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Centrapeak Testosterone Booster Review
Read This Before You Buy

Connor Sellers
Published by Connor Sellers
Fact checked by Donald Christman, BHSc FACT CHECKED
Last updated: November 23, 2021

Over time, our body inevitably slows down. It becomes harder to grow muscles, gain strength, keep stamina, maintain testosterone production, avoid injuries, and stay mentally sharp as you age. However, something can help.

Our fitness experts came across this Centrapeak testosterone booster that claims to have an effective formula with pure, natural ingredients.

The product promises to raise your testosterone levels and sharpen your mind to help you get ripped and feel better without hidden adverse effects.

In our in-depth Centrapeak review, you’ll find everything you need to know to figure out whether this male vitality supplement, a.k.a. testosterone booster really does what its manufacturer claims or it falls flat.

Ready to dive in?

What Is Centrapeak?

Centrapeak product on table

Centrapeak is an innovative testosterone-boosting supplement for men that contains natural ingredients and crucial nutrients scientifically proven to:

  • Increase testosterone levels
  • Lower stress hormone cortisol levels
  • Improve cognitive function (memory, mood, concentration, etc.)
  • Reduce stress

Interestingly, it combines testosterone-boosting with nootropic ingredients to keep your mind sharp as you age.

Not a lot of T-boosters function as a nootropic too, and you’ll find more of these key ingredients below.

Before we review Centrapeak, let’s first see the science behind its formulation.

Studies have shown that your anabolic hormones, especially testosterone levels, naturally decline as you get older [1] [2].

One study showed a massive 38.7% of the US males aged 45 and older had hypogonadism condition (clinically low total T levels) [3].

As a result, these men felt fatigued, stressed, weakened, with decreased libido, lean muscle mass, bone density, and body and facial hair. In addition, they also experienced increased body fat and man boobs, among various other symptoms of low testosterone levels.

That’s why Centrapeak is focused on balancing your hormones to ensure better physical and mental health more than merely bulking up in the gym (unlike many other testosterone boosters available on the market).

After re-optimizing your hormone levels, you usually feel better, revitalized, more energized, and able to enjoy a better, healthier everyday life.

We’ll talk more about its long-term hormonal and cognitive benefits, as well as many other advantages in the following subsections of this Centrapeak review.

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Who Can Benefit from Centrapeak and How?

office guy

Before we dig deep into this Centrapeak review, let’s make something clear.

Unlike many other testosterone boosters, Centrapeak is NOT designed only with bodybuilding enthusiasts and pros in mind.

Although they can benefit from it, this supplement is primarily aimed at mature modern men over 30 who need a lift in their everyday stressful lives or want to roll back their internal clock naturally.

Whether you are a modern man, an athlete, a marine vet, or a successful CEO of a large company, a common lifestyle these days usually means:

  • Overworked and stressed out
  • Not physically active enough
  • Often eating junk food or drinking alcohol
  • Not having enough quality sleep

Such a lifestyle often badly affects your testosterone levels and may take a toll on your overall health after several years, especially when you enter middle age.

Starting around 40, your testosterone levels get 1% lower each year. This is natural, but it can reduce your sports and sexual performance and overall quality of life [4].

And you probably know that your body releases the stress hormone cortisol when you’re stressed.

But did you know that the more cortisol you have, the lower your testosterone levels are [5]?

Centrapeak helps your body lower cortisol levels to reduce stress while simultaneously increasing testosterone levels by feeding it with natural nutrients.

Besides increasing testosterone production, improving your sexual life, and reducing stress, Centrapeak may help sharpen your mind, improve concentration, boost strength and stamina, increase muscle mass, stimulate hair growth, reduce body fat, and much more.

Centrapeak Ingredients

The clean, effective, research-backed Centrapeak formula without any proprietary blends and with transparent dosages of testosterone-enhancing ingredients has now been upgraded to ensure even better results.

Let’s explore each of the Centrapeak testosterone booster's active ingredients in more detail.

Vitamin D3

Supplement Facts of Centrapeak

Centrapeak contains 82.5 mcg of cholecalciferol, a popular “sunshine vitamin” that is a potent and highly bioavailable form of Vitamin D3.

Vitamin D is proven to increase total testosterone levels, improve athletic performance and muscle recovery, support bone health, and strengthen immunity, among other benefits [6] [7] [8].

