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  • Nearly a decade of experience in diagnostic, clinical, and research work in Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases
  • General Medical Practitioner and head of the EREID unit at the City Health Office (CHO), Davao City
  • Holds a BS in Biology and an MD with a focus in Health Services, Allied Health, and Health Sciences


Dr. Kristy June Dinampo-Dayanan, BS, MD is an author and dedicated medical professional with a focus on emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. As the head of the EREID unit at the City Health Office, she has been instrumental in formulating and implementing strategies to combat medical issues in Davao City.

Her proactive approach includes coordinating with various institutions like the Southern Philippines Medical Center and the Bureau of Quarantine. Her commitment to public health is evident in her efforts to strengthen the city's preparedness, ensuring the health and well-being of its residents.

In her role as a dedicated General Medical Practitioner, Kristy's healthcare enthusiasm transcends clinical practice. She thrives as a research consultant and adept medical writer, managing her duties in the emergency room, ongoing research projects, and cherished family life. She’s motivated by a deep-seated passion for healthcare and a commitment to clear medical communication.

Dr. Dayanan’s medical writing caters to a broad readership, simplifying medical science complexities and dietary supplement jargon for the average reader. Her writing is both informative and digestible, aiming to bridge the gap between medical professionals and the general public.


Dr. Dayanan laid the groundwork for her medical career at the University of the Philippines, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a Major in Ecology. This early education provided her with a solid understanding of the intricate relationships between organisms and their environments, a perspective that would later enrich her medical insights.

She furthered her education at the University of Perpetual Help System, JONELTA Foundation School of Medicine, earning a Doctor of Medicine degree. This rigorous medical training, combined with her ecological background, fostered a holistic understanding of health and diseases.

With a well-rounded educational foundation, Dr. Dayanan is known for reviewing and contributing to general health and supplement related articles with a comprehensive, well-informed perspective. Her ability to bridge ecological and medical viewpoints makes her a valued medical fact checker and reviewer, capable of dissecting complex health topics for a wider audience, bridging the gap between specialized medical knowledge and the general public's understanding.

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