11 Hottest Female Cricket Players (2024 Updated)

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Last updated: May 10, 2024
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As a fitness trainer, l follow various sports and keep myself updated on the top performing players of each league. Recently, the game of cricket came up, and my colleagues at Total Shape had an animated discussion on the hottest female players in the sport.

We debated whether being "hot" is based on beauty alone, or does being great at your sport contribute to being attractive?

Keep reading to discover a blend of beauty, talent, and sheer determination that defines the hottest female cricket players.

Hottest Female Cricketers in the World

Sexiest Women Cricket Players

The world of women’s cricket has come a long way since the inception of the first women’s club, “The White Heathers,” in 1887.

Not only are the following women the top players in their sport, but they are also among the hottest cricketers in the world.

11. Jahanara Alam, Bangladesh

Jahanara Alam, from Khulna, Bangladesh, is known for her skill and dedication. She started playing cricket in the 6th grade and was spotted by coach Sheik Salahuddin, marking the beginning of her professional career.

Jahanara Alam maintains peak fitness through rigorous training. Her regimen includes strength conditioning, agility drills, and skill enhancement exercises.

Nutrition plays a pivotal role, complementing her physical training. Jahanara's dedication ensures she's physically adept and skillfully honed, epitomizing athletic excellence in cricket.

10. Kate Cross, England

If you think busting through gender barriers is hot, you’ll love this English cricketer. In 2006, Kate Cross was the first female cricketer to be accepted into the Lancashire Academy, a prominent, traditionally male cricket academy.

This pace bowler is patient, waiting two years to don an English shirt, playing her first international cricket match in the West Indies in 2013.

9. Sarah Taylor, England

Sarah Taylor debuted against India at 17 and became the youngest women’s international cricketer to score 1000 runs in ODI (One Day Internationals).

Like Kate Cross, Sarah cemented women’s presence in the cricket world, becoming the first woman inducted into Legends Lane at Brighton and Hove County Cricket Ground, prominent cricket venues. Her big smile and energy get her on this list.

Sarah Taylor is renowned for her athletic grace and chic style, making her a standout personality both on and off the field.


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8. Holly Ferling, Australia

Holly Ferling is one of the most beautiful women cricketers. I’ll never forget the first time I saw Holly Ferling on the field. With her blonde hair, blue eyes, and a 5’11” athletic build, her presence is as striking as her bowling skills.

This beautiful and incredible bowler plays as a right-arm fast-medium bowler for Melbourne Renegades and Queensland Cricket after making her debut with the Australian cricket team in 2013.

Holly Ferling follows a holistic fitness approach, combining strength training, cardio, and skill development, underlined by a focus on nutrition and mental wellness.


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7. Smriti Mandhana, India

Next on our list is beautiful Indian cricketer Smriti Mandhana, an elegant left-handed batter who made her international debut at the young age of 16.

She quickly made a name for herself in domestic cricket as she became an integral part of the Indian Cricket Team, a social media phenomenon, and India’s “national crush,” rightfully so with her long dark hair and captivating eyes.

Besides being one of the hottest women cricketers, Mandhana is a go-getter, signing with the Kia Super League in England, making her the first Indian to do so.

“On the ground, I am a professional cricketer - I don't need to wear lipstick. If I want to look good, I know when to wear make-up. I do not accept it being put on my face when I am wearing the India kit.”

- Smriti Mandhana, Cricket Player

6. Nat Sciver, England

A 5’7” beautiful woman cricketer, Nat or Natalie Sciver, is not only stunning but also has a knack for “first” records.

While playing for the English national team, she became the first English cricket player (male or female) to get a T20I hat-trick.

Additionally, she signed with the Melbourne Stars for the Australian Big Bash League and, in that competition, became the first woman to hit a six.

Nat Sciver, an English cricketer, has faced challenges including intense pressure and scrutiny. She's battled through performance anxieties and the evolving demands of international cricket.

Through mental resilience, skill enhancement, and a strong support system, Sciver has honed her abilities, becoming a pivotal player for England, showcasing her undeniable talent.


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5. Cecelia Joyce, Ireland

Cecelia Joyce posing for the camera

Ireland may be a physically small country, but it produces big stars, including Cecilia Joyce, a right-handed batsman and left-arm medium-pace bowler on the Irish team, who debuted in 1999 and became the greatest Irish woman cricketer.

Some would say the game is in her blood, as this talented Irish woman cricketer comes from a family of cricketers, including a twin sister, three brothers, and her mother. We simply love her bright smile and sparkling eyes.

Cecelia Joyce exudes elegance, blending athletic grace with a refined fashion sense. Her style, a mix of classic and contemporary, highlights her natural beauty.

Cecelia's endorsements, though not widely publicized, reflect her aesthetic appeal. She embodies a unique blend of athleticism and elegance, marking her as a cricketing style icon.

4. Priya Punia, India

Known by cricket fans for her positivity, style, and talent with her dark hair, eyes, and curvy build, Priya Punia is one of the most beautiful women cricketers in the world.

This top-order right-handed batsman was named “Player of the Match” in her first ODI. Having just debuted in 2019, this talented cricketer will have much more to contribute to the game.

Priya Punia, a distinguished cricketer, adheres to a comprehensive fitness plan. It encompasses targeted strength training, agility workouts, and specialized cricket drills.

Balanced nutrition and mental conditioning are fundamental, fostering physical vitality and skill refinement. Punia’s regimen is a testament to her unwavering dedication to achieving cricketing excellence.


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3. Suné Luus, South Africa

Representing the Brisbane Heat in the Women’s Big Bash League, Sune Luus already has quite a haul of career achievements, including reaching the semi-finals in the 2018 world cup with the South Africa Women’s team.

This beautiful South African cricketer plays tennis as a hobby and enjoys reading books by Nicholas Sparks.

2. Sana Mir, Pakistan

Currently, a cricket commentator, Sana Mir had a successful career, including captaining the Pakistan Women’s team and becoming the first woman to receive the “PCB Woman Cricketer of the Year” award in 2013.

But what got her high on this list is her long dark hair and sultry eyes.

If you think strong is hot, Sana Mir is one of the most beautiful female cricketers and is known for her drive and ambition, being a bit of a rebel and a role model for going after the seemingly impossible.

“My vision is to prepare a team in which I can't find a place for myself. I don't want the team to depend on me. Instead I want to prepare more and more players for the country.”

- Sana Mir

Sana Mir is celebrated for breaking gender barriers and societal norms in cricket, showcasing resilience and skill that earned her global recognition and proved the formidable presence of women in the sport.

1. Ellyse Perry, Australia

Ellyse Perry is a must on our list of beautiful female cricketers. Making her debut in 2007, she was the youngest Australian cricketer to play International. Standing 5’9” with blonde hair makes her striking on and off the cricket field.

One of the most talented women cricketers, Ellyse Perry is also a solid soccer player, being the first Australian to play in both a cricket and soccer World Cup.

If you like tough, Ellyse Perry is the toughest (and most beautiful) women cricketer, having played through the 2013 ICC Women’s Cricket World cup finals in Mumbai, India, with a painkilling injection in her ankle as she represented Australia.

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