This vitamin D compound is technically a hormone. Studies have shown that 50% of the world’s population doesn’t get enough vitamin D throughout the day [9].

It's primarily because of the modern lifestyle where we tend to spend most of the day indoors, so our body can’t absorb enough vitamin D from the sun.

Based on studies, a daily dosage of 3,300 to 8,000 IU may help you get the optimal benefits in boosting testosterone levels and building muscle mass. And Centrapeak contains just enough (3,300 IU) to ensure safety and efficacy even in the long term.

Vitamin B6

With 10 mg of Vitamin B6 as Pyridoxine HCL, Centrapeak may help boost testosterone production by:

  • Reducing the “female hormone” estrogen (lower estrogen levels promotes testosterone production) [10]
  • Stimulating the production of androgens which trigger testosterone release [11]
  • Inhibiting prolactin, an amino acid that may bring about low testosterone production (similar effects to Mucuna Pruriens explained below)

When paired with a healthy lifestyle (proper diet and exercise), vitamin B6 can also help boost your HGH (Human Growth Hormone) levels.

In addition to these physical benefits, Vitamin B6 can help reduce stress levels and improve cognitive function and mood due to enhancing the production of serotonin and norepinephrine [12].

Many users started taking Centrapeak just to increase their T-counts, but they also mentioned that they had a clearer mind and better mood, which motivated them to work out on most days.



Besides boosting the Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and testosterone production, zinc is proven to increase the Luteinizing Hormone (LH), Human Growth Hormone (HGH), and Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH) – the three building blocks of male hormones [13].

As an optimal, safe, daily supply of zinc as zinc citrate (20 mg), Centrapeak is a must for maintaining balanced serum testosterone levels and high energy levels for healthy athletic performance and building muscle mass [14].

Zinc is also essential for fighting depression, enhancing mood and sex drive, strengthening your immune system and other body functions.

“Zinc is a trace mineral, meaning that the body only needs small amounts, and yet it is necessary for almost 100 enzymes to carry out vital chemical reactions. It is a major player in the creation of DNA, growth of cells, building proteins, healing damaged tissue, and supporting a healthy immune system.”

- Harvard School of Public Health

Since many studies claim that 2 billion people around the world are suffering from zinc deficiency as it isn’t easily absorbed by the body, supplementing this mineral by taking a supplement like Centrapeak is necessary.


Centrapeak contains 50 mg of magnesium as magnesium citrate, which is a far more bioavailable and effective form of magnesium compared to magnesium oxide that is commonly found in testosterone boosters and other similar supplements.

Plus, the form and dosage of magnesium in Centrapeak are perfect for helping the activation of vitamin D3 [15].

Studies have indicated that magnesium can increase both total and free testosterone levels by inhibiting the protein known as Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) and making all those testosterone from your bloodstream usable to your body.

As a result, you can enjoy high libido, improved blood test results, and stronger muscles, among many other vital benefits [16] [17].

I wasn't able to see major changes in my muscles right away. It took about a month to see some lean muscle mass growth, which could be a sign of higher testosterone levels.

Magnesium deficiency is quite common among the US population for various reasons, so supplementing magnesium is also wise to reduce stress and irritability, manage blood pressure and glucose levels, avoid poor sleep, and increase testosterone levels [18].

Vitamin K2


Vitamin K2 or menaquinone has been added to the updated product formula (45 mcg) because research claims that vitamin K2 works well with vitamin D3 in supporting natural testosterone production and release.

It also improves memory and cognition, maintains strong bones, and supports cardiovascular health [19] [20].

Also, it can help in protecting your body against inflammation and oxidative stress [21].

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C)

Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C) is a natural substance typically found in green leafy veggies like kale or broccoli.

As another important Centrapeak ingredient (200 mg), Indole-3-Carbinol is proven to be an effective female hormone estrogen suppressant [22].

Indole-3-Carbinol helps balance the delicate female-male sex hormone see-saw by boosting testosterone production along with reducing estrogen activity and potency, as well as speeding up its breakdown and excretion [23].

This results in increased muscles, less fat, better libido, and faster muscle recovery. Some users noticed that they got rid of their love handles and man boobs in just 2 months.



