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10 Best Weight Lifting Gloves (2021 Updated)

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Last updated: December 4, 2021

If you’re doing things right at the gym, then you should see a gradual increase in the total weight on a barbell or dumbbell.

But this increased weight will take its toll on your hands and wrists.

The only way to avoid those problems is to invest in a good pair of gloves for working out. But unfortunately, there are too many of them that won’t stand up to heavy weights.

So, we teamed up with some of our bodybuilder clients and tested out 35 different workout gloves.

And we used these test results to come up with this list of best weightlifting gloves that we now recommend to all of our clients.

Our Top Weight Lifting Gloves

1 - Skott Evo 2 Weightlifting Gloves (Editor's Choice)

Skott Evo 2 Weightlifting Gloves

The majority of our clients agreed that these Skott Evo gloves are the best weightlifting gloves as they may provide the best hand protection and wrist support.

The double length wrist wraps seem to give us all a good bit more confidence even when powerlifting larger loads.

It also uses an industrial-strength Velcro that doesn't weaken after multiple washes and soaks. This is a major plus since one of the top reasons for getting a new pair of gloves is worn out Velcro straps.



  • Synthetic
  • The half-finger gym gloves may reduce sweating
  • Includes silica gel palm pads for less risk of slipping
  • People like the wide wrist strap for added injury protection
  • The sizing guide is easy to follow and get the right fit
  • You may need to wash them regularly to avoid smells

Many users appreciate the easy-pull tab that lets them take off the gloves without breaking their arms.

Just make sure you clean them regularly because they don’t tend to repel smells as well as others.

2 - Glofit Freedom Workout Gloves

Glofit Freedom Workout Gloves

Some people prefer a workout glove with an open back. It’s an area that doesn’t really require protection, which might significantly cool down your hands.

If wrist support isn't a priority, these workout gloves from GloFit is highly recommended.

I also tend to pack these in my gym bag for lighter training as the lack of a wrist strap means that I can wear my fitness tracker.

It doesn't shy away from palm protection as it comes with a silica gel padding to enhance comfort without compromising your grip.


  • Leather and synthetic
  • Open back design may provide more breathability
  • Strapless exercise gloves make them more suitable for wearing a fitness tracker
  • People like the gel padding for better palm protection
  • The sizing runs a bit small

I just thought that the measured size that I ordered was a bit tight fitting.

3 - Grip Power Pads Elite Leather Gym Gloves

Grip Power Pads Elite Leather Gym Gloves

These wrist wrap lifting gloves seem to have the longest straps that may maximize wrist support.

With strong and durable leather, you should find that these will last even under professional level powerlifting.

The curved finger design of these gloves makes it extremely convenient to use because it's tapered to fit the natural shape of your hands.

One of my clients had struggled with many different weightlifting gloves, and these were the only ones that seemed to stop the calluses.


  • Leather
  • Heavy-duty design aimed at powerlifting
  • Includes 25-inch wrist wraps for better support
  • Lots of positive comments that they stop blisters forming
  • They tend to have a strong leather smell when you first open the box

Just prepare yourself for a strong leather smell right out of the box and maybe air them for a few days.

4 - Trideer Workout Gloves

Trideer Workout Gloves

Trideer is one of the leading brands when it comes to weightlifting gloves.

These pair of gym gloves has an 18-inch wrist strap to provide an exceptional and customizable support, which comes in handy during either heavy weights or cross training.

Many athletes have commented that they gain a better grip strength without extreme pressure resulting in blisters. Those might get sore, and they don’t look great either.

We also liked the non-slip surface on the palm area, which may become important for intense workouts where sweat might drip onto the gloves.


  • Leather and synthetic
  • Well designed gel padding seems to protect from calluses
  • The non-slip surface may help to gain a firm grip
  • The mesh material makes them breathable for less sweating
  • Some people found the strap overshoots the velcro

I found it annoying that the strap seems to be longer than the Velcro patch, which means you might end up with a loose bit of strap.

