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Woman exercising with topical patches overlay
By Isaac Robertson 12 months ago
Sculpt Patch Review (2023) Does It Help With Weight Loss?
Several clients I’ve been training for a couple of months now have asked me about the new weight loss patch called the Sculpt Patch, which is currently trending in the diet industry. So, I decided to conduct my research, talk to a dermatologist friend, and test it myself for 30 days to see if it could help me reduce appetite and boost metabolism, as promised. So, I've compiled all my data and... Read more >
Muscular person lifting a heavy dumbbell
By Donald Christman 12 months ago
Inno Shred Review (2023 Upd) Should You Buy This Fat Burner?
I always tell my clients that if they want to lose weight faster in a cutting phase, they have to get their diet and workouts right first. Only then should they consider taking fat burners like Inno Shred. The problem with many products like Inno Shred is that they spend way more on marketing than on creating a useful and effective formula to help lose weight and burn fat. So we brought in our... Read more >
A sexy and fit woman who uses VidaSlim Weight Loss
By Lana Evans 12 months ago
VidaSlim Weight Loss Review (2023 Upd) Is It Effective?
When I see my clients struggle with motivation or don't have enough determination to stay on their weight loss journey, I suggest they take a high-quality fat burner. One that I lately often hear my clients talk about in the gym is VidaSlim. So I conducted thorough research and spent many hours figuring out if this weight loss supplement formula is effective. Ten of my clients decided to... Read more >
Woman lifting dumbbell with double fat burner overlay
By Isaac Robertson 12 months ago
Double Tap Fat Burner Review (2023 Upd) Is It Any Good?
One thing that annoys me as a personal trainer is seeing big advertising budgets for fat burner and pre-workout supplements that end up doing very little. One product that followed me around social media ads is Double Tap, and when I saw a few people at the gym taking it, I had to find out if there was any truth to the big marketing promises. So our team got together with a nutritionist and... Read more >
Pouring white pills on hand
By Michael Garrico 12 months ago
PhenQ vs Phentermine (2023 Review) Which One Is the Best?
From time to time, I get into a discussion with my colleagues at Total Shape about natural weight loss supplements versus prescription medications. Recently these conversations keep turning to PhenQ vs. phentermine and the pros and cons of each, and I decided to explore the matter more thoroughly to gain a better grasp and deeper insight into the matter. First, I spoke with our resident medical... Read more >
Ghost Burn product image with a woman pinching her belly
By Tyler Sellers 12 months ago
Ghost Burn Review (2023 Update): How Legit Is It?
I've spent many years as a trainer for athletes looking for supplements to increase performance and lose weight. Recently, some of my clients asked me about a fat burner called Ghost Burn, so I did my research, spoke with our resident dietician at Total Shape, and used it myself for a couple of weeks to see if it could help curb my hunger, increase my metabolism, and eventually burn extra belly... Read more >
Man with good physique
By Michael Garrico 1 year ago
Steel Shredded AF Review (2023): Does This Fat Burner Work?
As a personal fitness coach, I deal with many different supplement companies and products. And one of the dietary supplements I generally recommend for my clients going through a cutting phase is a good quality fat burner. Unfortunately, many companies spend more on marketing than on a solid fat-burning formula. And when some of my clients started using a hyped-up Steel Supplements product, I... Read more >
Pouring several diet pills on hand
By Connor Sellers 1 year ago
7 Best Diet Pills (2023 Updated) Lose Weight Fast
People who are having difficulty getting their bodies to burn fat through diet and exercise only may benefit from taking weight loss pills containing natural ingredients in clinically proven dosages. Throughout my years as a fitness instructor, my team and I researched and tested hundreds of supplements to determine which diet pills perform best for people as natural weight loss solutions. In... Read more >
Using measuring tape around stomach
By Jordan Smith 1 year ago
Skald Review (2023 Upd.) Best Weight Loss Supplement?
As a fitness trainer for many years, weight loss solutions have always been in focus for my team, and Skald Fat Scorcher is just one of the many fat burners we have come across over the years. After hearing about it from many sides, we decided to examine it and put it to the test for eight weeks to see if it could make a difference for my clients, colleagues, and me. I’ve compiled two months'... Read more >
Woman lifting two dumbbells in the gym
By Connor Sellers 1 year ago
Arsyn Review (2023 Upd.) Best Thermogenic Fat Burner?
As a fitness trainer, one of my more important responsibilities is to recommend reliable fat burners to my clients when they ask me for advice on how to shed extra pounds. When Arsyn made its way into the market, I was curious about its claims, so I spent a month researching its history, ingredient list, and the science behind it. It has since been rebranded as Arsynist, so a few of my clients... Read more >
A top less body builder holding a shaker with OxyShred
By Michael Garrico 1 year ago
OxyShred Review (2023 Updated) Is It The Best Option?
As someone who struggled with fat loss in the early stages of my fitness journey, I know what it's like sieving through different fat burners to find what’s best for your particular needs. There’s one fat burner a client recently brought to my attention, and it’s called OxyShred. I noticed some guys in the gym using it, so I decided to dive deep into the research to verify its claims,... Read more >
Squeezing measuring tape around body
By Tyler Sellers 1 year ago
Lean PM Review (2023 Updated) Nighttime Fat Burner
I always tell my clients to prioritize their sleep because that’s when the most benefits of working out actually take place. After learning that many of them struggled with getting a good night’s rest, I began researching various supplements to see if I could recommend something that could actually help them out. In my research, I came across Lean PM, found its ingredients and promises... Read more >
A man sitting in the gym
By Isaac Robertson 1 year ago
Cardalean Review (2023 Upd.) Best Alternative to Cardarine?
I always tell my readers and clients that there's no way around working hard at the gym and focusing on a proper diet to achieve sustainable weight loss. But once you have those two things covered, there are ways to trigger fat-burning effects with natural supplements. One product that readers were constantly asking me about is Cardalean. So, I got together with the Total Shape team, my... Read more >
Woman with slim body and flat belly, another person picking supplement pills
By Donald Christman 1 year ago
5 Best Metabolism Booster Pills (2023 Updated)
I always tell my clients and readers that they have to fix their diet and workout routine first before they turn to dietary supplements for a boost. Once they have done that, I do admit metabolism-boosting supplements can be a great way to speed up the fat loss progress. But so many of them are completely useless. They promise the world when it comes to burning fat, and you'll have wasted a ton... Read more >
Pouring fat burner supplements on hand
By Tracy Thompson 1 year ago
8 Best Fat Burners in Australia (2023 Updated)
Being a fitness trainer, I have been asked many times on social media by some of my followers in Australia to advise them about the best fat burners available in their country. Our team examined this topic extensively over the years, but for this occasion, we conducted thorough research on some of their country’s top-selling natural supplements and tried them out to see which ones are most... Read more >
Choosing from different fat burner pills in Canada
By Connor Sellers 1 year ago
9 Best Fat Burner Pills in Canada For Weight Loss (2023 Upd)
For many years, I have been active on social media as a fitness trainer, and many of my followers from Canada asked me to advise them on choosing the right weight loss pills that could help them get back in shape. My team and I spent months on end researching and testing various fat burners to determine which ones could be most effective at burning fat and losing excess weight for our clients,... Read more >