14 Hottest Female Skiers (2024 Rankings Revealed)

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Last updated: May 10, 2024
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A recent conversation with my fellow skiing enthusiasts at Total Shape led us to create a list of the most captivating female athletes in the skiing world.

From the snow-capped peaks to the swift slopes, female skiers not only showcase exceptional athletic prowess, but also exude grace and charm that captivate audiences worldwide.

What if the allure of the sport wasn't just in the adrenaline but also in the stories of those who master the mountains?

Find out and be surprised by the individuals who have rightfully claimed their spot on our coveted list.

Hot Women of the Skiing World

This list contains a World Cup Champion, bronze medalist, podium finisher, and arguably some of the grittiest females in the history of sports.

Competing at the level that these women have takes unmeasurable mental and physical strength. Here’s our list.

14. Hadley Hammer

Remembering my last trip to Jackson Hole, I was struck by Hadley Hammer's presence on the slopes.

Making a late entry into professional freeskiing at 25, Hadley's transition from a local enthusiast to a Freeride World Tour sensation was as captivating as it was impressive.

Her ability to blend grace with raw talent reminded me of the sheer versatility required in this sport.


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13. Elyse Saugstad

Growing up surrounded by the mountains of Alaska, it is no wonder Elyse Saugstad is a freeride world champion. Saugstad won Freeskier’s “Skier of the Year” in 2018, a peer-voted honor.

Not only is Elyse a strikingly attractive woman with blonde hair and intense blue eyes, but she is also about as tough as they come, having survived an avalanche in 2012

According to a 2014 article published in BBC, she was caught in a crush of snow that, by the time it stopped moving, weighed an estimated 11m pounds, comprised 13,000 cubic meters, and had traveled as quickly as 70mph.

Four of them were caught in the avalanche, and she was the only one who survived. She was the only one wearing that backpack [1].


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12. Michelle Parker

Starting as a ski racer at a young age, petite blonde Michelle Parker soon realized her real passion was freeskiing.

Initially competing in slopestyle and halfpipe at the U.S. Open and X games, then once again shifted focus to the big mountain terrain.

When not competing, Parker has had several roles in ski films, been on the board of the High Fives Foundation, and helped launch a women’s avalanche safety clinic.


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11. Angel Collinson

Gritty, tenacious, beautiful, and one to tackle her fears head-on, Angel Collins left the big mountains that are so familiar to sail the Atlantic Ocean, despite her fear of water.

Transitioning from ski racing to big mountain competition proved successful as she won the overall all title on the Freeskiing World Tour in her first two years.

Collinson made ESPN’s “Top 50 Females in Action Sports” list in 2014 and became the first woman to win “Best Line” at the Powder Awards a couple of years later.

Angel Collinson, a celebrated figure in big mountain skiing, extends her influence beyond the slopes through Instagram, where she shares her adventurous lifestyle and skiing expertise, inspiring a legion of followers with her unique style and approach to the sport.


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10. Jackie Paaso

Growing up skiing in Maine with dreams of winning an Olympic gold medal, Jackie Paaso found herself plagued with injuries as a mogul skier. Eventually, she shifted her focus to freeskiing and pursued the Freeride World Tour.

She is known for pushing the physical limits of her beautifully sculpted body, and a decade of competition on the Freeride World tour has solidified her as one of the best female skiers.

9. Arianna Tricomi

You could say skiing is in her blood, being the daughter of an Italian World Cup Ski Racer.

Tricomi raced until she was 16, but after losing a friend to an avalanche, she left racing for the less rigid rules of freeskiing, where she is the three-time Freeride World Tour Champion (2018-2020).

She is 5’5” and known for her hot Italian looks, charm, and personality and why she made it in our top ten.

8. Christina Lustenberger

This stunning female skier nicknamed “Lusti” grew up skiing the mountains of British Columbia. After focusing on Alpine ski racing, she eventually landed on the World Cup Circuit, where she has one top-ten finish.

Not only beautiful but loyal to her British Columbia roots, Christina Lustenberger preferred to be back home and became Association of Canadian Mountain Guides certified, a prestigious guiding certification.

“Lusti” took her attractive looks to the silver screen, debuting in Teton Gravity Research’s Winterland in 2019.

7. Jessica Diggins

As Jessica Diggins proves, you don’t have to scream down mountain faces to be hot. This beautiful skier got the first-ever Olympic gold medal for the United States in cross-country skiing for the women’s team sprint at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic games.

The year 2018 was big for Diggins because she also made ESPN’s Body Issue; we can see why with her breathtaking physique and blonde hair.

“I am perfectly imperfect and beautifully flawed. Love your body for the kick-ass things it can do, not for what it looks like.”

- Jessica Diggins, Professional Skier

6. Amie Engerbretson

Since first stepping on skis at Squaw Valley at ten months old, Amie has never looked back.

Great looking and stylish, she had a significant role in designing a Freeski outerwear kit by Spyder looks fantastic, showing it off.

Her “About” section on Facebook says it all: “Professional skier. Lover of cats, mountains, hair flips, and shenanigans… aspiring twerker.”

5. Kikkan Randall

A teammate to Jessica Diggins on the US National Team and fellow 2018 Winter Olympics gold medalist, Kikkan Randall has had great success as a cross-country skier.

The same year she and Diggin won Olympic gold, the ultimate high for an athlete, she received an ultimate low, a cancer diagnosis requiring aggressive treatment, which she seems to be fighting heroically and with success.

Her mental and physical strength and infectious smile got Randall near the top of our list.

4. Tatum Monod

If your idea of hot includes 5’7”, 135 pounds, grit, and perseverance, you will think Tatum Monod is really hot.

A horrific crash on an Alaskan mountain destroyed one of her knees, resulting in a year-long recovery that she faced head-on like a champ.


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3. Cassie Sharpe

Cassie Sharpe knows how to get medals. This 5’9” stunning blonde Canadian skier has had two gold medals in the Winter X Games since 2016, and when she hasn’t finished first, she earned her share of silver and bronze medals.

She gained more gold in the women’s halfpipe at the 2018 Winter Olympics and silver in 2022. Additional accolades include gold in World Cups held in France and New Zealand.

Sharpe is rightfully confident and known for her excellent attitude and style.

2. Maddie Bowman

Maddie Bowman was just 20 years old when freeskiing - halfpipe and slopestyle - was included in the Winter Olympics (Sochi, 2014).

Her resume is impressive, with top-five finishes at World Championships and FIS World Cup standings.

Over the last decade, she has earned silver and bronze medals and five gold medals at the Winter X games.


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1. Kelly Sildaru

Sildaru is considered one of the greatest freestyle skiers and first hit the freestyle scene at age ten. I recall watching Sildaru's evolution from a young ski racer to a freeskiing pro.

Known for her determination, she set a new high score record at the 2019 Winter X Games and won a gold in slopestyle.

She did not attend the 2018 Olympic games in Pyeongchang.

Still, there is no doubt a tenacious female skier will use her intense blue eyes to look beyond silver and bronze medals and be chasing after those gold medals in future Olympic games.


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  1. https://www.bbc.com/travel/article/20140306-the-ski-gear-that-could-save-lives
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