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What’s the Best Pull Up Bar?
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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So you have a home gym and are looking to get a pull up bar.

You get confused with the different varieties available, as well as numerous brands selling bars of varying quality with different sizes and grips.

In this article, we will reveal some of the best pull up bars for your upper body and core exercises at home.

We will also look to see what features you need to look at when choosing a good quality pull-up bar, as well as some frequently asked questions when choosing the best pull-up bars on the market.

What Are The Best Pull Up Bars?

1 - AmazeFan Pull Up Bar (Editor's Choice)

AmazeFan thumb

Our first option is the AmazeFan Pull Up Bar, which when fitted between your doorframe or two suitable parallel walls will enable you to perform a variety of upper body bodyweight exercises.

To install this device, you simply need to rotate each side in alternate directions. This causes the device to extend into the doorframe. You should rotate until the device is secure.

The device will fit a standard door frame that is between 26 inches and 39 inches wide.

This doorway pull-up bar is made using highly durable iron that is resistant to breaking, it states that it can take up to 300 pounds in weight. It also has anti-slip grips for a strong grip that won’t cause damage to your door frames once installed.

To help protect your hands and to minimize hand fatigue, the bar has comfort foam grips. This will ensure you are able to grip the bar without slipping. This bar comes with two professional-quality wrist straps to protect your wrists from injury during your workouts.

  • Made with highly durable iron that can resist weight up to 300 pounds
  • Anti-slip grips
  • Comfort handle to minimize hand fatigue
  • Two wrist straps provided free of charge
  • Reports that it wasn’t as robust as expected

2 - Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar

Perfect Fitness thumb

The Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Door Pull Up Bar is a portable gym that can be used to perform pull-ups and chin-ups, but when turned over can be used to help perform sit-ups, press-ups and dips too.

Its padded handles will help to provide comfort for your hands, ensuring you do not lose your grip while performing the exercises. It also helps to correct poor form.

There is a 300-pound weight limit for this bar, with patented door frame guards made using thick foam pads to protect your door frames.

It is compact and portable, stores easily, and is easy to install with no drilling required.

  • Padded handles to help with gripping the bar during exercise
  • The thick foam pads offer protection to your door frames
  • Easy to use and to install
  • User reviews state that it does not fit all doorways

3 - Estleys Foldable Pull-Up Bar

Estleys thumb

Estleys Foldable Pull-Up Bar enables you to perform this popular bodyweight exercise without having to use screws or any drilling into your door frame.

This bar comes pre-assembled and ready to go, making it perfect for those without any DIY skills. Simply hang it in your doorway ready to start your home workout.

The bar itself is strong, made from high-quality steel that is able to take up to 440 pounds in weight. It is also ultra-compact and can be carried around and stored with little effort.

The handles are padded with a soft foam that will give its users improved comfort and grip. Plus the safety hooks will offer protection against damage and extra stability while undertaking the exercises.

  • Made from high-quality steel that holds 400 pounds
  • Ultra-compact design that folds down to 2 inches
  • Handles are padded for comfort and improved grip
  • Reports that package arrived damaged

4 - Docilaso Multi-Gym Chin Up/Pull Up Bar

docilaso thumb

The Docilason Multi-Gym Chin Up/Pull Up Bar comes ready to use with no need to assemble. Simply open the packaging and hook it into your doorframe ready to start your workout.

You can even flip it over to use the pull-up bar for push-ups and dips. Its high-quality construction ensures maximum stability that can take up to 440 pounds. Plus it can be folded away easily for storage purposes.

The device itself offers a wide curved ergonomic grip with three grip options, one for wide, close, and hammer grip. These grips are covered in a durable and non slip foam that will help protect your hands.

Each order comes with free bonus resistance straps, and if you are not happy with this product for any reason then you can send it back within 60 days.

  • Arrives already assembled ready for use
  • Three grip options so that you can perform different exercises
  • Grips are covered with foam to protect your hands
  • May not fit narrow doorways

5 - AhfuLife Pull Up Bar

AhfuLife thumb

The AhfuLife Pull Up Bar is made from high-quality stainless steel with two high-quality silicone soft mats on each side. This helps prevent the device from slipping when attached in between your door frame, they can also prevent damage to the frame.

