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Assorted types of ginger in wooden board
By Isaac Robertson 3 months ago
Does Ginger Increase Testosterone? (From A Dietician)
People have used ginger in medicine and cooking since the earliest times. Not only is it a great addition to many foods, but it’s also known for treating many ailments. Recently, I happened to overhear a conversation on ginger and testosterone. Thinking that this topic was due for a while, I decided to do some research. I teamed up with a dietician friend, and we sifted our way through tons... Read more >
A muscular person lifting weights while using naked mass protein powder
By Isaac Robertson 1 hour ago
5 Best Vegan Mass Gainers (2023 Review) Tried & Tested
As a vegan personal trainer, I spend a lot of time researching plant-based sports supplements. Some of my bodybuilding clients often ask me for recommendations on vegan mass gainers. The problem with most mass gainers is that they contain amino acids from dairy and other animal products. So, I teamed up with a few clients and my dietitian to research the best vegan mass gainer supplements and... Read more >
Close up image of pre workout powder
By Isaac Robertson 4 months ago
Stim vs Non-Stim Pre-Workout (Which One Should You Take?)
Many of my fitness clients swear by pre-workouts that contain caffeine and other stimulants, believing there is no other way to get the laser focus and energy necessary for their workouts. Others are sensitive to stimulants and look for effective non-stim pre-workouts that will give them the equivalent energy and focus. I feel this was an important topic to research for my clients, so after... Read more >
A person using drums indoors
By Isaac Robertson 5 months ago
Does Drumming Burn Fat? (How Many Calories Do You Burn?)
Recently I noticed the body fat percentage of one of my new fitness clients was surprisingly low, and upon inquiring about it, he told me - 'I'm just an average drummer.' Lately, I’ve been hearing about 'cardio drumming' at the gym, and his answer prompted me to investigate if playing drums is actually a good exercise for calorie burn. So I conducted my research, examining everything that’s... Read more >
A man holding his pee
By Isaac Robertson 6 months ago
Does Pre-workout Make You Pee More? Everything You Must Know
Over the last five years that I’ve been using pre-workouts, I noticed that I’d made extra trips to the bathroom while working out and sometimes even after I finish the sets. Out of curiosity, I dug a little deeper into pre-workout effects to determine if pre-workouts can make you pee more. Here's what I found out. Read more >
A person using rope workouts
By Isaac Robertson 3 months ago
10 Things You Should Never Do Before A Workout (Learn Why)
I've been in the fitness world long enough to understand that the success of any workout depends on what you do beforehand. You can do specific activities that seem like normal behavior, but they buffer your gym progress. To ensure I succeed in my fitness goals, I solicited advice from my personal trainer to understand what pre-workout habits I should avoid doing. Here's a summary of my... Read more >
Honey on a wooden platform
By Isaac Robertson 6 months ago
Is Honey a Good Pre-workout? You’ll Be Surprised to Find Out
As a dedicated gym goer, I love to add a little sweetness to all my protein shakes before hitting the gym. Over the past few gym years, I've solely used honey as a protein shake natural sugar sweetener, not knowing that honey by itself is a good pre-workout alternative. Having researched this topic for months now, I'll share my findings on the nutritional value and benefits of honey as a... Read more >
Getting a scoop from a pre workout supplement
By Isaac Robertson 5 months ago
Why Does Pre-workout Make Me Tired? Answered by a Dietitian
Pre-workouts are quite useful supplements that I recommend to most of my clients. However, despite all its benefits, some people experience unexpected tiredness. Many of my clients don’t get how this opposite effect happens and why, mainly because they don't understand the mechanism behind pre-workout supplements' metabolism. I decided to do my research, go through relevant scientific... Read more >
Top view of scooping a pre workout powder
By Isaac Robertson 3 months ago
Is It Safe to Mix Pre-Workout with Energy Drink?
My non-conformist gym behavior always has me mixing all my powdered pre-workout with water. Recently, I discovered that some of my gym mates mix their pre-workout with energy drinks. Before following suit, I decided to dig deeper and talk to a friend doctor, and a dietician to understand if it's safe to mix pre-workout with energy drinks. In this article, I'll share my discoveries and give you... Read more >
Orange slices in blue background
By Isaac Robertson 4 months ago
Are Oranges Good for Weight Loss? (You’ll Be Surprised)
Recently I got a client who told me that his diet mainly consists of fruits and that his favorite fruits are oranges because they support the weight loss process. I was aware that oranges play a role in a healthy diet, but I've never encountered someone who claims that oranges burn fat, and this client has a pretty low body fat percentage. The conversation prompted me to look into it, so I... Read more >
Top view of bacon on black plate
By Isaac Robertson 6 months ago
Is Bacon Good for Weight Loss? (Science-Based)
Many of my fitness clients come to me with frustrations early on in their new weight loss routine. Often, these conversations focus on giving up foods they love. Forfeiting bacon is a hot topic for these discussions, so our dietician came on board to help me do thorough research for my clients. Whether you are trying to lose weight or just curious about bacon and your health, read on to find... Read more >
Close up image of coffee beans with tumbler and workout supplement
By Isaac Robertson 6 months ago
How Much Caffeine Is in Pre-workout? (You Will Be Surprised)
I have spent years at the gym for personal fitness and as a trainer. From day one, I have used pre-workout supplements. I have tried the whole gamut of pre-workouts, from stimulant-free to caffeine-heavy. Pre-workout caffeine, if tolerated well, can increase cognitive function, energy, and endurance, all things you won’t regret, but how much caffeine is ideal? I’ve dived deeper into the... Read more >