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Last updated: June 20, 2024
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Dame Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue, has impressively balanced her high-powered job, family life, and fitness, while remaining as one of the most powerful figures in fashion.

Could her approach to fitness and nutrition be the key to maintaining vitality and influence in a demanding industry?

As a senior coach at TotalShape, I was inspired by her discipline and dedication by remaining fit well into her 70s.

Read on and be amazed by the routine of this remarkable lady.

Who Is Anna Wintour?

Anna Wintour background

Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue, hails from a family of editors.

Her father, Charles, edited the Evening Standard, and her brother Patrick is the diplomatic editor of The Guardian.

She inspired the novel and film 'The Devil Wears Prada'.

Throughout her long career in such a high-powered position, Anna has always maintained a very strict health and fitness routine. And when you look at photos of her today, you certainly wouldn’t think she’s 71 years old.

“If you can’t be better than your competition, just dress better.”

- Anna Wintour

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Anna Wintour's Workout Routine

woman doing exercise outdoors

Ever since she was 14 years old, Anna has done things differently and always her own way.

She rebelled a lot in her youth by standing up to the status quo, and she often mentions the changes in public life and fashion that she experienced in the 60s. As a result, it’s no surprise that she does things differently when it comes to staying fit.

Consistent Morning Routine

Anna starts every day the same way. Her alarm goes off at 5:30 am, and she immediately heads into an hour-long tennis training session.  Yes, that’s every day, even when she’s traveling away from home.

We’ll get to how tennis can be such a great form of exercise shortly, but Anna certainly has proven that it’s a way to stay slim well into her 70s.

Once she’s finished with tennis, she heads to the office, where she has her hair and makeup done by professionals. It’s an important part for such a high-profile editor to look her best.

Discipline And Self Control

A fit woman with workout clothes outdoor

Discipline in diet and fitness is something I've grappled with over the years.

Anna Wintour, on the other hand, is notoriously outspoken about having the discipline to maintain a healthy diet and fitness regime. It's inspiring to see her dedication. And her definition of slim is probably very different from most others.

She has even told some of the world’s biggest celebrities to lose weight if they want to be on the front cover of Vogue. That included Oprah Winfrey and Katy Perry, whom she told to lose a few more pounds than they already had.

What I like about Anna Wintour's approach to demanding the best is that she leads by example. If she can maintain her slim and strong appearance in her 70s, then surely celebrities half her age can do the same. What I found most interesting in the research so far is her choice of sport.

Her Love For Tennis

A fit tennis player

Much like Anna, I've always believed in sticking to what works best for you. Anna Wintour started playing tennis at a young age, and she never changed to other sports or even gym work. It's a testament to finding what you love and sticking with it. If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it, right?

And the reason it works so well for her is that tennis combines so many different movements that make it a full body workout. Here are the main benefits Anna gets from a tennis-based exercise routine.

  1. Cardio health: Once you get moving in tennis, you’ll get some aerobic activity, which will strengthen your heart and your overall ability to deal with physical tasks.
  2. Upper body strength: By regularly switching between forehand and backhand, you’ll trigger muscles in your shoulders, upper back, arms, and chest.
  3. Weight management: During an hour of intense tennis practice, you could easily burn off 500 calories and reduce those love handles.
  4. More flexibility and balance: Because of the types of movements and sudden changes in direction, you’ll find that you become more flexible while improving your balance.
  5. Reduced risk of osteoporosis: People who play tennis regularly will also trigger more bone growth and repair, which is particularly important for older people to avoid brittle bones [1].

Even if you don’t have a tennis partner who is willing to get up at 5:30 am to play some tennis, you could take advantage of either playing against a wall or by using a tennis ball machine. The important thing is to get up and get active.

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Her Approach To Fitness

Woman doing stretching on a park

Having tried various fitness routines myself, I can attest to the power of consistency. Anna's approach to fitness is unwavering.

While her demanding personality earned her the nickname “Nuclear Wintour,” her commitment to a consistent routine keeps her fit and healthy, something I've found crucial in my own journey.

Anna Wintour's routine includes waking up early, between 4 a.m. and 5:30 a.m., to read British and American newspapers online.

This habit keeps her informed in fashion and media. Her morning routine fuels her for a day filled with meetings, fashion shows, interviews, and editorial planning. After office hours, she continues her work, reviewing resumes and idea pitches.

Her influence in media began in her teens, assisting her father in appealing to a younger audience, demonstrating her early knack for audience engagement.

Anna Wintour’s Diet

Vegetable diet meal on a plate

Anna Wintour has maintained a consistent diet for decades. Prioritizing health over trends, she focuses on a balanced meal plan, steering clear of junk food. Here’s what Anna Wintour's diet looks like on a typical day.


Much like Anna, I've found that a protein-rich breakfast sets the tone for the day. Anna’s breakfast, which usually involves scrambled eggs with salmon, comes sometime between her exercise and starting work. I've tried this combo, and it's both delicious and energizing.

For a fashion journalist and magazine editor, that doesn’t sound like much, but I would guess she eats a reasonable portion to boost her energy levels.

She has spoken about avoiding carbs for most of the day, which means she avoids a diet plan with toast or cereal first thing in the morning. Oh, and all this is after a stop at Starbucks on the way to work for a morning brew.


high protein meat on a plate

I've always been curious about the diets of high-profile individuals. Anna's lunch, often more of a midday meal, supports a high-protein diet. It's typically a steak or hamburger without the bun and sauces.

I gave this a shot, and it's surprisingly satisfying without making you feel sluggish. She will add a bowl of salad as well to gain some of the important fiber and other micronutrients.


I've experimented with meal timings, and much like Anna, I've found that a lighter dinner can aid in better sleep.

Because of her larger midday meal, Anna opts for a high-protein snack in the evening, like lean beef or fish. It's a great way to curb nighttime hunger without overindulging.

Occasionally, she gives in to an iced coffee or a small portion of ice cream, but given her physical appearance, that’s not going to be all that often.

What Supplements Does She Take?

Variety of supplements

Balancing a busy schedule with health can be challenging, something I've personally grappled with.

As Vogue's editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour likely feels the same. She probably doesn't want to spend tons of time counting micronutrients, but she ensures she's getting what she needs.

That’s why we think she’s more likely to rely on a few high-quality supplements that give her more flexibility in what and when she eats.

1. Vitamin D

Our guess is that a lot of her workday is spent in offices and board rooms. As a result, Anna Wintour would want to focus on a vitamin D boost, which is critical for healthy bones, muscles, and immunity, according to the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences [2].

Check out the best Vitamin D supplement brands.

2. Super Green Powder

Green powder and a spoon

So, Anna Wintour focuses a lot on lean meat and fish, which could limit certain nutrients, including fiber. A super green powder with leafy greens, seaweed, or algae may help to support digestive health and boost her immunity.

Check out the best green superfood powders.

Learn More: Supergreen Tonik Review 2024

3. Omega-3s

Anna Wintour does eat fish regularly, but a daily boost might not be that easy to achieve through diet alone. With a few Omega-3 capsules, you may be in a much better position to get some digestive and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Check out the best omega-3 supplements.


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