Chaz Bono’s Weight Loss Story (Diet and Exercise Revealed)

James Cunningham, BSc, CPT
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Last updated: February 15, 2024
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The famous American actor, author, and singer Chaz Salvatore Bono, born Chastity Bono recently had a remarkable weight loss journey and lost almost 60 pounds, which caught my attention.

As a coach, I enjoy learning about the fat loss journeys of celebrities because they serve as motivational and inspirational examples for my clients.

So, my team and I took several weeks studying his progress and comparing his photos from various time periods in an effort to learn from the approach he took.

Keep reading to see what we found out.

How Did Chaz Bono Start Losing Pounds?

Chaz Bono fit and buff while looking at the camera

Following his transition in 2010, Chaz Bono began his weight loss journey, overcoming previous unhealthy habits and a pattern of weight cycling, much like many of my clients who've faced similar challenges in breaking unhealthy habits.

Despite earlier attempts, including a stint on a weight loss reality show in 2005, lasting success eluded him until he committed to a sustained health and fitness regimen post-transition.

Chaz Bono primarily blames this on cravings and hormone fluctuations after starting his transition in 2008.

Along the same line, researchers revealed that transgender people are more likely to become obese and gain weight before and after hormone therapy, according to the study published in PubMed [1].

Having felt the need to take good care of his body after his transformation, Bono vowed to do his best to feel satisfied and at ease with his appearance.

Beyond the physical transformation, it's crucial to consider the psychological impact that weight loss has had on Chaz Bono, a public figure constantly under the media's eye, highlighting how mental health plays a pivotal role in such personal journeys.

What Was Chaz Bono’s Weight Loss Plan?

Chaz Bono doing martial arts inside the gym

Chaz aimed to lose 50 lbs and impressively lost over 80 lbs since 2012, a kind of dedication I often encourage in my coaching sessions.

Starting at 250 lbs with health concerns like high cholesterol and insulin resistance, he was advised to lose up to 80 lbs.

By May 2013, he successfully reached 190 lbs, significantly improving his health and self-confidence.

While Chaz Bono's initial weight loss is commendable, the long-term maintenance strategies he employs are equally important, offering insights into how lifestyle changes are sustained beyond the initial period of losing weight.

Chaz Bono’s Stats

  • Date of Birth: March 4, 1969
  • Height: 5’ 1.5”
  • Starting Weight: 250 lbs
  • Total Weight Loss: 80 lbs

Did Chaz Bono Have Surgery?

No, Chaz Bono did not have surgery. Many TV celebrities opt for high-cost surgeries to change their physical appearance, but this is not the case for Chaz.

Sonny Bono’s son believes in the natural and healthy fat loss process.

However, the former Dancing with the Stars contestant had breast removal surgery and penile reconstruction.

In 2010, Bono wrote a book about his experience transitioning called “Transition: The Story of How I Became a Man.”

In the book, he discusses how he felt like he was in the wrong body from a very young age and how difficult it was for him to grow up female in the public eye.

What’s Chaz Bono’s Diet Plan?

A close up shot of low-carb chaz bono's diet plan

Chaz's weight loss success with a low-carb diet mirrors the advice I give my clients, emphasizing vegetables and lean meats.

Initially, he used Freshology's personalized meal plans, but later transitioned to a more flexible Pegan diet, blending principles of paleo and vegan diets, to maintain his weight loss and enjoy a variety of foods.

He mainly consumes fruits, grass-fed meat, and vegetables and avoids eating sugar and dairy, except for goat cheese, grains, and starches.

In a one-on-one interview, he explained to Travis Stork that portion control has also significantly helped him meet his fat loss goals.

“I really feel very satisfied and comfortable with the way I eat now. It is amazing, and for me, it feels like kind of a miracle. I never thought I’d be that kind of a person.”

- Chaz Bono

However, most nutritionists agree that diets alone are insufficient to provide the best results.

According to The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, your metabolism slows down as your body loses weight, making it more difficult to continue losing weight [2].

So I always suggest that my clients combine a proper diet with solid training if they want to get noticeable results.

What’s Chaz Bono’s Workout Routine?

A coach with a clipboard planning a workout routine

Chaz Bono's workout routine is dancing classes and high-intensity mixed martial arts, which is a great workout as it combines strength training and cardio workouts for weight loss.

Chaz's routine of dance and mixed martial arts is something I've seen work wonders for others too.


Chaz Bono's participation in the thirteenth season of Dancing With the Stars in 2011 marked a significant phase in his weight loss journey.

Training with Oksana Dmytrenko, he achieved notable results. Chaz mentioned at the 24th Annual GLAAD Media Awards that he continues to enjoy dancing and takes classes regularly, alongside practicing martial arts.

This combination of dance and martial arts not only aided his physical transformation but also enhanced his confidence and overall well-being.

Martial Arts Training

A person training boxing inside a gym

Besides dancing classes, mixed martial arts (MMA) is another enjoyable way of exercising that Chaz Bano used to get in shape in 2013.

Under the guidance of trainer Frank Colcher, he found that MMA improved his strength, flexibility, and stamina since matches can go on for several rounds and make for excellent high-intensity workouts.


Kickboxing is one of the recommended martial arts to lose weight because kickboxing sessions can help you burn up to 900 calories per hour, so it’s no wonder that it has helped Chaz Bono drop some pounds.

Chaz Bono shows through his example that if someone is looking to get fit, starting out with cardio exercises they enjoy can be a great way to ease into things.


How Lond Did Chaz Bano’s Weight Loss Journey Take?

Chaz Bano’s weight loss journey took around two years. He started by cutting out processed foods and white carbs and gradually adding more protein and healthy fats. He also incorporated regular cardio, dancing classes, and martial arts training into his routine.

How Much Weight Did Chaz Bono Lose?

Chaz Bono lost more than 80 lbs since he began his weight-loss journey in early 2011. He credits his success to diet and exercise.

What Diet Did Chaz Bono Follow to Lose Weight?

Chaz Bono followed a Pegan diet to lose weight. He eliminated processed foods, sugars, and most carbs from his diet and ate vegetables, fruits, and lean meats primarily. He also exercised regularly. By following this healthy weight diet and exercise plan, Bono was able to lose over 80 lbs.

How Has Chaz Bono's Weight Loss Affected His Health?

Chaz Bono's weight loss has affected his health both mentally and physically. He announced that his cholesterol levels have lowered, that he doesn't get tired as quickly, and that he is now more confident in himself.


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