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The 10 Hottest Female MTB Riders (2023 Updated)

Connor Sellers
Published by Connor Sellers
Last updated: January 6, 2023

It's no secret that mountain biking is one of the most physically demanding sports out there. It takes endurance, strength, and determination to hit the trails and make it to the finish line.

But who are the female riders who are not only up for the challenge but also manage to look good doing it?

We took our readers’ votes (more than 1.000 of them) and created this list of the hottest female MTB riders.

Did your favorite female MTB rider make it to the final 10 on our list?

Scroll down to find out.

The World’s Hottest Female MTB Riders

10. Rachel Atherton

In 2008, Rachel Atherton won World Cup and took World Championship Gold in a blink.

She has won 5 World Champion titles and 6 UCI World Cup titles since 2008.

The only time she was unable to compete at the highest level of the sport was due to an injury, but she bounced back stronger.

In 2016, she completed a perfect season and won every World Cup round.

She won a record-setting sixth World Cup overall in 2018 and finished the year with a fifth World Championship, reaffirming her status as the world's finest female downhill mountain biker.

9. Hannah Bergemann

Hannah Bergemann is an American professional freeride and slopestyle mountain biker.

Hannah developed a love for action sports very early in her while growing up in Hood River, Oregon. She first became interested in freestyle skiing until she discovered MTB.

She participated in freestyle events on a regular basis to challenge herself and learn new moves.

She occasionally enjoyed mountain biking, but it wasn't until her junior year of high school that she truly became hooked.

Her mountain biking enthusiast father gave her his old full-suspension bike in the hopes that she would go on rides with him.

8. Tahnée Seagrave

Tahnée Seagrave is a British mountain bike rider who has been competing professionally since 2009.

She won the Junior World Champs and was ranked #3 in the UCI Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup standings.

Unfortunately, the 27-year-old Brit couldn’t continue competing at the 2020 World Cup because of a dislocated ankle and broken tibia and fibula.

Tahnée returned to competitive downhill mountain bike at the end of the same year and took third place in Portugal. More recently, Tahnée secured third place at the Les Gets World Cup.

Regarding her appearance, Seagrave has a large following on social media not only for her talent but also because she’s an incredibly cute woman renowned for her dark eyes and light-colored hair.

She is also known for her unique fashion combos, which often include brightly colored clothes.

7. Evie Richards

Evie Richards is another British mountain biker who has been making waves on the international circuit.

Evie Richards was a hockey player before discovering her love for cycling in 2013.

Four years later, she won her first elite category World Cup race in Namur for CX and then finished third in Luxembourg’s U23 World Championships.

More recently, Evie was UK's first (male or female) elite MTB XCO World Champion in 2021. She's currently ranked #4 in the UCI Cross-Country Mountain Bike World Cup standings.

What landed her number 5 on our list was her exceptionally athletic body and her beautiful blue eyes, light blond hair, and lovely facial features.

6. Kate Courtney

Hailing from America, Kate Courtney is a 27-year-old world champion. Kate started her mountain bike cross-country career in 2013.

Courtney did her human biology bachelor’s degree at Stanford University. After graduation, she shifted her focus entirely to her career as a professional athlete. In 2017, she officially signed with Redbull.

She was ranked #1 at the 2019 CXO and the 2019 World Cup.

Regarding her physical attributes, Kate Courtney is a remarkably beautiful woman. Her hazel eyes and lean body are her most noticeable features, which add up to her sparkling personality.

It is clear that Kate Courtney is one of the most attractive MTB riders, and that will likely remain for quite some time.

5. Lokelani McMichael

Lokelani McMichael is a Hawaii-born mountain biker who now calls Squaw Valley her home.

Lokelani is known for her technical skills and her ability to ride in all kinds of terrain. She's a two-time Olympian and has represented the United States at both the Summer and Winter X Games.

The attractive MTB biker has graced the cover of magazines such as Dirt Rider and Mountain Bike Action.

Lokelani is currently sponsored by Santa Cruz bikes and Shimano.

She enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing in her free time, making her a truly multi-talented athlete and an inspiration to many.

4. Niki Gudex

Niki Gudex is the oldest athlete on our list. She is an Australian former professional road racing cyclist and current Mountain Bike Rider.

She was crowned Australian National Champion in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 before retiring from road racing in 2015 to focus on her true passion – mountain biking!

Niki is also a photographer and shares the most stunning pictures on her website. Her love of photography led her to pose for multiple photoshoots in which she wore amazing swimming suits.

Whether she's on the court or posing, there's no doubt that Niki Gudex is one good-looking woman.

3. Emily Batty

Emily Batty is a 34-year-old Canadian mountain biker who has been competing professionally since 2010.

She first rode bikes for fun with her brothers when she was 10 but is today an accomplished racer, having won multiple titles.

The standouts of Emily's 2017 season included winning a Canadian championship and taking third place at the Mont-Sainte-Anne XCO World Cup round.

Emily also displayed incredible grit by sprinting to seventh place at the World Championships despite breaking her knee in an accident and shattering it to the bone.

The 2018 Mountain Bike World Championship bronze medalist, Emily, recovered in the way only she could, winning her third and fourth 2018 and 2019 Canadian National Championships consecutively.

2. Yana Belomoina

Standing proudly at No.2 is Yana Belomoina - a professional Ukrainian mountain bike cross-country racer who has been competing professionally since 2010.

Yana Belomoina went from being the first-ever Ukrainian to win a UCI World Cup event to becoming the first Ukrainian to win the overall World Cup.

The 29-year-old athlete originally tried mountain biking with a friend for fun before realizing that she had found her calling and that she was going to for the rest of her life.

Yana struggled with injuries in the 2018 and 2019 seasons, preventing her from fully defending her World Cup victory.

But her two third-place finishes at the Albstadt and Vallnord World Cups in 2019 and her third-place finish at the 2020 European Championships in Switzerland demonstrated that she's still a serious candidate to win any event she enters.

1. Pauline Ferrand Prévot

Quite understandably, the winner of our list is none other than Pauline Ferrand Prévot, a 30-year-old French professional mountain biker in three different disciplines: cross country, cyclocross, and road racing.

Pauline was a natural at riding a bike. Her siblings also participated in mountain biking competitions in France, and her parents maintained a biking school.

In 2022, she became the first rider to ever win the CXC and CXO titles at the World Championships in Les Gets. She then won the UCI MTB Marathon World Championships.

Final Thoughts on the Hottest Female MTB Riders

As always, there are a few names that didn’t make it to the list, which came as a surprise to our editorial team. Still, these fierce ladies who got the votes clearly showed us why they made it to this list.

As with all our reader polls, this is a list straight-up based on only physical appearances.

However, these ladies know how to take on a challenge on and off the trails! Do you have what it takes to keep up with them?

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