Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Weight Loss Story (Secrets Revealed)

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Last updated: December 25, 2023
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Having personally trained numerous clients over the years, I've seen firsthand the challenges and triumphs of weight loss. Sarah Huckabee Sanders' transformation story resonated with me, reminding me of many inspiring journeys I've been a part of.

I took some time to review her interviews, before and after photos, and YouTube videos. I also studied her healthy diet plan and workout routine, looking to get something to motivate my clients.

This article will tell you everything about Sarah Huckabee Sanders's weight loss journey and workout regimen.

Keep on reading.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders's Weight Transformation

Sarah Huckabee Sanders's picture of weight loss outside

Sarah Sanders, former President Donald Trump's press secretary and current Governor of Arkansas, had faced criticism for her body shape, especially when compared to other women in the White House.

In 2017, LA Times author David Horsey said she didn't look like the type of woman President Donald Trump could select as his senior spokesman.

She stated clearly in public remarks that she did not intend to exercise and that she gained some weight following the birth of her second child, a time when everything fell apart in her regular life.

Sarah's journey resonates with countless women who face similar challenges post-pregnancy. As a coach, I emphasize to my clients the importance of approaching post-pregnancy weight with patience, understanding, and self-love, recognizing that every woman's journey is unique.

Frankly, her weight transformation started when she decided to change her life and follow a strict diet plan and workout routine.

Losing weight took a long time and a challenging journey, but the results were excellent—she lost ten pounds in the first six weeks.

"By comparison, Sanders appears to be a somewhat overweight soccer mom who packs snacks for her children's games."

- David Horsey, L.A.T Writer

At 5’ 5”, she weighed 155 lbs at one point. Obviously, this is not a perfect weight for a woman. Nevertheless, Sanders seems to have undergone a weight-loss transformation since leaving the White House.

The Challenge of Emotional Eating

For public figures like Sarah, the pressures of public life, constant scrutiny, and criticism can lead to episodes of emotional eating.

Consuming food becomes a way to cope and find momentary relief from the stressors of life. In my practice, I work with clients to identify these patterns and replace them with healthier coping mechanisms, which is a crucial step in a holistic weight-loss journey.

The Role of Genetics in Weight Gain

Many individuals often overlook the influence of genetics on weight gain and weight loss. In Sarah's case, her father's struggle with obesity and type 2 diabetes sheds light on the genetic predisposition she might have had towards weight challenges.

Genetics can play a pivotal role in determining how our bodies store fat, metabolize food, and even how we feel after eating certain foods. Through my work, I've helped clients understand that while genetics may influence their journey, they can overcome these challenges with personalized strategies.

It's essential to recognize that while genes might predispose us to certain conditions, they don't dictate our destinies.

Did Sarah Huckabee Get Weight Loss Surgery?

Woman measuring her waist

No, Sarah Huckabee didn't get weight loss surgery. Instead, she chose the path of natural weight loss, which many of my clients also prefer.

To lose weight, she adhered to a strict diet regimen. As a result, her weight-reduction story went viral and garnered public attention. She is a vibrant and dedicated politician who's still working hard with unwavering determination to regain her ideal figure.

What Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Workout Routine?

Woman jogging at the park

Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ workout routine is a mix of strengthening exercises and cardio workouts for weight loss. She may have taken some online gym lessons, as the popularity of online gym programs is at an all-time high.

Furthermore, fitness centers are also utilizing exercise software applications to simplify the gym's activities and programs, according to a study published in the International Journal for Quality Research [1].

Here are some of the exercises she performed.

Low-Intensity Cardio

As a beginner, low-intensity aerobics helped her burn calories and lose weight. Jogging, biking, power walking, and swimming are examples of fat-burning exercises to lose weight.

You should strive for one hour of low-intensity exercise five days a week.

Carry weights while running, walking, or performing aerobics as you get stronger.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope enhances coordination and mental function and raises your heart rate, allowing you to burn around 1,300 calories an hour.

You can also change up your regimen. One set on one leg, another on both feet, and one when running in place.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

woman lifting small dumbbells

Because of its potential to boost calorie burn as well as fat loss, this cardio program has grown in popularity. It consists of short bursts of vigorous exercise followed by fifteen seconds of recovery.

If you are short on time, HIIT is perfect. You can work out for a shorter period while completing a more intensive and strenuous activity.

As a result, you'll burn calories for hours following your exercise.


Pushups are a fantastic workout for core stability, upper-body strength, and muscle mass gain while burning calories.

Start with three sets of ten repetitions if you're a novice. Rest for 60 to 90 seconds between sets. As your strength increases, gradually increase the number of repetitions.

Kettlebell Swings

This full-body, challenging workout will raise your heart rate while building leg and arm strength and assisting you in developing a strong core.

Lift more quickly to increase your heart rate and get more intense exercise to burn fat.


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