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10 Best Omega 3 Supplements (2021) According to a Dietitian

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I remember being forced to take a spoon of pure fish oil every morning before I left for school.

It still haunts me, but I do believe that omega 3 fatty acids play a crucial role in heart health, brain function, and maintaining joints.

But the problem with fish oils is that there are so many products that either use less than optimum sources or they include the wrong balance and types of omega.

So, we sat down with a nutritionist and went through over 50 of the most popular fish oil products to see how good they actually were.

Here’s what we found.

Our Top Omega 3 Supplements

1 - OmegaWell by Live Conscious (Editor's Choice)

OmegaWell by Live Conscious

The reason we recommend this omega 3 fatty acids product is because it’s one of the strongest ones available.

And despite the strength, it leaves you with a nice lemon-flavored aftertaste.

With 800 mg of EPA and 600 mg of DHA, you should be able to notice a good impact on your joints, especially if you’ve had some minor pain or injury.

  • Dosage: 2,000 mg
  • The added lemon flavor reduces the chance of fishy burps
  • One of the strongest doses of EPA and DHA
  • Available with good bulk-order discounts
  • The small softgels seem to be easy to swallow
  • The capsules are not the smallest and easiest to swallow

The only downside is that the capsules seem to be quite large and might not suit people who struggle to swallow tablets.

2 - Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega is another popular fish oil supplement with people who expect a certain level of quality and purity from highly sustainable fish stocks.

It’s not the strongest option, but with the bulk order discounts, you’d be able to take a higher dose without it costing too much.

Check out our article on the best fish oil for bodybuilding if you are looking to build muscle.

  • Dosage: 1,280 mg
  • Doesn’t come with the common smell of fish oil supplement
  • Available in large bottles for better discounts
  • Well balanced EPA and DHA content
  • Some people find the lemon flavor is a bit strong

Some of our team members did say that the lemon flavor might be a bit overpowering, but it’s better than the taste of fish.

3 - Carlson The Very Finest Fish Oil Supplement

Carlson The Very Finest Fish Oil Supplement

This is a product that had been recommended to one of my clients who had suffered from coronary heart disease.

It’s a medium-strength option with a good amount of EPA to support your heart and immune system.

  • Dosage: 1,600 mg
  • Strongest dose available with a nicely balanced EPA and DHA
  • Comes in liquid form with pleasant lemon flavor
  • Sourced from sustainable fish stocks for lower eco-impact
  • Some people don’t like taking liquid omega 3s

Now, keep in mind that this is the type of fish oil that I was forced to take on a spoon as a kid. It’s not everyone’s first choice, but the lemon flavor seems to work fine.

4 - Viva Naturals Omega 3 Fish Oil

Viva Naturals Omega 3 Fish Oil

Here’s another product that focuses it’s EPA and DHA balance towards EPA with 1,400 mg. But the 480 mg of DHA should be enough to also support brain function and mental health as well.

The good news is that you won't have to swallow huge capsules as the dosage is provided in two softgels.

  • Dosage: 2,200 mg
  • High strength Omega 3
  • EPA and DHA balance is in favor of EPA for joint health
  • Claims to use a superior form of fish oil for better absorption
  • My need to be taken with food to avoid fishy burps

We did find that this one is better taken just before food as you might end up with a fishy taste after a few minutes.

5 - InnovixLabs Triple Strength Omega-3s

Next on our list of fish oil supplements is a triple strength one from InnovixLabs.

The main benefit of this one is that you should be able to get a highly consistent product as it’s independently tested for quality and consistency.

And you’ll only need to take one capsule to get the full benefits.

  • Dosage: 1,200 mg
  • Sourced from sustainable fish stocks for higher purity and lower eco-impact
  • Third-party tested and certified for higher purity
  • Full dosage comes in one capsule that seems to be easy to swallow
  • Doesn’t seem to be the strongest triple strength fish oil supplement

We thought it wasn’t quite strong enough even though it’s called triple strength.

6 - NOW Foods Ultra Omega-3

NOW Foods Ultra Omega-3

This supplement uses a 2:1 EPA and DHA balance that is often recommended to help with cardiovascular disease, but it may also favor people with joint issues.

If you want to relieve joint pain, check out these joint supplements.

We also noted that the fish oil capsules were easy to swallow without getting stuck in your throat.

  • Dosage: 1,000 mg
  • Claims to use superior distillation process for higher quality
  • Non-GMO certified for added peace of mind
  • The softgels seem to be easy to swallow
  • Seems to leave you with some fish burps

We did find that this one left us feeling like we ate some oily fish, so you may want to take it just before eating a meal.

7 - Thorne Research Omega-3 with CoQ10

Thorne Research Omega-3 with CoQ10

This supplement provides a medium dose of EPA and DHA, but it also includes some added coenzyme Q10. We heard from at least one health care provider who pointed us to research that it might play a key role in avoiding heart attacks and benefit general cardiac health [1].

We also liked that it may provide good consistency through independent testing of every single batch.