With a patented design, once installed into place and the lock mechanism is applied it should be able to take as much as 400 pounds. This locking mechanism stops the pull-up bar from loosening and spinning, which is a common complaint about this type of bar.

Its grips are unfixed, which means that they can be moved to any position along the pull-up bar to suit your own needs.

The grips themselves are made with soft foam, covered in nylon that is designed to offer comfort and a better grip while working on your upper body.

  • High-quality stainless steel construction that can hold 400 pounds
  • A unique locking mechanism that prevents the device from loosening
  • Unfixed grips that can be moved
  • There are reports that it is not as secure as hoped

6 - Yes4All Wall Mount Chin Up Bar

Yes4All thumb

The Yes4All Wall Mount Chin Up Bar is made from solid heavyweight steel that is 1.25 inches thick.

This means that it can withstand up to 500 pounds in weight, making it suitable for both amateurs and more seasoned athletes.

With 30 inches of wall clearance, you can use this bar for a variety of exercises, including pull-ups, chin-ups, as well as ring dips and kipping.

Unlike pull-up bars that are finished in chrome or other glossy surfaces, this bar has a powder-coated finish that is hard-wearing and won’t become slippery during use.


This device can be installed quickly and easily either to the wall or ceiling using the fixings provided.

  • Made from solid heavyweight steel that can take up to 500 pounds
  • 30 inches of wall clearance
  • Non-slip powder coating
  • Reports that the welding is poor

7 - Uflyy Fitness Pull Up Bar

Uflyy thumb

The Uflyy Fitness Pull Up Bar is made from thickened steel pipe that has been chrome-plated.

It can be installed in your doorway quickly and easily, simply by twisting the bar.

Once fully extended you can then use the locking mechanism to prevent the bar from becoming loose during use.

It is claimed that when securely fastened in place that this bar can take up to 440 pounds.

To prevent slipping during use, the bar has a hand protecting grip made from elastic foam. This foam does not deform easily and will help prevent hand fatigue while working out.

If you are not happy with your purchase then you won’t need to worry. Incredibly there is a 100% money-back guarantee available with your order.

  • Thickened steel pipe used that can hold 440 pounds
  • Locking mechanism prevents the bar from loosening
  • Foam grip prevents slippage during use
  • May cause damage to fragile door frames

8 - DEDAKJ Pull Up Bar

DEDAKJ thumb

The DEDAKJ Pull Up Bar is made from stainless steel and is designed to be installed without using any screws.

Simply place it between your doorway or two parallel walls and tighten.

It has two anti-skid devices on both sides, which when installed properly will stick firmly in place.

When installed it is claimed that it can support a 660-pound weight, with the bar becoming more stable as it is being used.

A common complaint with some pull-ups bars is that they become loose over time, this can cause embarrassing falls and injury. This pull-up bar has a sturdy locking mechanism that prevents this from occurring. Once applied the bar will not rotate, nor will it become loose.

To prevent hand fatigue and pain while working out, this bar has non-slip extra-long foam grips in place. This pull-up bar has a three-month money-back guarantee, so if you encounter any issues you can get a refund in full.

  • Stainless steel pull ups bar that supports a 660-pound weight
  • Locking mechanism prevents loosening of the device
  • Extra-long non-slip foam grips used
  • May cause damage to your doorways and walls

9 - Sunny Health & Fitness Door Way Pull Up Bar

Sunny thumb

The Sunny Health & Fitness Door Way Pull Up Bar is a sturdy chrome-plated steel bar that when mounted between your doorway is designed to take up to 220 pounds.

You can set this device up in seconds in almost any doorway. It has weight-bearing brackets included, which are designed for maximum stability when working out.

The bar itself can be adjusted, going from 25.5 inches wide to 36 inches.

It also has comfort grips, which are claimed to reduce calluses and hand cramping.

  • Sturdy chrome-plated steel bar that can take 220 pounds
  • Can be set up in seconds
  • Easily adjusted
  • Reports that the screws provided were poor quality

10 - HAKENO Pull Up Bar

HAKENO thumb

The HAKENO Pull Up Bar is made from a thickened chrome-plated stainless steel pipe that can be set up in minutes without even needing any screws or drilling.

