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  • Michael Garrico is a seasoned personal fitness trainer and nutritionist, known for his contributions to esteemed platforms like Healthline, Forbes Health, HealthCentral, Medium, and Express. His expertise has guided hundreds towards healthier lifestyles through effective training and nutrition.
  • With ACSM (The American College of Sports Medicine) & NCSF (National Council on Strength and Fitness) certifications, Michael's advice is backed by recognized credentials, ensuring readers receive scientifically sound and practical guidance.
  • As the Co-Founder of TotalShape.com and its Marketing Director, Michael plays a pivotal role in brand development, partnership building, and corporate growth, showcasing his multifaceted expertise in the health and business sectors.


Michael's writing is a harmonious blend of his academic knowledge and real-world experiences. His hands-on approach in personal training, combined with his basketball coaching endeavors, provides readers with genuine insights.

Michael's commitment to debunking fitness myths, sharing authentic stories, and offering actionable advice makes his content both relatable and transformative.

Outside his professional sphere, Michael's love for hiking reflects his genuine passion for an active and balanced lifestyle.


Michael's foundation in the health and fitness domain is fortified by his education from the Indiana State University College of Technology.

This academic background, combined with his ACSM & NCSF certifications, positions him as a trusted voice in the realm of personal fitness, nutrition, and weight management.

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Total Shape, a beacon for health enthusiasts worldwide, is your definitive source for actionable fitness advice, trusted supplement information, and nutrition guidance. Annually, we cater to over 3 million readers, making health achievable and comprehensible for all.

Every piece of content undergoes a rigorous check by our dedicated medical review team, ensuring accuracy and integrity. Delve deeper into our editorial process and discover how our review guidelines ensure authenticity.

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