5 - RIMSports Weight Lifting Gloves

RIMSports Weight Lifting Gloves

These are another pair of gloves that seem to provide maximum wrist support from quite a long strap. This strap may also feel softer with fewer pressure points and less rubbing.

Many users comment on the quality of the Velcro strap which holds the gloves in place even when they bend their wrists.

But pros specifically love how the material is breathable, comfortable, and sweat absorbing.

Oh, and if you have a bit of a fashion thing going on with your gym gear, then the color designs might make this a great choice.


  • Leather
  • Positive comments from performance athletes that they hold up to heavy usage
  • Good quality wrist wrap to help avoid common wrist issues
  • Great choice of colors for the fashion-conscious athletes
  • These weightlifting gloves are not machine washable

Keep in mind that you’ll need to hand wash these gloves as they might get damaged in a washing machine.

6 - SIMARI Workout Gloves

SIMARI Workout Gloves

These gloves best suit athletes who tend to sweat a lot.

First of all, they have a mesh fiber on the back that should help you get more ventilation onto your skin.

Secondly, the thumb section’s cloth may help wipe away sweat rather than just push it from side to side.

Lastly, it comes with tabs for easy removal and padded palms to provide better support without compromising comfort.


  • Synthetic microfiber
  • The velcro strap is comfortable and seems to provide great protection
  • Terry cloth thumb might make wiping sweat away easier
  • Cool looking mesh design on the back makes them breathable
  • The stitching might not hold up to constant and intense powerlifting

I will just caution you if you intend to use them for daily powerlifting as they seem to be designed for lighter usage.

7 - Fit Active Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves

Fit Active Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves

The Fit Active Sports gloves are another option to protect your palms with lighter loads. And they also seem to work pretty well on battle ropes or pull-up bars, especially if you’re using a weighted vest.

The wrist straps are decent enough, but I liked the open back as this could significantly cool down your hands.

The design is quite uncommon, but many users are pretty impressed with how it keeps their gloves from smelling bad real fast.

The neoprene material also ensures that you can hold on well to your weights without hurting your palms.


  • Neoprene
  • May be ideal for lighter weights and pull-ups
  • Open-back and mesh design might significantly reduce sweating
  • The training gloves include wrist straps for better injury protection
  • Probably not suitable for advanced powerlifters

If you’re planning on lifting heavy bars, then the wrist support might not be enough as they tried to keep it less bulky.

8 - Harbinger Power Non-Wristwrap Gloves

Harbinger Power Non-Wristwrap Gloves

Harbinger's has become one of the go-to brands for both competitive and amateur weightlifters. And it's easy to see why.

These power weightlifting gloves stood out for me because of a nicely placed extra layer of lpadding on the inside of the thumb.

I sometimes find that this is a pressure point that is a bit sore and distracting, but the extra layer seems to help reduce the pressure.

Using the size chart was also easy and resulted in a tight but comfortable fit at the same time.

A lot of users particularly like the half-finger design which helps protects their hands from calluses while still having a strong feel on the bar.


  • Leather and synthetic
  • Includes additional layers of padding on the thumbs for more durable wear
  • The sizing seems to be accurate for a comfortable fit
  • Leather palm material for durability
  • The mesh material seems to provide good breathability
  • Doesn’t come with wrist wrap support

You would need to order some wrist support straps to fully protect yourself from injury, but it's pretty good for beginners.

9 - RDX Weight Lifting Gloves

RDX Weight Lifting Gloves

Here’s another pair of weightlifting gloves for our fashion conscious readers, but don’t let the design distract you.

These tgloves work well for all performance levels, and they have a cool feature that makes taking them off easier.

There are little tabs that you can pull on, which helps when your hands are sweaty.

But we also thought that our hands seemed to be a bit cooler in them, which may be down to the ventilation from the mesh.


  • Nylon
  • Positive comments about the breathable material to cool down your hands
  • Available in cool designs and colors
  • The pull tabs make them easier to get off sweaty hands
  • Might not be durable enough for regular powerlifting

While they work well for lower loads on bars, they might not stand up to extreme lifting.

