18 Hottest Female Softball Players (2024 Updated)

Christiana Mikesch, CPT
Published by Christiana Mikesch, CPT | Senior Coach
Last updated: May 10, 2024
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Do you think being "hot" is solely about beauty, or does excelling in your sport add to your attractiveness?

As a health and fitness coach, I found myself engaged in discussions about the most skilled and charismatic softball players.

Intrigued by their abilities, we delved into their achievements and impact on the sport, gaining a deeper understanding beyond just their athletic prowess.

Read on and uncover the blend of athleticism and charisma among the world's top female softball players.

18 Hottest Softball Players

Beyond their remarkable talents and aesthetics, many female softball players are recipients of specialized scholarships. These financial aids are meticulously designed to support over 1,600 skilled athletes across various schools in the United States.

I've always been amazed by the talents of these female softball players, and it's incredible to learn how many of them have earned specialized scholarships.

While the prowess and elegance of female softball players are often highlighted, there’s an intriguing trend of long hair that adorns these athletes, sparking discussions and curiosities.

18. Cat Osterman

Cat Osterman exemplifies a blend of athletic prowess and grace.

Her achievements on the field are complemented by her sportsmanship and elegance, showcasing a multifaceted athlete who contributes significantly to the sport’s landscape.

With her list of staggering achievements, including multiple Olympic medals and an unparalleled college record, she's a beauty with a competitive edge that's hard to match.

This all-around athlete is not only one of the greatest female softball players but also one of the most stunning.

Between her captivating looks and her dynamic presence on the mound, Osterman is a knockout in every sense of the word.

17. Jennie Finch

To start us off, we have Jennie Finch. Playing for the Arizona Wildcats and Team USA, Jennie had a stellar career on the diamond.

She helped Team USA win gold in the 2004 Olympics at Athens and silver at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Her near model-like physique and blue eyes have landed her in many magazines, including Sports Illustrated.


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16. Angela Tincher

Angela Tincher stands as a testament to skill and grace in the world of softball.

Her athletic achievements, marked by awards and recognitions, are paralleled by her dignified presence, illustrating the holistic qualities of a top-tier athlete.

She dominated softball at the high school level. And in college, she won ACC Pitcher of the Year, First Team-All-ACC, and ACC Tournament MVP.

She’s a deadly combination of an athletic body and lustrous hair, something envied by both men and women.

15. Bailey Dowling

Bailey Dowling’s reputation extends beyond her aesthetic appeal.

As an infielder for the Alabama Crimson Tide, her athletic skills, strategic play, and contributions to the team’s successes are prominent, painting a complete portrait of an athlete who excels in every dimension.

One close look at Bailey, and you’ll fall for those deep blue eyes and naturally rosy cheeks.

This beautiful blondie is also a business major at the University of Alabama.


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14. Taylor Becerra

Taylor Becerra is recognized for her exceptional skills as an infielder for the Arizona Sun Devils.

Her athletic prowess, strategic gameplay, and dedication to the sport are evident in every match, underscoring her status as a distinguished athlete.

Watching her play and giving interviews, you might wonder why she isn’t a part-time model.

And while she doesn’t seem to have signed any modeling contracts or done any professional shoots, her Instagram might make you think otherwise. She boasts an impressively toned figure and beautifully tanned skin.


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13. Makenna Kliethermes

Makenna, a talented player from Missouri, has made significant contributions to the Ole Miss Rebels at the University of Mississippi.

Her skill set, work ethic, and team spirit have been pivotal in enhancing the team’s performance and reputation.

While Makenna looks gorgeous in her softball jersey, her Instagram posts give you a whole new world of eye candy. Her photos are quite the attention grabber.


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12. K’Lee Arredondo

Playing experience and skill has taken K’Lee Arredondo to places like The Netherlands and Venezuela. Although there isn’t any current news about her softball career, she’s on this list for a reason.

With a few photos of her that were on the internet, K’Lee’s face resembles something that the angels themselves chiseled. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see her in action anymore.

11. Taryne Mowatt

Taryne Mowatt’s legacy as an All-American pitcher is marked by her exceptional skills, including a memorable perfect game.