  • Dosage: 1,500 mg
  • Sustainably sourced fish oil supplement
  • Contains Coenzyme Q10 as an extra antioxidant benefit
  • All batches are tested for purity and consistency
  • It does tend to leave a bit of a smell

One of the minor side effects is that you will notice a bit of a fishy smell.

8 - Barlean's Ideal Omega-3

Barlean's Ideal Omega-3

Here is another one of the fish oil supplements that avoids leaving a smell by adding some natural orange flavors.

The company also claims to use a unique process that reduces the risks of breaking down the beneficial micronutrients.

And with an independent test for each batch, you should be able to get a pure and consistent quality for long-term use.

  • Dosage: 1,000 mg
  • Comes with a light orange flavor to avoid the fishy burps
  • Third-party tested for purity and quality
  • Uses minimal processing to reduce unnecessary breakdown of nutrients
  • We didn’t find them to be the easiest to swallow

The only thing we noted was that each capsule is relatively large, making it a bit difficult to swallow.

9 - Nature Made Fish Oil

Nature Made Fish Oil

The final one of our recommended fish oil supplements is unique, as it may provide some added Vitamin D for improved bone density. It’s also a strong supplement with a good balance of EPA and DHA.

And to reduce the risk of heavy metal exposure, the company uses a filtration system that should remove traces of mercury.

  • Dosage: 2,400 mg
  • One of the largest doses of Omega 3s
  • Contains some added vitamin D for bone health
  • Uses a purification process to remove mercury
  • You’ll need to take two gel capsules for the full dose

The main downside is that you’ll need to take the full dose over multiple capsules.

10 - Lyfefuel Super Omega

Lyfefuel Super Omega

The reason we liked this product so much is that it might provide a unique balance of EPA and DHA. It claims to support brain function better by focusing more on DHA.

It’s also sourced from algae, which are generally thought to be less contaminated with mercury compared to fish stocks.

And we didn’t seem to get any of that fishy aftertaste

  • Dosage: 350 mg
  • Sourced from algae for a higher DHA concentration
  • Good balance of EPA and DHA
  • Doesn’t seem to cause a fishy aftertaste
  • Free shipping is only available on bulk orders

This is a top-quality product, so I would suggest taking advantage of the free shipping for bulk orders.

What To Look For In A Fish Oil Supplement

fish oil

As I mentioned above, not all fish oil supplements are what they claim to be. I’ve switched to different products over the years and got very different results.

So, here’s what you need to keep in mind before making a decision.

1 - Be Careful With Purity

Our dietitian pointed out a common problem with fish oil supplements being how pure the omega 3 fatty acids are.

And this all comes down to how they are processed.

The cheaper ways to extract the oil also break down some of the micronutrients, which would make them considerably less effective [2].

“The easiest way (not always the most pleasant) to determine the freshness of your oil is a simple “bite test.” A high-quality, fresh oil will be relatively free of any fishy tastes or smells. The oil should also be relatively translucent, free of any cloudiness or “floaters.”


- John O'Connor, Founder of Gene Food

2 - Compare The Dosage

fish oil dosage

Don’t just look at the amount of fish oil in each dose. The details about the omega 3 fatty acids are more important, and you’ll see those listed as EPA and DHA.

Most products will have more EPA than DHA, which is fine if you’re trying to fix joint and heart issues.

But if you’re aiming for some brain function benefits, then see if you can get something with more DHA.

3 - Always Check The Source

There are two things to look at here.

Firstly, you can get omega 3 fatty acids from fish or krill oil, and some algae may also provide good benefits. 

All three are perfectly acceptable sources, but many people will be a bit more cautious when it comes to fish oil [3].

To reduce the environmental impact, you should always aim to buy a product that has been certified as sustainable, ideally by an organization like Friend Of The Sea.


Should You Take Omega 3 or Fish Oil Supplements?

You should take an omega 3 fatty acid rather than just standard fish oil supplements. By taking a more refined omega 3 supplement, you should gain more of the benefits as it would be easier for your digestive system to absorb

How Much Omega 3 Should You Take Daily?

You should aim to take at least 500 mg of omega 3 fatty acids daily. But anything up to 1,000 mg should be beneficial without causing significant side effects.

Which Product Should You Try?

We have found that the OmegaWell omega 3 fatty acids by Live Conscious seem to be the highest quality with a good focus on DHA for brain function.

It didn’t give us any of those common fish burps, and our clients didn’t experience any negative effect either.

Order yours today and then let us know how it improved your health and wellbeing.

Our #1 Recommendation

OmegaWell by Live Conscious

OmegaWell by Live Conscious
Omega-3 Acids per serving
Ingredient Quality
Overall Score 5.0
  • The added lemon flavor reduces the chance of fishy burps
  • One of the strongest doses of EPA and DHA
  • Available with good bulk-order discounts
  • The small softgels seem to be easy to swallow
  • The capsules are not the smallest and easiest to swallow

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