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weightlifting shoe for men
By Isaac Robertson 20 hours ago
The Best Weightlifting Shoes for Men
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide
Weightlifting puts tremendous stress and strain on your lower body as your feet and legs struggle to maintain a balanced and stable position. Any instability runs through your pelvis, lower back, and upper body. It's a tenuous situation and one that can lead to serious injury if something goes wrong. Weightlifting shoes are the best way to ensure your lift always has a stable foundation. As a... Read more >
your ultimate guide to body building applications
By Isaac Robertson 1 month ago
What’s the Best Bodybuilding App?
Reviews and Buyer’s Guide
Are you doing bodyweight exercises to stay lean? Lifting heavy weights to bulk up? Lacking motivation, discipline, time? Your smartphone can't lift weights for you, but it can enrich your daily workout routine and make it more convenient. A specialized body build app can function as your trainer - just more affordable and accessible, allowing you to plan your exercise regimen, keep track of... Read more >
Best Leg Extension Machine
By Tyler Sellers 1 week ago
The Best Leg Extension Machine
Maximize Your Quadriceps Gains
For me, leg days are some of the most motivating training days. It might be purely psychological to write down very high weight amounts on my training sheet. But unless you have the right equipment, that training data may not count for much. The problem I’ve seen with many leg extension and curl machines is that those designed for home gyms often compromise on the range of motion. Oh, and... Read more >
lifting straps header banner
By Tyler Sellers 4 months ago
The Best Lifting Straps for Weightlifting and Powerlifting
It always surprises me when I enter a weight room and see people weightlifting without a pair of lifting straps. Even for lower weight ranges, the added grip may provide more safety. But it’s for those low rep sets that lifters might notice the biggest difference. Unfortunately, I’ve encountered more than my fair share of unreliable lifting straps as a long-time fitness instructor. I’ve... Read more >
wrist wrap header
By Tyler Sellers 4 months ago
The Best Wrist Wraps for Weightlifting & Powerlifting
One of the things I get all my clients to invest in before they do more extensive training on free weights is fitness wrist wraps. They’re the easiest way to avoid injuries, and even if you’re not aiming for new world records in powerlifting, they might help you lift heavier loads. But, I’ve seen too many wrist wraps that were so poor quality that they could do more harm than good. So we... Read more >
By Tyler Sellers 4 months ago
Best Weight Lifting Gloves
Reviews and Buyer’s Guide
If you’re doing things right at the gym, then you should see a gradual increase in the total weight on a barbell or dumbbell. But this increased weight will take its toll on your hands and wrists. The only way to avoid those problems is to invest in a good pair of gloves for working out. But unfortunately, there are too many of them that won’t stand up to heavy weights. So, we teamed up... Read more >
By Tyler Sellers 3 weeks ago
The Best Fitness Tracker For Weightlifting
Smart Watch Buyer’s Guide
Any athlete that does a lot of weight training will know how difficult it is to stay on top of your sets, reps, and weights at the gym. When you add tracking fitness levels to that, you could end up struggling to manage it all. But a lot of fitness trackers out there haven’t been suitable for lifting weights, as they simply don’t add much value. Now, let me say that none of them will be... Read more >
bowflex dumbbells review featured
By Tyler Sellers 2 weeks ago
Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells Review:
Is It Worth Buying?
One of the biggest issues for most people who want to do dumbbell exercises at home is the cost of getting a wide enough range of weights. One of the products that a few of my clients were buying for their home fitness gyms is the Bowflex SelectTech range, so I decided I needed to take a closer look at it. And I found some pretty exciting facts. Read more as I review the Bowflex SelectTech 552... Read more >
blowflex vs powerblock dumbbell featured
By Tyler Sellers 4 weeks ago
Bowflex vs PowerBlock Dumbbell
Which One Is Better?
​Bowflex vs Powerblocks Dumbbells? This question has always been common among those who like to work out. But I’ll be honest and say that for a long time, I wasn’t a fan of any adjustable dumbbell. I always recommended a traditional dumbbell set to my clients for their home gym, as the adjustable ones took so long to reconfigure. Added to that, there will only be certain exercises that... Read more >
women weightlifting shoes
By Tracy Thompson 1 week ago
The Best Women’s Weightlifting Shoes
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide
Weightlifting shoes have been around for decades - primarily for men. The main difference between men's and women's shoes is width, and women's shoes also typically weigh less, which affects the design of the midsole. But when it comes to women's weightlifting shoes, the focus is on the heel and the support they provide, which is incredibly important for injury-free weightlifting and its... Read more >