky with so many on the market. Recently, my colleagues and I discussed the ingredients and efficacy of one such supplement called Test Boost Max, and we included our resident medical professional and... Read more >
A bulk person with a product overlay
By Michael Garrico 1 month ago
Man Greens Review (2022 Upd) Does it Increase Testosterone?
You can’t spend time at the gym and not hear talk about boosting testosterone. The water cooler chat has less to do with erectile dysfunction or low sex drive and more to do with improving physical performance. Man Greens is the latest name in these conversations that promises to improve both hormonal and overall health, so I wanted to take a closer look. I read all online reviews I could... Read more >
A person with abs and a roman testosterone overlay
By Donald Christman 1 month ago
Roman Testosterone Support Review (2022 Upd) It Is Any Good?
Testosterone levels decline as we age, and with that, our energy, stamina, muscle strength, and libido take a hit. I strive to help my middle-aged fitness clients counteract the effects of declining natural testosterone levels with diet, exercise, and a testosterone support supplement. Lately, I kept hearing about Roman Testosterone Support around the gym, so I conducted thorough research into... Read more >
A strongman working out in the gym
By Connor Sellers 1 month ago
7 Best Testosterone Boosters in Canada (2022 Updated)
If you're a man over the age of 30, low testosterone levels might be causing numerous health issues. Coming from the US, I was curious about what our neighbors to the north do to deal with this problem. So I contacted a few Canadian diet and fitness experts I know and asked them about what they take or recommend to their clients to tackle low testosterone. After a month of research, I pulled my... Read more >
Sporty muscular man flexing
By Michael Garrico 3 weeks ago
Umzu Testro-X Review (2022 Updated) Is It Worth It?
Many of my clients complain about moodiness, increased body fat, loss of muscle, and sex drive, and after consulting a doctor, they usually come with the same diagnosis - low testosterone. I always recommend going for natural dietary supplements to boost testosterone levels, and lately, in the gym, there’s one product I constantly keep hearing about called Testro-X. I decided to team up with... Read more >
Man holding PrimeGenix Testodren bottle
By Tyler Sellers 2 weeks ago
PrimeGenix Testodren Review (2022 Updated) Is It Good?
If you are over 40, you understand how important it is to maintain optimal testosterone levels. PrimeGENIX is a company that specializes in natural hormone optimization. They have a number of products on the market, but their flagship product is Testodren. We wanted to get a better understanding of what makes Testodren so special, and after testing it ourselves for three months and going... Read more >