14 Sexiest Female Handball Players (2024 Updated)

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Last updated: May 10, 2024
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Are you a fan of women’s handball? If so, you'll love our list of the 14 sexiest female handball players in the world.

We asked our readers to help us put this list together, and we got a ton of responses. These ladies are absolutely amazing, and they're sure to inspire you to hit the courts yourself.

So without further ado, let's get started.

The Hottest Female Handball Players

14. Stine Oftedal

Stine Oftedal is one of the hottest handball players in the world, based on our readers' votes.

The Norwegian star is a member of the country's national team and currently plays for Györi Audi ETO KC in Hungary.

Standing at 6'2", Oftedal is an imposing presence on the court. She is known for her athleticism, shooting accuracy, and ability to read the game and make quick decisions.

With her good looks and impressive handball skills, it's no wonder that our readers have voted Stine Oftedal as one of the most attractive female handball players in the world.

13. Kari Brattset Dale

Kari Brattset Dale is a Norwegian handball player who got quite a few votes as the hottest handball player by our readers.

She has been a member of the Norwegian national team since 2013 and has won multiple gold medals, which has turned her into an icon in her home country.

Her most recent achievement was winning the gold medal at the 2019 World Championships. She has also been voted Norway's Sports Woman of the Year multiple times.

When she's not busy handballing, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. We're sure our readers will see more of her in the future.

12. Anna Sen

Anna Sen started playing when she was just a young girl and quickly developed a passion for the sport.

Sen has been a part of numerous teams throughout her career, including the Russian national team. Most recently, she played for HC Odense in Denmark.

Anna Sen's training regimen includes a mix of cardiovascular exercises and handball-specific drills to improve her endurance and skill.

Our readers can't get enough of her fast-paced play style and her fiery attitude on the court.


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11. Nina Dano

Nina Dano is a female handball player from Sweden and is a rising star in the world of competitive handball. She is also a member of the Swedish national team.

Dano has already made a name for herself with her beauty, impressive playing style, and natural ability to score goals.

Nina Dano emphasizes flexibility and mobility workouts, alongside traditional handball training, to prevent injuries and improve her game performance.

While Dano is only 23 years old, she has already shown tremendous potential for several years and is quickly becoming one of the most exciting players to watch.

With her clean and powerful strikes, Dano is a force to be reckoned with on the court, and she is sure to continue impressing fans and opponents alike in the years to come.


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10. Nora Mork

Nora Mork is a Norwegian handball player who currently competes for the national team. She was the Female World Handball Player of the year in 2021.

Mork's attractive looks have made her a popular figure inside and outside the sport.

Mork began her career with the club team Vipers Kristians before moving on to play for Stabæk in 2013. She made her debut for the national team in 2014 and has since won two European and one World Championships.

In addition to her success on the court, Mork has also been featured in various magazines and TV commercials.

9. Anna Vyakhireva

Our readers voted Anna Vyakhireva as one of the hottest handball players. And it's easy to see why. She's got style, she's plain hot, and she's got some excellent handball skills.

Anna Vyakhireva's fitness routine is centered around functional training, focusing on movements that mimic on-court actions.

If you're looking for a unique athlete to root for, Anna Vyakhireva is your girl. So put down the remote and head to the nearest handball court - you're in for a treat.


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8. Sara Steinbakken


She is an attractive Norwegian handball player who currently plays for club Larvik HK in the Women's Handball League.

Her prowess on the court has helped Larvik HK to several league championships, and she was recently named MVP of the Norwegian Women's Handball League.

In addition to her club success, Sara has also represented Norway internationally, winning a bronze medal at the World Championships.

With her combination of size, skill, and athleticism, Sara Steinbakken is one of the hottest players in women's handball today.

7. Elizaveta Malashenko

Elizaveta Malashenko is a Russian handball player who recently garnered attention for rocking baby bump pictures on Instagram.

She is still rocking her killer body, even with a growing belly. Her followers can't get enough of her gorgeous maternity photos.

In addition to being extremely attractive, Elizaveta is also a fantastic athlete. She has represented Russia in international handball competitions and is considered one of its best players.

6. Estavana Polman

Estavana Polman is a professional handball player with a prominent Instagram fanbase. Many of our readers think she deserves to be on the list of the world's hottest handball players.

Polman was born in the Netherlands and began playing handball at a young age. She has represented her country at both the junior and senior levels, winning numerous titles along the way.

In addition to her success on the court, Polman is also known for her striking beauty. She frequently posts glamorous photos of herself on Instagram, much to the delight of many fans.

Whether relaxing on the beach with her family or training, Estavana Polman looks gorgeous.

5. Dasha Vasileva

It's no wonder our readers think Dasha Vasileva is one of the hottest professional handball players.

The 24-year-old Russian started her career with HC Rostov-Don, before moving to HC Kryvbas in 2013. Since then, she has established herself as one of the best players on her team.

She regularly posts on Instagram while training in tight shorts. Unlike beach handball, female handball players do not have to wear bikini bottoms "with a close fit and cut on an upward angle toward the top of the leg," which was a subject of controversy in Norway.

Some people argue that the bikini bottoms rule is sexist and should be changed, while others believe that it should remain in place because it is part of the tradition of the sport.

4. Tess Lieder

Claiming the fourth place on our list of the hottest handball players around is Tess Wester. Tess is a beautiful athlete with a fantastic skill set on the court.

Born in 1993, this lovely goalkeeper for the Dutch national team never fails to turn heads dressed in her goalie apparel.

She is an exciting player to watch and always brings her A-game to every match.

3. Daria Dmitrieva

Daria Dmitrieva is a handball player competing for the Russian national team.

She is widely considered one of the most attractive athletes in the world, and our readers have voted her as the hottest handball player.

Dmitrieva began her career with HC Lada Togliatti's youth team before playing for the senior team. She has won multiple medals with the Russian national team, including a gold medal at the 2016 European Championship.

In addition to her success on the court, Dmitrieva has also garnered attention for her model-like appearance. She has been featured in many magazines and has even walked the runway for a major fashion brand.

2. Polina Kuznetsova

Kuznetsova is a Russian national handball team member and has been playing professionally for over a decade.

Her skills on the court have earned her a loyal following. She's also been voted among the sexiest handball players in the world by several of our readers.

If you're looking for a hot athlete to keep an eye on, Kuznetsova is definitely one to watch.

1. Yaroslava Frolova

With over 90% of the votes, Yaroslava came out on top in our survey of the hottest athletes. And it's easy to see why she caught the eye of our readers.

She has been active on Instagram, sharing pictures of herself training and competing.

Her good looks and athletic prowess have made her a popular figure, and she is sure to continue to be successful in the handball world.

Our readers hope she’ll continue shining in court and outside it because she’s just as hot wearing her sports dress as she’s wearing a killer combo for a photo shoot.

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