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Xtend BCAA Featured
By Michael Garrico 1 day ago
Scivation Xtend BCAA Review (2023) Does It Really Work?
Giving it your all in the gym may sometimes take a toll on your body. Personally, I want to be able to give every single workout 100%, and so I don’t have time to wait for fatigued muscles to muster and heal. Which is the reason I initially started looking for something that would help improve muscle growth and reduce muscle soreness. In this Scivation Xtend BCAA review, we’re going to... Read more >
best beta-alanine featured
By Michael Garrico 1 day ago
10 Best Beta-Alanine Supplements (2023 Update) Buyer’s Guide
For the majority of my clients, the first thing I recommend after a solid recovery shake is a pre-workout supplement. But for the more serious athletes and especially bodybuilders looking for big muscle mass gains, beta-alanine supplementation is quite likely going to be one of the top decisions. The problem is, though, that there are tons of pretty low-quality supplements out there. Not only... Read more >
Businessmen focused on their tasks from nootropics effect
By Michael Garrico 2 days ago
How To Tell If Nootropics Are Working? (The Answer)
An increasing number of my clients and readers are taking nootropics for cognitive performance and to help them with their fitness journeys. But one question I regularly get is what you should expect to feel when you start taking nootropics and how soon it might happen. The answer isn’t all that straightforward, so I teamed up with a nutritionist and expert in nootropics to see what... Read more >
A woman holding food that maximize nootropics
By Michael Garrico 5 days ago
9 Powerful Nootropic Foods That Work (Tried & Tested)
Some foods contain nootropic compounds that have been shown to benefit the human brain by boosting executive skills, working memory, creativity, and motivation. So as a fitness trainer, I wanted to know everything about it, so I took a few weeks to research the best nootropic foods. I then consulted a dietician to understand how these foods may maximize the nootropic function in the brain. In... Read more >
Noocube and Mind Lab Pro comparison in blurry background
By Michael Garrico 5 days ago
NooCube vs Mind Lab Pro (2023) What’s the Difference?
Finding a safe and effective nootropic among the countless options can seem impossible. So, we took two well-known nootropics supplements, NooCube and Mind Lab Pro, and put them head to head for this hands-on, in-depth review. I solicited the help of a dozen volunteers to use these products over several weeks, and I discussed the ingredients with our nutritionist. I’ll talk about the... Read more >
A stressed person holding nootropic pills for stress
By Michael Garrico 2 days ago
Nootropics for Stress (Is It Effective or Not?)
Many fitness clients talk to me about how their busy jobs and crazy schedules lead to stress, impacting every aspect of life, including finding the time to hit the gym. One of the routine questions I get asked is whether taking a nootropic supplement will help bring their stress level down a notch or two and get them back to the gym. I researched several common nootropics ingredients and sat... Read more >
A depressed individual on the corner of the room, doctor holding nootropics
By Michael Garrico 4 weeks ago
Nootropics for Depression (4 Ingredients to Look Out For)
I had an interesting conversation with a medical doctor a few weeks ago while discussing different nootropics that I take for mood and brain energy. And considering how many people suffer from different levels of depression, I decided to spend some more time with this doctor to research the scientific literature on this topic. As it turns out, there is a lot of medical interest in finding... Read more >
A jogger outside drinking water in the park
By Michael Garrico 4 weeks ago
3 Main Benefits of Drinking a Gallon of Water a Day
Being in the fitness industry for almost a decade, I’m well aware that proper water intake is crucial for physical performance, weight loss, and overall health. While drinking water when you’re thirsty is a reflex, drinking a gallon requires planning, determination, and effort. But is it worth it? I spent a few days reading the relevant scientific literature on the subject, and I analyzed... Read more >
A man suffering from thyroid disorder because of testosterone levels
By Michael Garrico 4 weeks ago
Does Testosterone Affect the Thyroid? (Backed by Science)
The thyroid gland and testosterone levels are tightly linked. We have known for a long time that the thyroid gland is partially responsible for regulating testosterone. With the recent innovation and increased use of testosterone boosters, as a fitness trainer, I needed to look into the potential effects of testosterone on the thyroid. So I spent hours researching the science of how... Read more >
A woman holding a nootropic pill for cognitive performance
By Michael Garrico 3 weeks ago
How Often Should You Take Nootropics? (From A Nutritionist)
Although they aren’t exactly a new supplement, I started taking nootropics a few years ago, and our team at Total Shape has been testing and researching many different products to figure out the best ones. And part of that research has involved experimenting with the timing and finding out how often and how long you should take nootropics for mental well-being and performance. So, to provide... Read more >
A person planning a diet plan to help burn fat
By Michael Garrico 2 weeks ago
11 Foods That Burn Fat While You Sleep (Proven & Effective)
As a fitness coach, I often get questions about fat-burning foods, and some of my clients are particularly interested in those that help burn fat as they sleep. Many people aren't aware that such a thing as food for nighttime fat burning exists. So, I decided to gather what I know and go through the scientific literature on the subject and, finally, discuss everything with a dietician to... Read more >
Close up shot of Tongkat Ali herbal pills
By Michael Garrico 4 weeks ago
Tongkat Ali and Testosterone (Everything You Need to Know)
Recent research shows that Tongkat Ali has the potential to combat the effects of declining testosterone. So, as a certified fitness coach, I decided to explore that notion more thoroughly. I spent several weeks reading the scientific research and consulted my close doctor friend to learn everything about the hormonal benefits of this herbal medicine. Finally, with the help of a few clients, I... Read more >