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Your guide to taking Blue Star Status capsules
By Isaac Robertson 2 years ago
Blue Star Status Review
Does It Effectively Boost Testosterone Levels?
Many men use male enhancement products to help them increase testosterone for better muscle mass gains, enhanced athletic performance, increased strength, sex desire, and energy. However, many such popular products on the oversaturated market are of questionable quality and effectiveness. In this Blue Star Status review, our expert team analyzed the ingredients, thoroughly researched their... Read more >
Your best guide to Lmnitrix Spartn
By Isaac Robertson 2 years ago
Lmnitrix Spartn Review
Is This Testosterone Booster Worth It?
Whenever we see new testosterone boosters on the market, we first look at the marketing approach. Many of them are hyped-up products with expensive celebrity endorsements, which usually tend to lack investment in the formula itself. And while the Lmnitrix Spartn testosterone booster passed that initial test, we still had to confirm the formula was scientifically proven and effective. So, we... Read more >
Your best guide to Testoboost
By Isaac Robertson 2 years ago
Arazo Nutrition TestoBoost Review
Is This Testosterone Booster Worth It?
It seems like there has been no shortage of supplement companies joining the endless release of testosterone boosters on the market. And while I‘m a big fan of these types of supplements, especially for middle-aged men over 30, there are plenty of T-boosters that don't do much. But when we had a few clients report success with TestoBoost, we decided to keep an open mind and test it out with a... Read more >
Your best guide to Prime Labs
By Isaac Robertson 2 years ago
Prime Labs Prime Test Review
Is This Testosterone Booster Legit?
When we think of the male hormone testosterone, the main thing that comes to mind is virility. Besides making men manly, however, testosterone is also an important hormone that keeps a man’s physical health conditions in check. While there are many natural ways to increase testosterone levels in the body, sometimes, the body needs a quick boost. That’s where testosterone supplements like... Read more >
Holding A T-Hero supplement
By Isaac Robertson 2 years ago
T-Hero Review
Is This Testosterone Booster Worth It?
Testosterone adds muscle mass, boosts energy levels, maintains bone dentistry, and improves sex drive. Basically, testosterone is crucial for male health. But, as men age, their testosterone levels drop, which causes all kinds of issues, including mood swings, muscle wasting, and trouble performing in the bedroom. This is where testosterone-boosting supplements come in. I’ve tried my fair... Read more >
What is TestoUltra
By Connor Sellers 2 years ago
TestoUltra Review Is This Testosterone Booster Worth It?
As a fitness trainer, I have seen countless clients struggle with low testosterone levels, leading to decreased energy, strength, and overall performance. Many of these clients turn to testosterone boosters, like TestoUltra, but not all products are created equal. After weeks of testing with a group of volunteers, I am ready to share what we learned about this all-natural testosterone booster,... Read more >
centrapeak header
By Connor Sellers 3 years ago
Centrapeak Testosterone Booster Review
Read This Before You Buy
Our fitness experts came across this Centrapeak natural testosterone booster that claims to have an effective formula with pure, natural ingredients. The product promises to raise your low free testosterone levels and sharpen your mind to help you get ripped and feel better without hidden adverse effects. In our in-depth Centrapeak testosterone booster review, you’ll find everything you need... Read more >
Training arm with resistance band, Aphro-D product
By Tyler Sellers 3 years ago
Aphro-D Review: Does it Work?
Ingredients & Potential Side Effects
Testosterone is probably one of the most underrated and misunderstood hormones. For most of my clients who are new to fitness, the first thing that comes to mind is dodgy hormone treatments or prescription drugs to increase their testosterone production. However, they forget more natural ways to improve their testosterone count. One of the latest products that came to our attention is Aphro-D,... Read more >
A person picking up a dumbbell in the gym
By Tyler Sellers 3 years ago
Six Star Testosterone Booster Review
Our Honest Thoughts
A lot of our clients ask us for advice on how to boost active free testosterone levels. In some cases, this is to counter the effects of natural aging. But performance athletes and bodybuilders are the more common types of clients with such requests. And let me be clear: I’m not talking about some illegal or banned hormone drugs. Natural testosterone boosters like Six Star Testosterone... Read more >
Group of men having fun
By Tyler Sellers 3 years ago
Prime Male Review: Testosterone Booster Results From Our Client Trials
The majority of our clients fall into the general weight loss and lean muscle mass growth categories. And we do a lot of work with them to come up with a supportive diet and supplement stack. One of the products we advise for all men is a testosterone booster, which often raises some eyebrows. We’re not talking about dodgy steroids or illegal drugs. There are completely natural products like... Read more >
A line up image of best testosterone boosters for women
By Tracy Thompson 3 years ago
13 Best Testosterone Boosters For Women (2023 Updated)
When it comes to taking testosterone boosters, most people think of bulked up male bodybuilders who take banned testosterone therapy drugs. But there could be some good benefits for female athletes when they take a natural testosterone boosting supplement. The problem is that not all testosterone boosting products are suitable for women. So we spent about four months working with a few of our... Read more >
A person working out with the help of Monster Test
By Tyler Sellers 3 years ago
Angry Supplements Monster Test Testosterone Booster Review
Testosterone boosters are an underrated supplement in the fitness world, as many people often think of them as an illegal steroid or drug. That is a common misconception because this is an all-natural product with most herbal ingredients. We noticed the Monster Test Testosterone Booster bottles on sport nutrition shelves and were intrigued when we heard of the long list of ingredients. So, we... Read more >
A bodybuilder lifting weights after taking vegan testosterone booster
By Tyler Sellers 3 years ago
The Best Vegan Testosterone Booster
Organic Natural Supplements
You often hear people say that vegans could end up lacking certain nutrients. But a carefully planned plant-based diet might solve that. If you want to boost your testosterone levels, then it might become difficult to achieve that just through food, whatever range of vitamins, minerals and amino acid it contains. The good news? Increasing your T levels is easier with the right... Read more >
Man flexing bicep muscle with supplement overlay
By Connor Sellers 4 years ago
Testogen Review (2023) Legit T-Booster That Works or Scam?
Testosterone boosters often come with a lot of bold, jacked-up claims and promises, but do they actually work? After sifting through many T-boosting products on the market, we decided to do a Testogen review, because this male supplement promises to increase testosterone levels, energy, and focus using all-natural ingredients. If you're looking for a good supplement for testosterone replacement... Read more >
best testosterone booster
By Isaac Robertson 5 years ago
8 Best Testosterone Boosters For Men (2023 Updated)
Besides erectile dysfunction or low sex drive in men, testosterone boosters are most often taken to help ramp up physical performance and boost energy levels. Testosterone boosters are also beneficial for older men since the natural testosterone levels drop, and men might need to supplement in order to maintain their physique. But, not all male testosterone boosters have the same... Read more >