Legion Phoenix Review (2024) Does It Work or a Scam?

Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BSc, CPT
Published by Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BSc, CPT | Staff Writer
Last updated: June 20, 2024
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Legion Phoenix claims to offer a caffeine-free solution for people who are sensitive to stimulants, providing a boost in metabolism and suppresses appetite.

But can this fat burner help you achieve your weight loss goals?

As a sports trainer, I tested Legion Phoenix for three months to learn about its ingredients, benefits, and side effects, and to fully understand how this supplement affects our health.

Keep reading and find out if it truly lives up to its claims.

What Is Legion Phoenix?

Legion Pheonix product brand in an isolated background

Legion Phoenix is a caffeine-free fat burner formulated with clinically proven natural ingredients. The selected ingredients in this supplement work together to suppress appetite and boost metabolism, resulting in less caloric intake and increased fat burning.

However, Legion Phoenix fat burner may better benefit people who already follow a healthy, strict diet and engage in regular physical activity due to the mild dosage and potency of most of the ingredients.


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Legion Phoenix

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What Are the Ingredients in Legion Phoenix?

Supplement Facts of Legion Phoenix

The ingredients in Legion Phoenix are Thai ginseng, Coleus Forskohlii, Grains of Paradise, Fucoxanthin, HTP, Caralluma Fimbriata, L-DOPA, iodine, and b vitamins.

We first wanted to verify the claims that all the Legion Phoenix ingredients were scientifically proven.

For this, we got some help from our dietitian friend, who gave us some great insights. Not only did she look at the ingredients, but also if the dosage per serving might be effective.

1 - KaempMax Thai Ginseng

Also known as Thai ginseng, Kaempferia Parviflora is a native herb from Thailand. According to an article in the National Library of Medicine, it's been used in folk medicine for centuries [1].

Recent studies published on the PubMed website, show that it can speed up metabolism to increase calorie burning, boost sexual desire, enhance athletic performance, and support heart health [2, 3, 4].

Legion Phoenix contains 100 mg of Thai ginseng per serving, which is more than enough to cause effects since its clinically effective dose is around 90 and 180 mg per day.

2 - Coleus Forskohlii

This Indian herb, Coleus Forskohlii, has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. But some studies have also been able to show clinical effects on weight loss [5].

From our dietitian's feedback, this could be a good ingredient but don't expect miracles.

3 - Grains of Paradise

Commonly used as a spice, Grains of Paradise is an herb in the ginger family that contains antioxidants and functional ingredients like 6-gingerol and 6-paradol.

It is known to increase metabolic rate and energy expenditure (to about 100 calories) and stimulate fat burning within the body [6].

Furthermore, our dietitian mentioned that it also works as a stimulant like caffeine.

So it can help burn more calories and give you the boost you need for your workouts.

Also read: What's the Best Vegan Fat Burner?

​​4 - Fucoxanthin

Fucoxanthin is a vitamin A-like molecule called carotenoid that’s naturally found in some types of seaweed. It has been shown to accelerate fat loss by producing an effect that increases the amount of energy burned by the mitochondria [7].

5 - HTP

Close up supplement pills

This is not the most common ingredient in dietary supplements.

However, there is some evidence that it could help make you feel full and avoid those hunger cravings [8].

Based on some online reviews, quite a few people did mention that taking Legion does seem to suppress your appetite.

​​6 - Caralluma fimbriata

This is an edible cactus that has been used in India for many decades to suppress appetite and regulate stress levels, which can make a difference in your desire to snack and overeat [9, 10].

7 - L-DOPA

L-DOPA is a compound that stimulates the production of three popular neurotransmitters, namely dopamine, noradrenaline, and adrenaline [11]. These chemicals help you regulate focus, memory, and metabolic rate, which can instantly make you perform better during workouts [12].

There have been studies that associate impaired L-DOPA production with overweight and obese people, which may increase anxiety symptoms that make it harder to focus on exercising and dieting [13].