The Ayurvedic herb Ashwagandha is another key ingredient that is believed to enhance male vitality and fertility, improve memory, provide hormonal balance, and reduce cortisol levels [24].

More stress and high cortisol mean low testosterone levels, remember?

Centrapeak contains 200 mg of Ashwagandha, which is enough to kill the damaging stress hormones safely and effectively. In addition, it helps you eliminate anxiety and tension, which can lead to better performance [25].

After just a few days of using Centrapeak, I felt calmer and more focused throughout the day, which helped me push through the final minutes of my workouts and runs.

Feeling both mentally and physically relaxed allows you to enjoy longer, tougher workouts, and focus on gaining strength by lifting more weights, stimulating muscle growth, or whatever your goals are [26].

Mucuna Pruriens

A leguminous plant also used in Ayurvedic medicine, Mucuna Pruriens or velvet bean, is shown to increase neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine, which brings about a variety of positive physical and cognitive effects.

Mucuna Pruriens is found to be rich in L-DOPA amino acid, which is then converted to dopamine. It further helps inhibit prolactin release, and that results in:

  • Stimulated testosterone production
  • Improved sperm quality and mobility [27]
  • Raised levels of HGH, FSH, and LH (Luteinizing Hormone)
  • Lowered stress
  • Improved mental focus, mood, and many other similar benefits [28]

This plant is one of the most effective natural testosterone boosting ingredients, and it may have helped to enhance my focus and strength during workouts.

Korean Panax Ginseng

Korean Panax Ginseng

The 100 mg of powerful Korean Panax Ginseng in Centrapeak is highly beneficial for the body and mind.

The active components of ginseng boost testosterone levels and improve fertility and libido [29] by balancing your blood glucose levels and improving blood circulation.

Studies also show that it can increase your energy, focus, and stamina, improve physical and cognitive performance, support muscle growth, and enhance overall well-being [30].

Many users comment on the noticeable boost in energy and stamina they experienced, especially during cardio sessions when they need to bring out all the strength and power they got.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola Rosea is a widely-known herb that functions as an adaptogen. It means that it is included to help you adapt to and relieve stress, improve mood, and reduce fatigue.

Besides its primary cognitive benefits, Rhodiola Rosea can also help you boost physical endurance, minimize muscle damage after exercise, and stimulate the release of anabolic hormones like testosterone by reducing your cortisol levels [31] [32].

Phosphatidylserine (PS)


Centrapeak undoubtedly listens to its audience as it is dedicated to helping each user achieve their individual physical and mental performance peak.

So how do we know that?

Well, they’ve recently upgraded the product formula, taking into account their customer feedback.

Here's the thing:  customers didn’t care about nootropic-only ingredients that provide long-term cognitive decline prevention like Lion’s Mane Mushroom.

So, the company removed Lion's Mane from the product ingredient list.

Instead, consumers asked for ingredients providing immediately noticeable positive effects, so Phosphatidylserine (PS) came as a substitute for Lion's Mane (although it’s much pricier).

“Phosphatidylserine (PS) is arguably one of the most effective and important nootropics we have available today. PS keeps our brain cells healthy and has a reputation for improving alertness, attention, cognition, memory, recall, and mood.”

- David Tomen, Author of "Nootropics Expert"

It’s great at blocking cortisol, helping brain cell growth and neuron repair, boosting performance and stress resistance, and improving mental focus and clarity quickly as a result of promoting efficient glucose utilization as the main brain fuel [33].

It was a really good move to add this because it’s one of the most well-studied nootropics in the market today. It may have helped improve my attention and endurance during workouts.


The updated supplement formula includes another research-backed ingredient found to inhibit the aromatase enzyme that turns testosterone into estrogen - luteolin. As an antioxidant, it helps support a healthy estrogen-testosterone ratio [34].

It’s also proven to raise the production of GABA receptors, improving your mood and well-being in that way [35].

What’s more, Luteolin can support nerve growth in the hippocampus, protect your neurons from oxidative stress and damage, and reduce inflammation aiding in muscle recovery [36].

This is one of the new ingredients in Centrapeak that I don’t often see in testosterone boosters. And it definitely helped keep my testosterone levels from fluctuating, which may have prevented the loss of muscle mass and poor concentration, among other symptoms.



