Dan Fogler’s Weight Loss Journey (Diet & Exercise Revealed)

James Cunningham, BSc, CPT
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Last updated: February 15, 2024
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Actor Dan Fogler, who you may recognize from Harry Potter or the most recent entry in the Fantastic Beasts series by J.K. Rowling, lost over 150 lbs and seriously caught my attention.

As a coach with years of experience, I am always inspired by stories like this.

So I decided to spend some time researching how exactly he managed to lose so much weight and share everything with you.

Keep reading to learn about Fogler's loss of weight journey.

How Did Dan Fogler Lose Weight?

man doing martial arts

Dan Fogler's weight loss journey began with a commitment to intermittent fasting and engaging in exercises like karate, especially after facing high cholesterol and a slow metabolism at 40.

Intermittent fasting, which alternates between eating and fasting periods, played a key role in boosting his metabolism and aiding weight loss, according to the Canadian Family Physician [1].

Like Dan, I've seen many clients transform their lives with intermittent fasting and exercises like karate, especially when facing health challenges.

Fogler discovered his love for karate at the beginning of his weight loss journey, which helped him tone muscles and got him closer to his weight goal.

Although Fogler wasn’t an athlete growing up in Brooklyn, he could lose weight successfully and improve his overall health by combining these two methods.

In addition to his physical transformation, Dan Fogler's weight loss journey was also a mental and emotional odyssey, where he navigated through various motivational highs and lows, showcasing the importance of mental resilience and a positive mindset in achieving such a significant personal goal.


  • Age: 47 years old
  • Height: 5’ 7”
  • Starting Weight: 270 lbs
  • Total Weight Loss: 160 lbs

Is Dan Fogler on a Diet Plan?

Close up shot of weights and an apple

Dan Fogler's approach to weight loss did not involve a strict diet plan.

Instead, he focused on eliminating processed foods and adopting a whole-food based diet.

This shift in eating habits, complemented by regular exercise, enabled him to lose over a hundred pounds and maintain his weight loss, underscoring the effectiveness of a healthy lifestyle.

From my coaching experience, I've noticed that, like Dan, many achieve great results not through strict diets but by simply choosing whole foods over processed ones.

"I hit 40, and my metabolism was thrown out the window. I had to stop eating foods that were processed. All I was eating was processed. So I had to really balance that out with actual food. And that was really the first 60 pounds that came off. Eliminating soda, bread, pizza, and dairy."

- Dan Fogler

What’s Dan Fogler’s Workout Routine?

Dan Fogler's Workout Routine consists of regular weight loss exercises like karate, hiking, and outdoor walking.

He believes that these activities keep his body and mind in top condition.

In my training sessions, I often recommend a mix of activities like Dan's routine of karate, hiking, and walking, which are great for overall fitness.


He first started training in martial arts as a way to lose weight and get in shape, and it has definitely been successful for him.

Karate is one of the best martial arts to lose weight because it combines cardio with strength training.

It's also great for discipline and focus, which are both essential for loss of weight and healthy living.


Hiking has been an excellent sport for Dan because it's an enjoyable and active way to get outdoors and enjoy nature.

It's also a great workout because it challenges the whole body.

Dan Fogler has found that hiking is beneficial for losing weight because it's a low-impact activity that burns many calories without putting too much stress on joints.

Hiking is also great for toning muscles and improving cardiovascular health, so it's an all-around excellent exercise choice [2].

Outdoor Walking

Dan enjoys taking a stroll outside more than going to the gym. He would go for walks at least twice a week to relieve stress and relax after a long day.

Study published in Environmental Research has shown that long walks outside can be a great way to lose weight. It also helps to improve heart health, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels [3].

Has Dan Fogler Had Surgery?

A surgeon doing plastic surgery in a hospital

Dan Fogler clarified that his weight loss was achieved naturally, without surgery, despite rumors following his rapid 100 lb weight loss after the second Fantastic Beasts film.

His success was due to a combination of healthy eating and regular physical activity, aimed at both weight loss and overall health improvement.

In my experience as a coach, I've seen many like Dan achieve significant weight loss naturally, without the need for surgery.

Crucial to Dan Fogler's story is not just the weight loss itself but also his strategies for long-term maintenance, which involve ongoing lifestyle adjustments and mindset shifts, underscoring the continuous nature of health and fitness as a lifelong commitment.


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