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Showing ab workout result
By Michael Garrico 9 hours ago
30 Minute Ab Workout: Sculpt Your Abs with These Exercises
Getting your abs to pop is challenging and frustrating, but with the proper exercises, it is possible. Over the past decade and with countless success stories from my clients, I created a perfect 30-minute ab workout that will get those abs popping and make them more aesthetically appealing. I took serious 20-hour research to get the programming right before writing this article to ensure you... Read more >
Dolph Lundgren on a vacation
By Michael Garrico 1 day ago
Dolph Lundgren Workout & Diet (Unveiling His Secrets)
Hans Lundgren, better known as Dolph Lundgren, is an icon in Hollywood and the bodybuilding world, and it’s probably his appearance as Ivan Drago in the movie Rocky IV that really brought him to fame. Even all these years later, he’s still an extremely fit and muscular man, and as a personal fitness coach, I was intrigued to find out how he handled his training over the years. So, our team... Read more >
Liam Hemsworth workout and diet
By Michael Garrico 3 days ago
Liam Hemsworth Workout & Diet: Get in Shape Like a Star
Liam Hemsworth is a well-known actor, and just like his brothers Chris and Luke Hemsworth, he hasn't failed in the fitness world. Liam Hemsworth's body physique stunned me, and as a certified fitness trainer, I decided to look into his workout and diet plan to gain a few training tips to encourage my clients to exercise. I went through Liam Hemsworth's interviews, YouTube videos, and TV... Read more >
A person doing the best chest and bicep workouts in the gym
By Michael Garrico 3 days ago
Best Chest and Bicep Workout Routine for Beginners
People usually train their chest with their triceps and their biceps muscles with their back. However, I haven’t seen too many people in my gym train their chest muscles with biceps. Contrary to popular belief, working these two muscle groups together isn’t counterintuitive. Based on years of research and observation, I’ve put together some of the best upper body exercises and created... Read more >
A person holding on to gym rings at a home garage gym
By Michael Garrico 4 days ago
How to Hang Gym Rings at Home (5 Reliable Locations)
There are many ways to set up gym rings at home, but it mostly depends on your room or home gym setup. As a fitness trainer, I didn't always have time to complete my workout at the gym because of my client schedule, so I started working out at home with my gym rings. I have found the five best ways to set up your gym rings at home so that you can get the most out of your workouts. Read more >
Woman doing exercises indoors
By Michael Garrico 6 days ago
9 Fitness Hacks (Daily Tips for a Healthy & Toned Body)
As a certified personal trainer and fitness coach, I’m always surprised by how many people put in the effort to go to the gym regularly but never bother to make positive fitness adjustments in their daily lives. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or build muscle to get more toned, there are some simple things you can do every day and every week to get you to your goals faster. So, our... Read more >
Two people doing crunches and planks side by side
By Michael Garrico 1 week ago
Planks vs Crunches: Muscles Worked & Which is Best?
Two exercises stand out for building a solid core: crunches and planks. Both are popular and effective at building core strength and toning your abdominal muscles. With over a decade in the fitness industry, I have participated in countless debates. But which one is truly better? The answer is more complex than you may think and utterly dependent on your fitness goals. In this article, I’ll... Read more >
Simeon Panda flexing his arm muscles gained from workout
By Michael Garrico 1 week ago
Simeon Panda Arm Workout: Secret to Bigger Biceps & Triceps
Simeon Panda’s arms are a true display of power, size, and sculpted perfection. Building a physique like his requires consistent workout dedication and eating super clean. The 36-year-old British bodybuilder is one of the most famous bodybuilders in the world, having millions of followers on Instagram and YouTube, where he talks about his training programs, diet, and fitness tips. Being a... Read more >
A buff male in the gym doing inner chest workouts for muscles
By Michael Garrico 1 week ago
Best Inner Chest Workout for a Sculpted Upper Body
The inner chest is among the most misunderstood upper-body muscles. I’ve seen many people, especially fitness influencers, claim to isolate and build this muscle with specific exercises. But I’ve always been a bit skeptical about their claims. So, I spent a week looking through some of the best chest workouts as well as revisiting the anatomy of the chest. So, I’ve handpicked some of the... Read more >
Reg Park in the gym for his workout routine
By Michael Garrico 1 week ago
Reg Park Workout Routine: A Complete Guide
Reg Park has remained one of the few inspirational bodybuilders for years. Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the most successful bodybuilders and actors of all time, speaks highly of Reg Park, considering him as one of his idols who inspired him in his own career. I set out to discover the details of Park’s workout routine and diet in pursuit of understanding his fitness regimen and nutrition... Read more >
A person doing triceps killer workouts in the gym for muscle growth to the max
By Michael Garrico 1 week ago
Tricep Killer Workout for Maximum Muscle Growth
The triceps comprise a whopping 60% of your arm’s muscles. But they often get neglected due to a tendency to focus on working out more visible muscle groups like the biceps and forearms. Through research and practical application in fitness clients’ training, I’ve curated a list of the most effective triceps exercises to help you maximize your workouts and achieve the results you... Read more >
A person doing Dumbbell Upright Row workouts for strong shoulders
By Michael Garrico 2 weeks ago
How to Do Dumbbell Upright Rows: Sculpt Strong Shoulders
After so many years of training fitness clients, if I needed to pick only one exercise for sculpting upper traps and shoulders, it would be the dumbbell upright row. Through the years I spent in the gym, I realized it’s the movement many gym-goers still do wrong, risking injury and never getting the proper results. That’s why I decided to collect what I know and pour it into this article to... Read more >
A person doing the best dumbbell calf workouts in the gym
By Michael Garrico 2 weeks ago
6 Best Dumbbell Calf Exercises: Expert Tips for Defined Legs
As a fitness coach, my clients often complain about how stubborn and hard it is to grow calf muscles. I always tell them that calves need more than regular body weight to grow, and simple workouts with dumbbells should be able to do the trick. To explain this matter further, I decided to compile what I know from my experience in coaching for many years with building calves. I also consulted a... Read more >
A buff male doing medicine ball exercises in the gym
By Michael Garrico 2 weeks ago
9 Best Medicine Ball Exercises (Proven Full-Body Workout)
No matter if you’re just beginning or you’re years into your fitness journey like me, medicine ball exercises can be an effective addition to your training routine. This article will overview some of my fitness clients’ favorite medicine ball exercises for building strength, speed, and power. In my experience as a certified fitness coach, I have learned that from medicine ball slams to... Read more >
Man running on a track field
By Michael Garrico 2 weeks ago
Track Workouts for Beginners (Tips, Lingo & Rules Explained)
As a certified fitness trainer, I've encountered many clients and individuals who wished to start their journey on track running. I took my time to research and get the correct information to help them and my readers start their track running efficiently. In this article, I will give my research and findings on track workouts for beginners, track lingo and rules, and the difference between... Read more >
A person doing a century workout in a gym for more muscle mass
By Michael Garrico 2 weeks ago
100-Rep Century Set Workout (Ultimate Fitness Challenge)
As a personal fitness and bodybuilding coach for more than a decade, I have seen only a few people switch to high-volume training with maximum reps. And while it’s not the generally accepted approach, I was intrigued when I saw a colleague of mine implement a century workout routine. The results were impressive, but it all came down to picking the right exercises and balancing different body... Read more >