Some studies have found that boron supplementation can increase your total testosterone levels and lower estradiol and physical Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) levels, leading to enhanced performance, attention, and brain function [37].

A study on newbies in bodybuilding has concluded that, even when taken in doses lower than the recommended 10 mg, this important trace mineral improved their performance and strength, increased their lean muscle mass, and elevated their androgen levels by more than 60% [38].

Without making any major changes to my diet and workout routine, adding Centrapeak to my daily habit stack definitely helped boost my energy levels and enhance my performance at the gym to gain some lean muscle mass.


Bioperine, a.k.a. black pepper extract, is a nutrient included in the formula of Centrapeak and many other supplements, not to boost testosterone production or cognitive performance, but simply to improve the bioavailability of all the other important ingredients.

No-brainer - the black pepper extract is here to support quicker and easier absorption of the key compounds for your maximized results.

Other testosterone boosters we recommend:

Centrapeak Pros and Cons

Here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons of Centrapeak testosterone booster.

  • A fully transparent, highly effective formula tailored to modern men in their 30s and over
  • All-natural, organic, bioavailable, research-backed ingredients in safe, optimal dosages
  • GMP-certified and produced in the FDA-approved environment
  • Can boost testosterone, libido, and mental performance thus increasing self-esteem and concentration
  • Claims to reduce cortisol levels and other stress hormones that inhibit testosterone production
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, free of preservatives and of any other banned harmful or artificial substances
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • A hefty price tag (as for any other similar premium product)
  • Not many user reviews yet (but the supplement is pretty new, so it’s expected)

Are There any Side Effects?

No wonder there haven’t been any reported side effects of this top-performing testosterone booster when Centrapeak’s unique and effective combination of ingredients are all-natural, tested, and used in optimal safe dosages.

This transparent formula contains none of any artificial or potentially harmful substances.

Still, if you’re prone to allergies, or already taking medications or any other supplements, I encourage you to double-check with your doctor if taking Centrapeak is completely safe for you.

Based on the user reviews we read, there were hardly any side effects with Centrapeak, except for two or three people who had slight bloating, which settled down within a few hours.

I took this supplement for almost 3 months, and I haven’t experienced any negative effects at all. I just make sure to take it with food, which is what the manufacturer recommends too.

Where to Buy Centrapeak

centrapeak 2

Like most other similar premium supplements, this testosterone booster is available only directly from the manufacturer to avoid third-party costs, false reviews, misinformation, or any potential fraud.

So, you can buy the supplement via Centrapeak’s official website, run by Peak Nutrition Ltd, UK.

One box contains 90 capsules, which equals a one-month supply (the recommended dose being 3 per day).

Centrapeak Cost

A month's supply of Centrapeak, which is equivalent to one box, costs $69 or approximately $2.30 per daily serving.

But you can save more with these packages:

  • 2 boxes ($125)
  • 4 boxes ($185)

It’s slightly pricier than other similar supplements even with the discounts, but the price per serving seems reasonable to me, my clients, and most users.

Shipping and Returns

Centrapeak can be shipped only in certain areas like the US, UK, Canada, and Europe. Customers from the US also get free shipping regardless of the order quantity.

Defective items, as well as those with a broken seal, may be returned and refunded within 60 days of receiving the order.

I decided to buy the 4 box package to take advantage of the discounts and free faster shipping service, and it arrived within 2 days upon ordering.

User Reviews

Since this product was launched at the beginning of 2019 and it’s still relatively new on the market, there aren’t hundreds of thousands of customer reviews proving its effectiveness - yet.

But, if you take a closer look at the existing Centrapeak testimonials from customers around the world, you’ll notice that there are already many of them, mostly positive.

Another detail that instills trust:

The company uses Yotpo reviews from verified buyers on their website, and they’re known to be impossible to edit and nearly impossible to fake.

Let’s see a few genuine Centrapeak reviews:

“I was initially on the fence because the product seems too good to be true. But Centrapeak has lived up to all of the positive reviews online. I’m impressed with the benefits to my mental well-being, being in my 40s and typically stressed at work while trying my best as a husband and dad. I know I should take better care of my health so I’ve been working out regularly too. I have to admit, all these responsibilities drain me and I had to drop some balls to take a rest. Since taking Centrapeak, my energy has been unstoppable, my mind has become clearer and my stamina has improved significantly. It literally changed my life!”