Legion Phoenix contains 150 mg per serving of this ingredient - enough to provide a cognitive boost without the side effects.

8 - Iodine

This mineral is directly involved in the production of thyroid hormones, which are known to control different metabolic functions [14]. Although it’s uncommon to be deficient in iodine, people who restrict their caloric intake or avoid junk foods can have too little of this mineral to disrupt their metabolism.

Our dietician mentioned that it’s a good idea to boost your iodine intake of up to 500 mcg per day during calorie-restricted diets or cutting phases to have better results.

9 - B Vitamins

B vitamins support your metabolism as their main function is to process the carbohydrates, fats, and protein from our diet to fuel the body [15]. Most of these B vitamins are not stored by the body, so you naturally have to source them from your diet every day.

"With anything water-soluble [B vitamins], you want to eat these foods on a regular basis so your body is constantly replacing what you're losing."

- Julie Stefanski, RD, spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

Legion Phoenix contains vitamin B12, which most vegans and vegetarians are deficient in. The manufacturers also added in vitamin B6 because, during the dieting or cutting phase, it’s quite common to be deficient in vitamin B6 and B12, which may hinder your efforts to burn fat.

*Update: The old formulation of Phoenix contains a mild stimulant called synephrine and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which can cause stomach problems in some people. Other ingredients removed were green tea extract, naringin, L-tyrosine, salicin, hesperidin, and hordenine.

What Are the Legion Phoenix Benefits?

The Legion Phoenix Phoenix benefits are increased body temperature and suppressed appetite.

Increasing your body's temperature while decreasing hunger and cravings may provide potential benefits for faster body fat decrease, such as:

  • Increased metabolic rate
  • Enhanced fat-burning process
  • Reduced overall calorie consumption

In a three-month-long trial where twenty of my clients and I used Phoenix, we observed an average weight loss of 1.5 lbs.

Pros and Cons

Woman taking a pill to her mouth

What we liked most about this product is that it doesn’t contain caffeine which makes some people feel a bit jittery.

We also found reviews of some consumers who mentioned that they found it worked well to suppress their appetite between meals to reduce their food intake.

And the money-back guarantee does give you peace of mind that if it doesn’t work for you, it won’t be a wasted investment.

However, some of our clients noticed some negatives when using this fat burner.

Here are the most common side effects our clients experienced and how they mitigated them:

  • Gastrointestinal discomfort: Such as bloating or stomach upset. To mitigate this, it's advisable to take Legion Phoenix with food rather than on an empty stomach.
  • Allergic reactions: It's important to review the ingredient list carefully and start with a lower dose to test for any adverse reactions. If an allergic reaction is suspected, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.
  • Dehydration: Supplements that enhance metabolism may lead to increased fluid loss. To combat this, increase water intake throughout the day. Staying well-hydrated is key, especially for individuals who are also physically active.
  • As a caffeine-free option, it should be more suitable for taking later in the day.
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee
  • You’ll have to remember to swallow three capsules daily
  • Some of the ingredients are not proven to work
  • Mixed reports from users about the effects on stored body fat

Another downside is that our dietitian poked some holes in the claims made by the company. Some of the scientific research is inconclusive.

You’ll also need to set a reminder or get into the habit of taking one capsule of this supplement three times after each meal to spread out the fat burning properties and effects.


Legion Pheonix supplement product CTA

Legion Phoenix

Rated With Total Shape's Scoring System

Ingredient quality

Where to Buy It?

Buying a supplement online using phone and credit card

You can buy Legion Phoenix from the official website of Legion Athletics and Amazon.

The official website of Legion Athletics is generally the safest place. The other option is to order it from Amazon, as this also should give you a sense of security that you’ll get the real deal.

In recent years, there have been a lot more reports of counterfeit products available on different marketplaces online.

Not only would these likely have no effect at all, but you could also end up buying something that could do some harm.