10 - Bionic Full Finger Fitness Gloves

Bionic Full Finger Fitness Gloves

While most of us prefer the open finger gloves, we did want to give an option for folks that want full protection for all knuckles, fingertips, and nails.

These training gloves also provide good wrist support, and you might notice a surprisingly good feel to adjust your grip.

And speaking of grip, the patented pre-rotated finger design makes for a comfortable and solid grip as it adapts to your hand’s natural curving motion.

And you won't have to worry about taking the gloves off for a selfie at the gym because they're touchscreen compatible.


  • Leather
  • Full finger weightlifting gloves may provide added protection for fingertips and nails
  • Positive reviews about less pressure on finger joints
  • Soft feel doesn’t seem to restrict hand movements
  • They seem to be a bit less breathable

Just prepare yourself for sweatier hands as these weightlifting gloves are not particularly breathable.

Buyer’s Guide

credit card and laptop

There are four focus points that you have to consider in your own decision making.

1. Check For Breathability

If you’re going to be spending a significant amount of time wearing gloves, then your hands will become sweat a lot [1].

That may become uncomfortable, and worse, it can cause skin irritation that can ruin your proper form and solid grip.

And let's be real guys. Sweaty gloves can get really stinky fast, which is why we prefer training gloves that have a breathable mesh or other ventilation design.

Most of the products on our list of the best gym gloves pass this important criteria.

2. Grip With Confidence

The best weightlifting gloves we tried out will have gel padding, which absorbs and spreads out some of the pressure.

Whether it’s a loaded barbell or just some pull-ups, that gel might help to reduce the risks of calluses forming, which might become quite painful [2].

“But calluses have some practical disadvantages, too. Whether you consider them brag-worthy battle scars or just a pesky side effect of your new weight lifting routine, calluses can cramp your style, not to mention disrupt your workouts.”


- Dan Michel, Writer for Men’s Health

After all, having a proper grip is probably why you got interested into buying some gym gloves, right? So it's crucial to choose one that allows for maximum and comfortable grip.

3. Support Weaknesses

Weightlifting Glove Support

Weightlifting gloves should ideally protect your hands and provide wrist support as well.

This is especially important for powerlifting, where the weight shift can put a lot of pressure on your wrists [3].

A firm wrist wrap should make a big difference as this is a weak spot for many athletes getting to weight loads they haven’t experienced before.

To ensure safety, make sure that the wrist wraps can support the amount of weights you usually lift.

4. Pick The Right Size

I have found the trick with glove measuring is that you should measure your palm before and after a workout.

Your hands and fingers tend to swell up a bit as you go through a workout routine. And that could result in gloves that feel too tight. 

So, take a measurement after immediately training and then use the size chart for your chosen gym gloves to get a comfortable yet snug fit.


Do Weightlifting Gloves Prevent Calluses?

Yes, weightlifting gloves prevent calluses if they have the right amount of padding. It’s also important for the padding to be in your palms’ right places to reduce the direct pressure.

Should You Wear Gloves When Weight Lifting?

Yes, you should wear gloves when weight lifting as they can increase performance and safety. There would be less chance of hands slipping, and they may also provide extra protection from wrist injuries.

What's The Best Weightlifting Glove?

We find it difficult not to recommend the Skott Evo 2 as the best weight lifting gloves.

They strike the right balance between protection, comfort, and breathability. And none of our clients have outgrown their intended use.

Order yours today and make sure you let us know how well they worked out for you.

Our #1 Recommendation

Skott Evo 2 Weightlifting Gloves

Skott Evo 2 Weightlifting Gloves
Overall Score 4.9
  • The half-finger gym gloves may reduce sweating
  • Includes silica gel palm pads for less risk of slipping
  • People like the wide wrist strap for added injury protection
  • The sizing guide is easy to follow and get the right fit
  • You may need to wash them regularly to avoid smells

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