- Luis S.


“On to my third bottle! Noticed significant changes in my energy and overall mental clarity during the first few weeks of using Centrapeak. I can focus well and do more intense workouts! No side effects for me and I can’t see myself not taking it from here on.”

- M.V.

Testosterone Booster Alternatives


Created by Roar Ambition, TestoFuel is a testosterone boosting and muscle-building supplement that aims to help athletes and bodybuilders perform better during training.

Unlike Centrapeak, it contains all-natural ingredients such as oyster extract, fenugreek, and D-aspartic acid to boost testosterone levels and speed up gains at the gym.

But the good news is that it’s suitable for anyone: men looking to increase their testosterone levels or fitness enthusiasts wanting to gain lean muscle mass.


Testogen is a natural testosterone-boosting supplement that claims to increase testosterone levels in your body to give the energy and focus you need to power through your day.

The ingredients used are quite similar to TestoFuel without the oyster extract, but with the addition of nettle leaf extract, boron, and piperine to naturally boost testosterone production.

It is also 100% vegan-friendly like Centrapeak, but it costs way cheaper, especially if you buy it in bulk.

Aphro D

This natural testosterone booster made by Dr. Farhan contains only 4 herbal ingredients to drastically boost testosterone levels, improve physical performance, and enhance libido.

These include Tongkat Ali, Schisandra Berry, Pearl Powder, and He Shou Wu, but the exact amounts of each are hidden behind a proprietary blend.

Despite the lack of vitamins and minerals, Aphro D is a popular supplement for older men with declining testosterone levels as well as men over 30 who simply want to enhance their gym performance and increase their muscle gains.


How Do I Take Centrapeak?

Take one Centrapeak capsule, 3 times per day with food for better absorption and continuous supply of the nutrients and testosterone-boosting ingredients necessary to maintain healthy testosterone levels in men throughout the day.

Can I Take Centrapeak With Other Supplements?

Yes, you can take Centrapeak with other supplements, theoretically.

But, I’d always recommend consulting your doctor and checking the labels of all the supplements you’re taking at a time to make sure you don’t exceed the dosage of particular ingredients that may overlap.

Yes, even if all the ingredients in Centrapeak and those other substances you consider taking are natural, you want to stay within the safe dosage limits and avoid any possible negative effects, don’t you?

Does Centrapeak Contain Any Banned Substances?

No, Centrapeak does NOT contain any banned substances, unlike many other similar testosterone enhancing supplements available on the market nowadays.

All the ingredients in Centrapeak are listed on the product label and the company website, so you can easily check whether any of them are prohibited by comparing them with the WADA non-approved substances list.

Is Centrapeak Vegan-Friendly?

Yes, Centrapeak is vegan-friendly, and moreover, it's considered one of the best vegan-friendly testosterone boosters.

It even uses a vegan version of Vitamin D3, which is typically derived from sheep lanolin when used in supplements.

Should You Buy Centrapeak?

After thorough research of reviews and relevant information summarized in this Centrapeak review, as well as my personal experience, here’s my verdict.

Although it’s not the cheapest, it’s one of the best all-around testosterone boosters designed to help modern men, scientifically proven to provide numerous physical and mental benefits.

Centrapeak’s high-quality, neuro-enhancing, and T-levels boosting formula aims to supplement the essential nutrients that best balance testosterone levels in men.

They also support testosterone production throughout the day, increase energy, confidence, motivation, improve mood, gym, bedroom, and overall performance.

See it for yourself. Try and test this supplement risk-free. Then, let us know how you feel and whether you agree with this Centrapeak review.

Our #1 Recommendation


Ingredient quality
Overall Score 4.8
  • The fully transparent, highly effective formula tailored to modern men in their 30s and over
  • The all-natural, organic, bioavailable, research-backed ingredients in safe, optimal dosages
  • GMP-certified and produced in the FDA-approved environment
  • Not many user reviews yet (but the supplement is pretty new, so it’s expected)

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Read This Before You Buy

  1. I’m 28 and 6’1″ (184 cm) tall. I’ve been working out since I was a child. Centrapeak, as far as I’m concerned, works well in a blink of an eye. 

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