Customer Reviews

Different people giving thumbs up

To give you an idea of why we’re not entirely convinced of it, let me summarize a few customer reviews.

After using it every day for 6 weeks, he found that a lot of his food cravings were gone. This helped him reduce calories from random snacks.

- Mike from NY

This is one of the customers who found that with the full serving, he had some side effects and felt quite bloated.

- Jason from Alberta

She has been using Legion supplements for a while and has adapted the dosage to her needs. The main attraction for her is that there are no caffeine jitters.

- Allison from Miami

She did note that her appetite was contained for longer fasting periods. But she didn’t find it boosted her metabolic rate enough to notice any changes in her weight.

- Gemma from San Diego

Alternatives to Legion Pheonix


PhenQ may be considered one of the most effective fat burners available today due to its scientifically proven all-natural ingredients, which may help accelerate metabolism and reduce appetite.

This supplement's formulation, which includes thermogenic ingredients such as caffeine, turmeric, and L-carnitine, is intended to aid significant weight loss and lean muscle mass growth [16, 17].

In comparison to Phoenix, which is stim-free, PhenQ contains a small amount of caffeine, making it suitable for anyone looking to lose weight while maintaining their energy levels.



PhenGold, highlighted in expert reviews as a versatile and effective weight management supplement, caters to both men and women with its vegan-friendly, all-natural formula.

Distinct from other products like Phoenix, PhenGold combines key fat-burning ingredients such as green tea, L-tyrosine, and Rhodiola SP, aimed at enhancing metabolism, reducing cravings, and supporting overall well-being [18].

Our users emphasize PhenGold's practicality and positive impact on weight loss journeys.

Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is one of the first vegan fat burners, originally formulated for bodybuilders and performance athletes.

It contains caffeine and glucomannan to boost the metabolism and suppress the appetite, other known thermogenics like L-theanine and black pepper extract, and several vitamins and minerals that you won’t see in Phoenix [19].


How Does Legion Phoenix Work?

Legion Phoenix works by suppressing your appetite, increasing thermogenesis in your body, and reducing your calorie absorption. Another way is by increasing thermogenesis to help your body burn more body fat and calories than expected by increasing the body's metabolic rate. Other ingredients in the pill, such as green tea extract, can also help increase fat oxidation to burn more body fat for energy, which you experience mostly during exercise.


When Should You Take Legion Phoenix?

You should take Phoenix ideally first thing in the morning with breakfast. Like any other dietary supplement, you can take the remaining pills within the day to spread out the effects and reduce the chance of negative effects.

​​How Do You Take Legion Phoenix?

Take three capsules of Legion Phoenix after breakfast. Because Phoenix doesn’t contain caffeine, you can also spread them out and take two later in the day without disrupting your sleep.

​​What’s the Recommended Legion Phoenix Dose?

The recommended Legion Phoenix dose is three capsules per day for calorie burn. However, you should spread these out and not swallow them all in one go.

​​Is Legion Phoenix Legitimate?

Yes, Legion Phoenix is legitimate. However, some of its ingredients are not provided in a strong enough dose to provide desirable effects. Other products have shown better results and are also formulated specifically for men and women to burn fat.

See our recommended fat burners for females and for males.

Our Verdict on the Legion Phoenix

After personally testing Legion Phoenix for three months, I've found it to be a decent, stimulant-free fat burner. It mildly suppresses appetite and slightly boosts metabolism.

However, for those seeking more significant appetite control or energy boosts, alternatives like PhenQ might be more effective.

PhenQ stands out for its potent formula, which significantly enhances metabolism and curbs cravings, making it ideal for those seeking more noticeable results. It complements a healthy lifestyle with a stronger impact.

After all, the images speak for themselves.

Taylah results PhenQ

Nicola Before After v2

We Recommend This Instead


Rated With Total Shape's Scoring System

  • Boosts energy for better gym performance
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Improves overall mood and brain function
  • Replenishes body's lost electrolytes
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of June
  • Can be only purchased through the company website
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