Her contributions to Arizona’s softball team are a testament to her talent, discipline, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

She also hit a home run at the 2006 Women’s College World Series opening game.

While this beautiful lady is now retired, she holds the new title of mom while still having the same youthful glow of her college days.

10. Odicci Alexander

This hottie is a former James Madison University star. She led her team to win their first-ever Women's College World Series in 2021.

Blessed with some of the most incredible curves, Odicci’s toned physique and contagious smile make her one of the hottest softball players to watch in action.


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9. Amber Tramp

Amber Tramp’s tenure at the University of Mississippi is marked by exceptional skill and contributions to the Ole Miss softball team.

Her athletic prowess, strategic insights, and team spirit have not only elevated her status but also enriched the team’s performance.

Not only did she attract the attention of Ole Miss, but Amber was notorious for grabbing her fans' attention because of her incredibly good looks, pearly whites, and deep eyes.

8. Lauren Mirabal

A female athlete in field

Unfortunately, the internet doesn't have too many photos of this lovely Cuban. But from the few we do have, we noticed she exudes a very exotic and charming look.

While she no longer graces the softball field with her charms, we wouldn’t be surprised if she showed up on a Sports Illustrated magazine cover.

7. Mackenzie Popescue

A woman athlete smiling at the camera

This incredibly cute blonde might look sweet and innocent, but she’s one of the toughest softball players on our list.

While she’s received awards for her college softball achievements, it comes as a surprise that a woman of this class and disposition hasn’t seen a modeling contract yet.

6. Caitlin Lowe

Caitlin Lowe is an Arizona Wildcats star who made our hottest softball players list without a second thought. Before getting into college softball, Caitlin was named All-American in all four years of high school softball.

This lovely lady is now a mom to two kids and still maintains her dazzling figure.


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5. Kayla Cox

Kayla Cox’s legacy in Florida’s softball scene is carved not just by her physical attributes but by her exceptional skills as a pitcher.

A University of Tampa alumna, Kayla’s precision, control, and strategic play have earned her accolades, underscoring the depth of talent in the sport. Now, she’s a model.

And according to many folks, this former pitcher delivers the same style, power, and energy into her modeling as she did on the diamond.

“Kayla can walk into a room and take it over. She has the ‘it’ factor, just an eye-catching young lady.”

- Jorge Alvarez, Professional Photographer, St. Petersburg


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4. Ashley Constantini

Ashely Constantini in plain background

Ashley Constantini made notable contributions to the Seton Hall softball team, showcasing a blend of skill, determination, and sportsmanship.

Though not as widely recognized, her performances on the field speak volumes about her athletic capabilities.

While she may not have found ways to get forward in her softball career, judging by her photos, she'll probably make it big in bikini modeling. I think we can all appreciate her curves as a work of art.

3. Bianca Cruz

Bianca Cruz smiling at the camera

Bianca Cruz, an accomplished athlete, made significant contributions to Arizona State University’s softball team.

Her athletic skills, strategic insights, and dedication to the sport are as commendable as her physical attributes, highlighting a well-rounded athlete who elevates the game’s standard.

She took up full-time modeling after learning that her unbelievable physique would pay more than her batting average.

Her most incredible feat: having five boys and still maintaining a sexy physique most only dream of having.

2. Elizabeth Mason

Currently the owner of a health and beauty business, Elizabeth Mason, an alumna of Florida State University, is celebrated for her significant contributions to the team’s victories in multiple series.

Her athletic finesse, strategic acumen, and leadership on the field have earned her honors, marking her as a distinguished player in the sport.

Not only does she have an incredible physique, but she's got a smart sense of fashion that shows just enough skin to leave you wanting more.


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1. Korina Rosario

Korina Rosario is celebrated not just for her physical attributes but for her exceptional contributions to the sport.

As a Florida State University alumna, her athletic skills, strategic gameplay, and dedication have earned her top honors, underscoring a comprehensive evaluation of athletes that extends beyond aesthetics.

The reason this 5’4” Latina made the top of our list is because of her incredibly well-maintained physique combined with an irresistible smile.


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