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Hourglass Fit Review
What You Need to Know Before Buying

Tracy Thompson
Published by Tracy Thompson
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Last updated: October 8, 2021

There seem to be hundreds of newly launched fat burners on a crowded market nowadays, right?

Marketing material for most such products is often full of exaggerated health claims and success stories promising miracles.

No wonder it’s so hard to pick one that’s worth your hard-earned money when you don’t know whom to trust.

Our comprehensive Hourglass Fit review will help you figure out whether this female-focused science-backed supplement is worth buying.

What Is Hourglass Fit?

An hourglass fit product on top of a weight

Hourglass Fit is a fat burner and appetite suppressant created by a UK-based supplements company Roar Ambition.

Its “revolutionary 2-in-1 formula” with natural herbal ingredients has been recently improved.

The updated formula doesn’t contain stimulants like Guarana, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine content, or Vitamin D3.

The supplement is advertised as being “packed with fantastic nutrients” and aimed at helping women lose weight effectively in a healthy way without common food cravings, energy crashes, and plateau.

Besides controlling your food intake, it gradually turns stored fat from your body into energy.




Hourglass Fit is not a miracle pill. It’s designed to support a healthy lifestyle, i.e. burn fat if taken consistently in combination with a healthy diet plan and regular exercise regimen.

Let’s take a closer look at how it actually works.

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How Does It Work?

How does it work

The effectiveness of this fat burner mostly lies in its novel threefold approach to the weight loss process.

This potent formula contains some high-quality ingredients like Cayenne Pepper and Black Pepper, scientifically proven to boost your metabolism, thus helping your body burn off the extra calories and fat effectively.

More about each ingredient and science behind it further in this Hourglass Fit review. Not only will your digestion improve, but you’ll finally be able to wear those skinny jeans. Yaaay!

Besides burning more calories, some substances in this formula also enable you to easily stick to the calorie-deficit diet by helping you feel fuller to fight hunger.

Those awful cravings for chocolate and junk foods are common in many women throughout the month due to hormones imbalance. [1]


Plus, some ingredients can improve your mood and motivation to achieve the desired weight loss goals.

In addition to the increased calorie burn and reduction, you need to exercise harder if you want to lose weight, right?

O.K. You feel motivated now. Not lazy or irritated anymore. BUT, where to find the necessary energy for strenuous workouts with all that caloric reduction?

No worries!  That’s why this supplement includes ingredients that will provide you with a clean energy boost throughout the day.

No energy crashes, no headaches, or other adverse effects caused by high servings of stimulants like Caffeine, Guarana, and others, which is common in many male-oriented brands of caffeine-based fat burners females are more sensitive to. [2]

Even better:

Some product components can also improve your hair and skin quality all women strive for.

How does that sound?

Pros and Cons

  • A safe fat-burning supplement tailor-made for women
  • An effective formula scientifically-proven to support your weight loss efforts, motivation, and mood improvement
  • Well-researched, premium, all-natural ingredients
  • No fillers, synthetics, proprietary blends, GMO, any stimulants or harmful compounds
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Suitable for those who are intolerant to gluten and soy
  • Promises low risk of negative effects
  • Offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Not available on Amazon, eBay, or in stores, only on the official website
  • May not suit everyone’s budget as its price is a bit higher than of other similar food supplements

Hourglass Fit Ingredients

Supplement Facts for Hourglass Fit

Now, let’s go over all the plant extracts, vitamins, and minerals on the ingredients list to explain how they aid in fat loss.


Glucomannan, a.k.a. Konjac Plant Root extract is a soluble dietary fiber commonly used in fat loss products because it’s well-tolerated and powerful to ensure natural appetite suppression. [3]

Hourglass Fit contains a decent amount of this fiber content (3,000mg) many studies have proven to help combat sugar cravings, cut down snacks, and reduce portion size. [4]


5-HTP or 5-Hydroxytryptophan is a natural amino acid proven to be a clinically-effective Serotonin precursor for treating depression, anxiety, insomnia, binge eating in the obese, and various other conditions. [5]

Its effects on keeping you motivated, increasing “feel-good” brain chemicals, and taking the edge off of sweet and junk cravings, cheat meals, and snacking are promising.

“Consuming konjac powder can help weight loss by promoting a feeling of fullness or satiety, which makes you less likely to overeat.Of course, the rest of your diet has to be healthy, and you also need to be exercising regularly.” Josh Axe, DNM, CNS, DC



Chromium Picolinate is an essential trace mineral effective in suppressing hunger as research claims. [6]

Chromium is vital for the normal metabolism of macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fat) and keeping your blood glucose levels balanced.

It interacts with your insulin receptors to improve glucose absorption in your body so that it starts melting away the deposited fat efficiently.



The serving of 8mg of Zinc Citrate in this supplement is sufficient to contribute to your normal protein synthesis, healthy metabolism of fatty acids, and normal function of your immune system.

Your body now demands more energy, and this is one of the essential minerals you need to stay healthy and strong so that you can work, take care of your kids and family at home, and achieve your fat cutting goals.


Another ingredient commonly used in such a supplement form - bioactive Capsaicin from Cayenne Pepper Extract (a sort of Chilli Extract) - has a potent thermogenic effect.

Don’t worry - it’s in a capsule, so it’s not spicy.

The daily dose of 100mg found here serves to increase your body temperature and metabolic rate, enabling you to burn more calories and fat even while sleeping, among other health benefits. [7]


Black Pepper Bioperine

Bioperine or Black Pepper Extract is also a popular ingredient in fat-burning supplements.

This element rich in antioxidants is included to heat you up and speed up your metabolic rate so that you can burn off calories while resting.