As no screws are used, this piece of equipment can be readjusted and moved quickly and easily. Its width can go from 28 inches wide to 38 inches.

To install all you need to do is rotate the pole to press the two anti-skid devices against the doorframe. Once in place, pulling on the bar will tighten making it even more secure. It is claimed to be able to support 660 pounds.

To make the device even more secure there is a sturdy locking device in place to prevent it from spinning and becoming loose during use. Like many of the devices on this list, there are foam grips used to prevent slipping during exercise.

  • Easy to install with no drilling or screws
  • Locking device used to prevent the device from spinning
  • Foam grips prevent slipping
  • May be difficult to lock into place during exercise

Buyers Guide

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The Different Types Of Pull Up Bar

There are 5 main varieties of pull-up bar. Each one has its own benefits and negatives, so make sure that you think about your own needs before making the decision.

  1. Doorway pull-up bars - There are 2 types of doorway pull-up bar, those that are telescopic and those that can be hung on the doorframe. The main benefit of these is that they can be installed quickly, and easily, without any need to drill. They also don’t take up much space and can be attached to either the upper or lower part of your doorframe.
  2. Wall pull-up bars - These are attached to the wall with screws and are usually more robust than door pull-up bars. They also usually have a higher weight limit. When choosing one you should take into account the distance between the grips and the overall width of the bar.There are many different varieties available, each with multiple grip angles and widths. Therefore when looking, you will need to choose one that suits your needs.
  3. Ceiling pull-up bars - These are affixed to the ceiling and can be used as an anchor for a punch bag or suspension system, such as TRX. You will need to make sure that your ceiling is high enough, and that the bar itself is fixed securely, this is to ensure you do not suffer any unnecessary accidents or injuries while performing your workouts.
  4. Free Standing pull-up bars -  These freestanding bars are made from a strong frame that is able to take your entire weight without being bolted to the floor. Many of them will have a padded backrest or foam grips for better comfort while you are training.You can opt to get the power rack variety of this to allow you to get more bang for your buck.The biggest issue with them is their size. They take up a lot of space so you need to be careful where you put it. Before you even buy a bar like this you will need to consider if you even have enough room for it.
  5. Parallel bars - If you are familiar with gymnastics, then you will surely have heard about parallel bars. They are two bars placed parallel to each other, some are connected while others are not. You can buy freestanding parallel bars, but they can take up a lot of space, or you can buy ones that can be attached to the wall.If you are considering buying one of these you should choose ones that are connected, this is because they are significantly stronger.

How To Choose The Best Pull Up Bar?

man doing pull ups

When choosing the best pull-up bars, there are certain features you need to look out for. These include the design, the grip positions on the bar, and how it is mounted and installed.


The design of the bars will vary, with many offering a no-frills look, with others more complex. It will come down to personal preference which one you choose.

Many pull-up bars will require a little construction, while others will already be welded together.

Those that are welded may be a more expensive choice, but they will benefit you as there is less assembly time and a stronger product that is able to take more weight.

Where you wish to use your pull-up bar should have an impact on which bar you choose. Certain types can be used between your door frames, while others can be mounted to your wall or ceiling.

There are other freestanding varieties too, but these are only suitable for those with the room as they can be bulky.

Grip positions

Grip positions are important when looking at pull-ups bars. All pull up bars will have a long main bar that will be used for pull-ups and chin-ups, but there are plenty of other varied grips too.

You may think that having multiple grip positions would be a good idea, however, this is not always the case. In some cases, these extra grips only add more weight to the bar and will make assembly more complicated.

How the bars are mounted

How the bar is mounted and installed may not seem interesting, but it is certainly something you need to keep in mind before buying a pull-up bar.

Pull up bars that can be placed between your doorway will be easy to install, however, those that attach to your wall or ceiling will be more complicated.

You will certainly need to drill some holes, which will mean that you will have to find the studs in your wall unless you have a solid brick or concrete wall to drill into.

Finding the studs may be difficult if they are not spaced evenly apart. Some bars will be able to accommodate this problem, while others won’t.

In the majority of cases, you will be able to fit your bar wherever there is free space. You will need to pay attention to the height when installing. Make sure not to install it too low as it will make some movements difficult to perform.

