Drink Wine, Lose Weight (Could It Be True?!)

Drink Wine, Lose Weight (Could It Be True?!)
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Usually if a diet claim sounds too good to be true, it is. When it comes to wine, though, the story’s a little different.

Many alcohols hurt your health in all sorts of ways – ravaging your kidneys and liver, increasing chances of developing certain cancers, shortening your lifespan – but wine, in moderation, has some pretty remarkable benefits.

How Realistic Is Wine + Weight Loss?

For decades, grandparents and even doctors and researchers have made some wild claims about wine and its health benefits: it lowers the risk of heart disease, it may have anticancer properties, and it can even increase your sex drive.

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Wine has some pretty remarkable benefits!

As it turns out, a lot of these claims have proof to back them up, even though researchers still need more time and studies to prove it beyond a doubt. So naturally, when we heard that wine could help with weight loss, our ears perked up.

Wine Sheds Pounds?

The claim that wine will help you shed unwanted pounds comes from a 2015 study at Washington State University. According to the study, berries and grapes convert excess white fat into calorie-burning fat thanks to a polyphenol called reservatrol.

Animal scientists found that reservatrol literally increased gene expression to enhance oxidation of fats, helping the body burn fat instead of store it. This process helps prevent obesity and even keeps your metabolism in check. Reservatrol is in wine.

What’s more?

Another study found that drinking wine just before bed could help curb your appetite and in that sense help with weight loss by lowering your late-night caloric intake. Here’s the problem: the study looked at bees’ eating habits, not humans’.

There's A Little More To It Than That...

The problem with the claim that wine helps with weight loss doesn’t end there, though. We hate to say it, but we’ve got some bad news for you. It’s true that the WSU study shows reservatrol and polyphenols in general seem to aid in weight loss.

If you want a lot of them, though, you’re better off eating whole fruits like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, grapes, and apples than drinking wine.

Many of the polyphenols that have been linked to weight maintenance and weight loss are actually filtered out during wine production.

We know that fermented foods can be great for us, and fermentation is a part of the wine-making process. It might not be on par with kimchi or sauerkraut, but still...

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Don't get too excited, this isn't free reign to go crazy on wine...

If you were looking for another excuse to drink more wine, weight loss isn’t one of them. One serving of beer has about 150 calories, wine has about 125, and liquors like vodka and whiskey have 100.

Chances are, you won’t stop at one glass, and liquid calories can be real diet-killers. But a glass of milk has a fair amount of calories, too, so pick your battles, right?

Then again, though, a lot of studies show that wine in moderation is good for your heart health. The potential for anticancer properties and upping your libido isn’t so bad, either. So go ahead – have a glass or two. Just don’t expect it to help you lose weight.

Are you a regular wine drinker or a total teetotaler? What’s your opinion on the wine for weight loss claim?

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