It can also help your body absorb the other ingredients and nutrients easily, and your muscles recover from fatigue faster. [8]

This may typically reduce triglyceride and cholesterol levels, slow down weight gain, and enhance fat loss ability without negative reactions. [9]

B Vitamins

Besides calorie burn, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B6 are necessary to keep your metabolism healthy and help you convert the food into energy.

They’re particularly important for women and every person on a low-calorie diet because they reduce tiredness and ensure a steady energy release.

Plus, Riboflavin plays an important role in glowing hair and healthy skin maintenance.

Vitamins B6 and B12 also help stabilize your mood, reduce fatigue, and shed excess pounds.  [10]

”Research shows that B vitamins can significantly benefit mood and reduce the physiological response to stress.” WebMD

Are There Any Side Effects?

hourglass side effects

As you probably already know, I always strongly recommend that you read the labels of all your supplements carefully and consult your doctor before you consider starting with a new supplement.

The same advice is true when making any major lifestyle changes so that you avoid potential adverse effects.

The manufacturer of Hourglass Fit has placed a warning on the label for individuals who should refrain from using these pills (at least before speaking to a medical professional). These include:

  • Any woman during pregnancy or breastfeeding period
  • Anyone younger than 18
  • People who have a medical condition
  • People who are already taking any medication.

Because the Hourglass Fit formula is quite gentle without potent stimulants, I believe experiencing any side effects is unlikely (provided that you don’t exceed the recommended dose or have an intolerance to any supplement component).

However, we’re all unique and react differently to various ingredients.

While some individuals may be over-sensitive or even allergic to particular ingredients, others might experience a mild to severe headache or restlessness sometimes caused by Capsimax, whereas Glucomannan might even make someone feel bloated.

Luckily, occurrences like these are sporadic, and the risk of any side effects is quite low, almost non-existent, so there’s nothing to worry about if you don’t have any health problems.

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Where Can You Buy Hourglass Fit?

Hourglass fit product close up image

The best and only place to buy a legit Hourglass Fit supplement that has passed quality control is to order it directly from the manufacturer’s official website.

That’s how they keep users protected from the Internet scam, fake products, and increased price due to third-party commissions.

The company offers various deals with no hidden charges to provide great discounts for bulk orders and ensures a secure payment via PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, or American Express.

You may check out the product website for the latest prices and offers.

Hourglass Fit customers also get covered by the manufacturer’s 90-day guarantee policy.


They promise to give a full refund for your first purchase only if you take the pills regularly as instructed for 90 days, combined with a healthy diet and exercise regime, and don’t achieve any noticeable weight loss results.


How To Take Hourglass Fit

how to take hourglass fit

Unlike some other fat burners on the market, you don’t need to take breaks from using Hourglass Fit.

It works best when used regularly rather than when “cycled”.

According to the dosage information and directions on the product bottle, taking Hourglass Fit is recommended in three equal doses throughout the day: in the morning, at lunchtime, and in the evening.

It’s best to take one capsule with a big glass of water 30 to 60 minutes before breakfast and other main meals.

Beginners or oversensitive individuals may adjust their initial daily dosage to two capsules and increase it later after consulting their doctor or nutritionist.

Also, one bottle of Hourglass Fit contains 120 capsules now - a one-month supply if you stick to the recommended doses (90 pills were included in one bottle before).

Reviews and Real Results

user reviews

There aren’t thousands of Hourglass Fit reviews online yet because the supplement is still relatively new on the market.

But, the available genuine Hourglass Fit reviews from real women who have used this product are positive.

They’re displayed on the company website, so you can always check the photos, read the testimonials, and see the amazing results Hourglass Fit has helped all those women around the globe achieve on their journey to losing weight.

Here are some of the customer reviews: 

“I wish I found Hourglass sooner. I was about 6 months into my weight loss journey when I discovered it -- I was stuck in a plateau and taking Hourglass jumpstarted it all again for me!” - Mel

I typically take fat burners, but one thing I hated about them is they make me feel bloated. With Hourglass, there’s no bloating, and I’m able to power through my workouts with enough energy.” - Meg

If you looked into other Hourglass reviews online, you’d find similar comments from ladies who were able to lose excess weight and improve their workout routines.


Is Hourglass Fit Safe to Take?

Yes, Hourglass Fit is safe to take because its ingredients are natural, legal, and gentle on your body. Plus, it’s manufactured in the USA and UK FDA-compliant facilities and meets GMP regulations.

How Long Should I Take Hourglass Fit Slimming Pills for?

You should take Hourglass Fit slimming pills for at least three months to achieve the most significant fat-burning results. You can reap its full benefits after consistent usage over a prolonged period.

Can I Take Other Supplements with Hourglass Fit?

Yes, you can take other supplements with Hourglass Fit. Just make sure you check the labels carefully to avoid any ingredient combos that may interact.

And my advice is not to take any supplements without consulting a physician if you’re already taking any medications.

Will Hourglass Fit Weight Loss Pills Work for Men?

Yes, Hourglass Fit weight loss pills will work for men, too, even though they’re advertised as formulated primarily for women.

Additionally, you can check out our list of the best weight loss supplements for men.

Is Hourglass Fit a Good Value for the Money?

YES! It’s worth the investment.

Should YOU buy it?

That’s your call, and this Hourglass Fit review has provided detailed information to help you reach the decision.

My two cents:

Not only is it rich in top-quality nutrients and fat-burning ingredients to help you sculpt an hourglass figure of your dreams, but it brings about a healthy immunity, better mood, and confidence in a totally safe and natural way.

If you’re determined to stick to a reduced-calorie diet and vigorous exercise routine, I’m convinced it’ll help you achieve amazing results.

So, why wouldn’t you try it out risk-free?

Our #1 Recommendation

Hourglass Fit

Hourglass Fit

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What You Need to Know Before Buying

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