In addition to the stated features, there are other secondary features to look at too.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity of the bar should be considered. This is to ensure you do not hurt yourself when performing the exercises and also to prevent damage to your home.

Most pull-up bars will be able to handle bodyweight exercises like calisthenics with no issue. If you're just starting with calisthenic, then make sure you read our calisthenics guide for beginners.

However, if you wanted to attach other accessories to the bar, such as rings and resistance bands, then weaker bars won’t be suitable as they may not be able to deal with the added pressure applied.

Related: The difference between calisthenics and free weights


Some bars will have padding, which will be useful for those who have delicate hands or are new to these types of bodyweight exercises. This padding can also help to remind you of your hand placement when performing the movements.

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Do Pull Up Bars Damage Doors?

Pull-ups bars have the potential to cause damage to your door frame.

Even though they are designed to handle a significant amount of force being applied to them there are certain circumstances that may cause damage. For example:

  • If the door frame is in poor condition - How your door frame is constructed will have a major bearing on how well it can handle the pressure of your body weight. If the door trim has been glued, rather than nailed in place then this could prove to be problematic. Also, if the wood has started to rot or already has visible damage then it may be advisable not to try and attach a pull-up bar to it.
  • The material of your door trim - If your door trim is anything but wood then it may be a good idea not to try and attach a bar to it. Plastic or composite door trims are a much weaker material that is easily broken.
  • Misusing your pull-up bar - There is less risk of damage to your door and its frame if you use the bar properly. If you are using proper technique when performing any exercise then it is unlikely that you will cause any damage.

Pull yourself up slowly and deliberately, and lower yourself in the same fashion. If you swing wildly or swing using a back and forth motion you run the risk of pulling the trim out of place. You could also end up on your back like so many YouTube examples when your bar breaks.

How Do You Keep A Pull-Up Bar From Damaging The Door Frame?

The first bit of advice I can give to keep your pull-up bar from damaging your door frame is to ensure it fits properly.

If you have to add bits to it in order for it to fit, then it is probably not suitable for that area.

Also, make sure that you are following the manufacturer’s recommendations for use, so make sure to read the instruction leaflet that comes with the bar. It will state any weight limits and safety measures that should be adhered to.

Improper use of equipment is the main cause of damage and injury at home, so make sure to follow any safety instructions carefully.

When using a bar that slots between your door frame you may want to place a towel or rag between the frame and the bar. Even when you are performing the exercise correctly there is still a risk of the bar jarring, which may cause the bar to rub and for damage to occur.

Are Telescopic Pull-Up bars Safe?

Telescopic pull-up bars can be safe as long as you stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

If you weigh less than the weight limit, and the bar has been secured between two sturdy surfaces then there is very little chance of the bar coming loose.

I would suggest that you recheck that the bar is secure each time you use it, so make sure you twist it before putting your full weight onto the bar.

How Much Weight Can A Pull-Up Bar Hold?

Typically a pull-up bar will hold 300 lbs (roughly 136 kg), although you will find some that can take more weight and some that can take less weight.

You should always check how much weight the bar can take before you purchase to ensure it meets your needs. If you wish to use a weighted vest, then try to consider the weight of that too.

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What Is The Best Pull Up Bar?

If you have a home gym, you need a pull-up bar. It is one of the best pieces of equipment you can use to build your upper body. Plus takes up very little space in your home.

With the best pull-up bar, you will be able to perform a range of movements to build muscle and power without an expensive gym membership.

Our number one choice is the AmazeFan Pull Up Bar. Once it has been fitted between your doorframe, you will be able to perform numerous upper-body bodyweight exercises.

It is made using highly durable iron that is claimed to take 300 pounds, with its anti-slip grips offering a strong grip without causing damage to your property.

To ensure you do not slip off while working out, there are comfort foam grips attached to the device.

This is a must-have for anyone looking for a cost-effective addition to their home or garage gym.

Our #1 Recommendation

AmazeFan Pull Up Bar

AmazeFan thumb
Weight Capacity
300 lbs
Overall Score 5.0
  • Made with highly durable iron that can resist weight up to 300 pounds
  • Anti-slip grips
  • Comfort handle to minimize hand fatigue
  • Two wrist straps provided free of charge
  • Reports that it wasn’t as robust as expected

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