11 Hottest Female Badminton Players (2024 Updated)

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Last updated: May 10, 2024
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Ever thought about the striking balance between athleticism and grace in the world of badminton?

There's an undeniable allure to women in sports, and among them, badminton stands out for its exceptionally attractive players.

The folks at TotalShape recently took a survey on some of the sexiest women in the badminton world, and we narrowed down our long list to 11 names.

Keep reading, you'll be acquainted with the most stunning female badminton players who have graced this sport.

11 Hottest Female Badminton Players

Here are our top 11 favorite sexy badminton players.

11. Huang Yaquiong

The reigning queen of mixed doubles badminton isn't just a powerhouse of talent; she's a heart-stealer too.

I remember the first time I saw Huang Yaquiong play; her grace and composure on the court were mesmerizing. She had this irresistibly cute demeanor that made the audience, including myself, instantly adore her.

Huang's on-court attire is often sporty and functional, adorned with Yonex's latest innovations.

Off-court, she exudes elegance, favoring chic, contemporary fashion. Huang's style, a blend of athleticism and grace, mirrors her versatile playing style, showcasing her as a fierce competitor and a sophisticated individual off the court.


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10. P.V. Sindhu

Our first hot badminton player, P.V. Sindhu, a celebrated Indian badminton player, boasts significant achievements including a bronze medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and gold at the 2019 World Championships, , Commonwealth Games, and South Asian Games.

I had the privilege of watching P.V. Sindhu live at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The energy was palpable, and her performance, earning her a bronze, was nothing short of spectacular. Each stroke, each jump, bore testament to her skill and dedication.

If you get a chance to catch her outside the court, Sindhu has a charming smile, jet-black hair, and a sense of fashion that will have you mesmerized.


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9. Gabby Adcock

Gabby Adcock is one of England’s most beautiful female badminton players.

Gabby is known for her stylish, yet comfortable attire, often seen in Adidas gear on the court. Off the court, her fashion is eclectic and modern.

The blend of comfort and style in her wardrobe reflects Gabby’s dynamic playing style and her vibrant, approachable personality in public appearances.

She won a gold medal for mixed doubles in the 2014 Commonwealth Games with her husband. She bagged another gold medal at the 2015 BWF Super Series Master Finals the following year.

Although she’s retired with her husband, her beautiful appearance on the court hasn’t been forgotten.

Even after having a baby recently, she’s maintained a well-toned physique that’d make viewers wish she was back in the game.

8. Jwala Gutta

Jwala Gutta is our next Indian badminton player who specializes in doubles. This sexy female has charmed people on the court and in her movies.

Her career began in the late 1990s when she represented India at international events in both mixed and women’s doubles.

She’s won gold medals in Commonwealth Games and the South Asian Games with Ashwini Ponnappa.

Even at 36, Jwala maintained a bold and beautiful physique.


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7. Reiko Shiota

Our list wouldn’t be complete without Reiko Shiota, one of Japan’s most beautiful badminton players.

Reiko’s on-court style is characterized by bright, bold colors, often in Mizuno attire, reflecting her energetic playstyle.

Off-court, she embraces a sophisticated, yet playful aesthetic. Reiko's fashion choices mirror her lively playing style and charismatic public persona, making her a beloved figure in the badminton community.

Her beauty is matched by her exceptional skills on the court. She was a bronze medalist in the 2007 World Champions women's doubles and silver and bronze medals at the 2006 Asian Games.

Reiko might look serious on the court, but outside the court, you’ll be enticed by her sweet cadence, bright smile, and well-groomed hair.

6. Gronya Somerville

Gronya Somerville is an Australian badminton player specializing in doubles. This Australian beauty has won nine Oceania Championship titles in both mixed doubles and women’s doubles.

She was first noticed for her beauty in a Chinese tournament. And while she hasn’t won any international titles, she has won the hearts of international viewers for her graceful moves and sexy physique.

Fun fact: this Australian badminton player is the descendant of Qing dynasty political reformer Kang Youwei.

5. Ashwini Ponnappa

Ashwini Ponnappa Machimanda is an Indian badminton player who’s had a successful partnership with a player from our list, Jwala Gutta. Together, they were the first Indian women pair to win medals at the BWF World Championships.

She’s won several gold medals in the South Asian Games and Commonwealth Games.

Ashwini boasts a lovely physique. Her toned arms, slim body, and bright smile make her the center of attention in any game.

Ashwini's on-court style is practical yet stylish, often seen in Li-Ning attire.

Off the court, she opts for a blend of traditional and modern Indian wear.

Her fashion sense, combining functionality and aesthetics, complements her adaptable playing style and her rooted, yet contemporary public image.


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4. Kim Ha Na

Kim Ha-na is a badminton player hailing from South Korea. In September 2016, she reached a career-high of world no. 1 in mixed doubles. Even though she’s 32, she’s been genetically blessed to look younger.

Some say that Kim might be too thin, but others believe that it suits her appearance, giving her that petite and athletic look many women envy.


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3. Goh Liu Ying Hailing

Goh Liu Ying is a Malaysian badminton player who’s been consistently ranked in the top mixed players list.

She and her partner were ranked as high as No. 3. Together, they won silver at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

She’s also bagged a gold medal in the Asian Championship, Commonwealth Games, and South Asian Championships.

Don’t let Ying’s petite figure, well-groomed hair, and innocent smile fool you, as she’s quite fierce on the court.

She’s currently the brand ambassador for the Japanese probiotic drink, Yobick.

2. Ratchanok Intanon

Ratchanok Intanon, also known as May, is a badminton player from Thailand.

This Thai beauty currently ranks 7 in women’s singles. She’s won many a gold medal in events like the Asian Championship and Southeast Asian Games. Known for her light footwork and relaxed hitting motion on the court, commentators describe her as “balletic.”

May is one of the few players who look dazzling on and outside the court. If you’re not taken away by her graceful moves on the court, her smile and highly-toned physique will reel you in.

Ratchanok’s attire, often sponsored by Victor, is a mix of performance and style on the court.

Off-court, she leans towards trendy, youthful fashion. Her style, a blend of traditional and modern elements, echoes her playing technique and her image as a bridge between badminton’s legacy and future.


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1. Saina Nehwal

Saina Nehwal is one of our most beautiful female badminton players from India. She won her first gold medal in the 2008 Commonwealth Youth Games and grew from there.

As one of India’s most successful players, she’s often credited for making the badminton sport famous in her country.

We’re not surprised: those dark eyebrows and that golden smile would make anyone a badminton fan.

When decked in her traditional Indian clothing, Saina takes her already hot physique to a whole new level.

“My philosophy is to not be scared of anyone. If I play well, great; if I don't, I learn from the match and move on. Once you are satisfied with your goal, it is the real happiness.”

- Saina Nehwal, Female Indian Badminton Player


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