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Using recumbent bike machine to workout
By Christiana Mikesch 2 days ago
10 Best Exercises on Recumbent Bike for Cardio
Recumbent bikes offer an aerobic form of exercise suitable for all fitness levels, and I have incorporated stationary bike workouts into countless fitness plans for my clients over the years. Recumbent bike workouts aren’t just for individuals who are old or with chronic back pain or joint issues but offer a great way to target specific muscle groups and get a challenging low-impact cardio... Read more >
A woman doing dumbbell back exercises
By Christiana Mikesch 2 days ago
10 Best Dumbbell Back Exercises (Build Your Muscle Routines)
If you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or driving, chances are your back muscles are weak and tight, and this can lead to poor posture and chronic back pain I’ve decided to help my clients and readers avoid these issues, so after thorough research, I’ve compiled a list of the most effective dumbbell back exercises that yield visible results and give you better back symmetry. If you... Read more >
Showing outer thighs after exercising
By Christiana Mikesch 2 days ago
7 Best Exercises for Outer Thighs (Enhanced Core Strength)
Strengthening the outer thigh muscles is essential in creating a balanced fitness routine. Over the past decade, I have designed hundreds of exercise plans for my clients, and many are surprised to learn that having strong and toned outer thighs not only supports the legs but contributes to overall core strength and stability. Whether you’re new to strength training or a seasoned gym goer,... Read more >
A person doing Best Tricep Cable Exercises
By Christiana Mikesch 2 days ago
7 Best Tricep Cable Exercises (Build Strength & Muscle)
The triceps is a large muscle in the upper arm's dorsal part. Train the triceps regularly to build size and achieve proportionate arms. As a fitness trainer with over a decade of working with athletes and highly active people, I’ve gathered a list featuring the best tricep cable exercises that build strength and muscle like no other. Read more >
A woman holding keto pills on her hand for ketosis
By Christiana Mikesch 2 weeks ago
10 Best Keto Pills (2023 Review) Boost Your Ketogenic Diet
I regularly switch to the ketogenic diet for three to six months, and sometimes I advise my fitness clients to do the same. One thing I’ve become reliant on is using a keto diet supplement to speed up the process and help keep me in ketosis. To help our readers who struggle with a strict keto diet, we got together with a nutritionist and a team of 15 clients who helped us test 37 different... Read more >
Man holding resistance band looped on a bar
By Christiana Mikesch 2 weeks ago
7 Best At Home Full-Body Band Bodyweight Circuit Workout
As a personal fitness coach, I often get asked by clients how they can do some additional strength training with a simple circuit workout at home. Most of these people don’t have free weights or cable machines, but they still have plenty of options. To help our readers achieve the same, we got together as a group of nine fitness coaches to create a simple resistance-band and bodyweight... Read more >
Woman stretching her hip bursitis
By Christiana Mikesch 2 weeks ago
5 Best Exercises For Hip Bursitis (Stretching Routine)
Hip bursitis pain is quite a common issue for athletes to deal with, and while more serious cases require medical treatments, most people can deal with and prevent it through a series of simple daily exercises. To find out how to best deal with such joint issues, I spent a few hours with a physical therapist to find out what the best options were. She was very helpful and showed me five... Read more >
Best leg workouts indoors
By Christiana Mikesch 2 weeks ago
5 Best Leg Workouts at Home (Exercises Using Light Weights)
Working out your legs is a great way to build strength and endurance, and you can do plenty of exercises right at home. I sat down with several fitness trainers and colleagues at Total Shape to come up with the best leg exercises that don’t require going to the gym. After our discussion, I compiled a list of favorites that use minimal equipment yet provide the most benefit. Let’s jump in. Read more >
Holding two dumbbells while showing back to the camera
By Christiana Mikesch 2 weeks ago
11 Best Dumbbell Exercises (Workout Routine to Build Muscle)
In my decade-long experience as a fitness coach, many people have asked me if dumbbells are enough to build a great physique. I always tell them that with the right technique and dedication, nothing is impossible. So, I've consulted a physical therapist and combined what I know from my experience with additional research to give you a list of the best dumbbell exercises. Let's dive in. Read more >
Using resistance band for biceps exercises
By Christiana Mikesch 3 weeks ago
5 Best Bicep Workouts With Resistance Bands (Get Toned Arms)
Strong and defined biceps have always symbolized power and prowess. But countless readers have asked me whether it’s possible to achieve that without a gym membership or heavy equipment. So, after hours of rigorous research and observing clients’ results, we’ve curated a list of the best resistance band bicep exercises that proved to be the most effective. Here are our top picks for... Read more >
By Christiana Mikesch 3 weeks ago
Amazing Grass Green Superfood Review (2023) Does It Work?
People are often surprised when I tell them that I still struggle sometimes with getting my five servings of fruit and veg per day. Fortunately, there are green superfood powder supplements to solve that problem, and we’ve recently been testing one by Amazing Grass. The problem we’ve encountered with most of these products is that they fall way short in the flavor department. They often... Read more >
A woman doing exercises for her psoas muscles
By Christiana Mikesch 3 weeks ago
6 Best Psoas Muscle Exercises (Workout Strengthening Ideas)
In my coaching career, I’ve rarely met clients or even fitness enthusiasts who knew what the psoas muscle is, where it's located, and especially how important it is. I always include exercises for this hidden muscle in workout plans I design since it plays a vital role in everyday movements. In this article, I'm sharing the exercises that have turned out to be the most effective for my... Read more >
Performing workout routine using resistance band
By Christiana Mikesch 3 weeks ago
Best Upper Body Resistance Band Supersets (Proven Workouts)
Resistance training is proven to strengthen and shape your upper body, but you don’t need weights or machines because resistance bands can effectively work the chest, back, shoulders, and arms. As a fitness trainer, I often use them with my clients, so in this article, we will explore the effectiveness of upper body resistance band supersets, how to structure them, and give examples of moves... Read more >
Care/Of Vitamins product in an isolated studio background
By Christiana Mikesch 4 weeks ago
Care/of Vitamins Review (2023) Is It Worth Your Money?
Following the top nutritionists and focusing on a healthy diet with the right balance of all nutrients should be everyone’s priority, but If you’re not a professional sports star with a team of dietitians and chefs, there’s always something you could end up lacking. One of our readers asked for help with addressing such a nutrition deficiency issue and was wondering if we would recommend... Read more >
Woman with good back muscle form after a back exercise
By Christiana Mikesch 4 weeks ago
6 Best Back Workouts for Women (Expert Tips for Toned Back)
Many of my female fitness clients find the back a challenging part of the body to target, so it often ends up overlooked. However, working your back muscles can increase upper body strength, correct postural issues, and reduce the risk of injury. I got my colleagues at Total Shape to help me compile a list of the best back exercises for women to improve their strength and tone in this important... Read more >
A woman holding a model of a brain and a rubiks cube
By Christiana Mikesch 1 month ago
10 Best Nootropics for Memory (2023 Review)
As a personal coach, I frequently get asked by my clients for recommendations on nootropic supplements for memory. I picked a dozen brain health supplements and planned a group testing for several months to gauge their efficacy and come up with a list of the top nootropics on the market based on concrete results. Then, I conducted in-depth research and discussed the ingredients of each product... Read more >