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If you’ve fought your way through diets in the past, only to find yourself actually gaining weight or quickly jumping back to your old habits, we know what you’re going through and can help you overcome those hurdles so you can finally tap into the healthy body you know is in hiding right now.

Our goal at Total Shape is to help you learn how to not only eat healthier, but figure out why it’s so easy for you to eat unhealthy foods right now, and conquer each of those micro-battles so you can develop healthy habits that will stick with you for years to come.

We can show you how to get in better shape by spending less time in the gym (sounds counterintuitive, we know) and not killing yourself during every workout. Getting fit and healthy doesn’t have to feel like a struggle, and when you have the right guidance behind you it will come natural.

By sticking around, you’re going to figure out which supplements you should be taking, and which ones are a waste of money backed by marketing hype. You’ll learn which foods are best for your body and can help stoke your body’s natural systems, how to quickly prepare them so you’re not wasting away in the kitchen, and which cheat foods are actually good for you -- and good for fighting off the cravings.

If you’ve found yourself having problems with your diet, your workout routine, your supplement stack, or figuring out how to work with what your body naturally wants from you, you’re in the right place. You can put our years of experience to use to help achieve your perfect body, restore your energy levels, shed that excess weight, and hit your health goals.

Stick around and read through our blog posts. We have an upcoming newsletter so make sure you subscribe when it goes live. We’ll send out the tips you need to pull it all together and finally make it a reality instead of constantly dreaming about it or thinking your goals are impossible.

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The Team

Michael Garrico

Hey guys, Mike here. In case you don’t know me, I’m a 29 year old personal fitness trainer and nutritionist living in sunny Miami, FL. I’ve spent the last 10 years staying at the forefront of the health and fitness industry.

In that time, I’ve helped hundreds of people shed the excess weight and get into shape, maintaining their healthy new lifestyle through proper training and eating habits.

I personally train 5-7 days a week and spend quite a bit of time on the basketball court. When I’m not on the court or in the gym, I’m either in the kitchen preparing meals or coaching basketball at the local school, helping mold the next generation.

Michael Garrico

The internet has given me the ability to help even more people and put my entrepreneurial skills to use, extending my reach and allowing me to get in front of people like you on a regular basis.

Email Michael: michael@totalshape.com

Isaac Robertson


When I was 18 years old, I had a choice. I could go to university, get a business degree and climb the corporate ladder. Or… I could follow my passion for fitness.

I wanted to be the best at my craft and I knew if I chose the former, I wouldn't be the best. 

Now, look. People throw the word “passion” loosely around. But passion doesn’t even come close to my dedication to fitness. It’s beyond passion… It’s an obsession…

When I got started in the fitness industry, I wanted to be the master of this craft. So I went into the trenches… Researching and reading everything I could about fitness world - nutrition, exercise, the human anatomy... learning everything from the smartest people in the industry…

Now with over 8 years of personal training under my belt, I have served a wide range of clients over the years, from different backgrounds, race, shapes, and sizes. From doctors to lawyers, stay at home moms, and even several celebrities. 

I do things differently than the status quo. You see, fitness is meant to enhance and better your life, not to consume it. Staying in top shape should be as effortless as possible. You should never give up any of life’s great pleasures because you’re worried it will ruining your training and diet.

That’s why my motto with training is all about simplicity - creating a plan that fits your lifestyle.

There’s no point eating six meals of brown rice, chicken breast, and broccoli everyday if you hate it. I know that everyone is busy, that’s why I’m not going to force you to go to the gym six times a week. I’m also not going to make you stop drinking your favorite beers or your favorite cocktails on your Saturday nights out. That's why I'll craft and personalize a workout plan and diet that you can follow effortlessly and one that you enjoy. 

Email Isaac: isaac@totalshape.com

Tracy Thompson (Content Editor)

Tracy Profile Picture

Standing at 5'6", can you imagine that 3 years ago I was weighing 155 lbs?  I don't even know how it got this bad. I mean, I was always very athletic during high school. I guess I just let myself go in the final years of college and post-college years.
Staring at myself in the mirror during the morning of Christmas, I made a decision what any other innocent soul like me would make. My new year's resolution for 2015 would be to shed all this extra weight off.
The first few workouts were terrible, and I almost quit after the third session. This was when I met Mike at the Gym. He gave me a few pointers and guided a noobie like me. He then became my trainer and as the time went by, one of my closest friend.
He pushed me to my limits and made me understand that working out is a long-time commitment. If you want to achieve your goal; if you wish to gain weight or lose some, then you must commit and have 100% discipline on all your sets. Consistency is the key, and that's what I have learned (and continuously learning) after 3 years.
Currently, my weight is sitting pretty at 135 lbs. and with the right diet and exercise, I get to keep the lean body I worked hard for. As a Hotel Receptionist turned Fitness Trainer, my mission is to help other females what I have learned in the world of healthy living.

Email Tracy: tracy@totalshape.com

Ashton Murray (Public Relations)

Ashton Murray

I’ve been in the fitness industry for the last six years, and over that time, I’ve sealed my passion for people. I love pushing people to the limits of what they think they can do. A lot of the time, people have these self-imposed limits about what they can do with their bodies. I love being able to help people defeat their worst critic and enemy: themselves. I believe in good form and good food, so I want to help people create and maintain the best lifestyle for their best life.

Email Ashton: ashton@totalshape.com

Liam Johnson (Marketing Director)

Liam Johnson

I was a scrawny kid growing up, a limp noodle kind of kid. All that changed about a decade ago when I decided to swallow my pride and hit the gym. It was intimidating at first, but I kept swallowing my pride and just kept at it. Today, I work as a personal trainer to help others get into a healthier lifestyle, to answer the questions I had to learn about myself. I am deeply passionate about food, fitness, and my four-year-old daughter, Sarah. When I’m not in the gym or on the basketball court, I’m watching cartoons on the couch with her.

Email Liam: liam@totalshape.com

Natasha Spencer (Social Media Manager)

Natasha Spencer

When I’m not posting on Facebook or replying to your DMs on Instagram, you can find me trying out the latest trends in group fitness. I am a huge fan of spinning, rowing, dancing, and HIIT, and will fangirl about how much fun I have in each class. I hope to get other people moving and grooving, so if you have any questions about anything you see here, just drop a line and I’ll leave you a reply!

Email Natasha: natasha@totalshape.com


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