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JNX Sports The Ripper Review (2023) Legit or a Big Scam?

Tyler Sellers
Published by Tyler Sellers | Senior Coach
Last updated: August 28, 2023
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Hyped-up weight loss supplements seem to pop up every single day.

So, when a few of our regular readers asked us about The Ripper Fat Burner and how well it worked, we decided to take a closer look.

We did extensive research, and some of our clients were willing to test it as well, so we have some tangible results to share with you.

What Is The Ripper Fat Burner?

The ripper fat burner close up image

The Ripper Fat Burner is an effective fat-burning supplement that uses a unique science-based formula to burn fat and energize your mind and body. It may help your body increase its basal metabolic rate (BMR) and release energy from stored fat reserves.

That added energy is then available to fuel your muscles and brain to perform better everyday tasks.

This product has a simple powder formula that you mix with water and drink first thing in the morning.

Cobra Labs, now JNX Sports, has made multiple similar supplements in the past but claims that this new formula is more potent and effective since it now contains scientifically proven ingredients that curb your cravings and hunger.

To help us analyze this claim, we pulled in the help of our trusted dietitian Susan.

Let’s take a look.


The Ripper fat burner supplement product

The Ripper

Overall Score 3.7

The Ripper Ingredients

Supplement Facts of The Ripper

Before going into details, there is one important thing to point out.

It’s the fact that JNX Sports has chosen to hide behind a proprietary blend of ingredients in their fat burner, which means you don’t get to know the exact amounts per serving.

This might make stacking with other supplements a bit more complicated.

1. Beta-Alanine

Several studies point out Beta-Alanine benefits [1].

Some of them are:

  • Increase in muscle power and energy
  • Antioxidative properties
  • Immune-enhancing properties

You’ll find this ingredient in quite a few pre-workout supplements because of its effects.

They have a pretty high dose in most cases, which The Ripper Fat Burner doesn’t look like it contains.

Nevertheless, I did notice higher energy levels during my workouts which leads to better performance, so it’s safe to say this ingredient does what it says.

2. Guarana Extract

Guarana extract is a potent stimulant that contains a lot of caffeine, almost six times more than coffee beans.

While this may be an excellent ingredient to stimulate your brain and metabolism [2], it could also mean that The Ripper Fat Burner is too dependent on stimulants, as there is some added caffeine as well.

But it’s essential to shed light on its effectiveness, as I have noticed real energy boosts and better focus while taking this supplement.

3. Raspberry Ketones

Scientists hypothesize that raspberry ketones have a similar structure to Capsaicin (an active component in chili peppers) [3].

Some of its potential benefits include:

  • Increasing fat-burning rate
  • Reduces appetite
  • Increases metabolism
  • Boosts the thermogenic effect

4. Caffeine

Caffeine is ubiquitous in fat-burning and weight loss supplements, and it is one of the most popular stimulants [4].

How does it work?

  1. It triggers your thermogenic metabolism, which transforms the stored fat into energy by increasing your body temperature slightly
  2. It is fast-acting, meaning it increases calorie burning within half an hour of consuming it

As I already mentioned, thanks to the effects of Guarana and Caffeine, multiple users have reported an increase in energy and focus.

5. Taurine

Taurine powder with skeletal formula overlay

This is a naturally occurring amino acid that has been linked to fat and cholesterol processing [5].

But there is also some evidence that it may: 

  • Improve physical activity performance
  • Support metabolism
  • Protect musculoskeletal system

I have noticed some improvement in athletic endurance, which means I could work out longer than usual without getting as tired as before.

6. Acetyl L-Carnitine

L-Carnitine may help the body produce more cellular-level energy, which is why you’ll regularly find it in pre-workout supplements.

This may boost your exercise endurance but also your ability to stay focused [6].

Even though I noticed better focus and drive, I am still skeptical that this product contains enough of this ingredient to make a significant difference.

“Acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR) is a powerful addition to your supplement toolbox. This valuable little molecule has been a staple in the bodybuilding and brain-hacking communities for years now, thanks to its ability to help you lose a few pounds and power up your brain.” - Spencer Brooks, Writer at

7. Green Coffee Bean Extract

Scoop of green coffee bean extract

Green coffee bean extract comes from an unroasted green coffee bean, which some research suggests may help reduce how much new fat storage your body produces [7].

So, green coffee bean extract is not tied to losing weight, but more to not piling it on again.

8. Green Tea Extract

Many of you will drink green tea extract as a way to boost your antioxidants.

But green tea extract has many other benefits, such as [8]:

  • Regulating blood sugar levels
  • Increasing fat burning
  • Exercise recovery
  • Helping with weight loss

Many of our people are big fans of it since its benefits are widely known and proven.

I have also noticed a decrease in my appetite and cravings, leading to weight loss.

There may also be benefits for your heart and blood pressure, but additional research is needed before this can be proven.

9. Cinnamon Bark Extract

Cinnamon Bark close up image

We were surprised by this ingredient as our dietitian mentioned that cinnamon had been used to stimulate appetite.

At the same time, it may help regulate blood sugar levels and reduce cravings, which plays a vital role during a weight loss plan [9].

10. Olive Leaf Extract

The only thing we could find to support olive leaf extract was a study on mice that showed it might help with fat reduction [10].

However, that wouldn’t be enough for us to endorse it as a good ingredient, and it looks more like a filler in this proprietary blend.

How Does The Ripper Fat Burner Work?

The Ripper Fat Burner works by stimulating thermogenesis, a natural process in the body. This slightly raises your core body temperature by burning off some extra calories.

Combined with a healthy diet that puts you in a net-negative calorie intake throughout the day, this may lead to weight loss.

Several ingredients have been shown to support this theory, but its effects are the most visible when combined with a clean diet and a regular workout routine.

It also claims to suppress appetite and control food cravings, but I didn’t notice any significant changes.

Unfortunately, none of the ingredients have this as a proven benefit.


The Ripper fat burner supplement product

The Ripper

Overall Score 3.7

How Do You Take It?

You take Ripper Fat Burner by mixing one scoop (5g) with 6 ounces (180ml) of cold water.

It seems to mix quite quickly, so you shouldn’t need a shaker to avoid a lumpy texture.

You should aim to drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and wait for 30 minutes before eating your breakfast.

You can also drink it before your training as a pre-workout supplement.

It is a common rule always to assess your tolerance with any new supplement.

If there are no side effects after taking it a couple of times, JNX Sports suggests that you may be able to drink a second serving after lunch, if needed.

To get the maximum effect from The Ripper Fat Burner, it's recommended to use the supplement for 60 days.

To see the desired results, you must be consistent in taking the fat burner and follow the suggested dosage.

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Pros and Cons

Flexing muscle while giving thumbs up

To summarize our research on The Ripper Fat Burner so far, we’ve put together this list of what we did and didn’t like.

  • Multiple reports of mental energy boosts
  • Strong caffeine content may contribute to weight loss
  • We thought the razor lime flavor was natural and refreshing
  • The ingredient amounts are hidden behind proprietary blends
  • 30 servings may not last a month if you drink a second serving per day
  • Several of the ingredients are not in strong enough doses

Are There Any Side Effects?

A person with head pain

The potential side effects of taking The Ripper Fat Burner include jitters and disrupted sleep. The supplement has a stimulating effect, which could cause more side effects in younger people.

Our research and testing with clients so far have shown that the main complaint is that the amount of Guarana extract and caffeine seems to make quite a few people jittery. If you have caffeine sensitivity, it’s probably better to opt for a nighttime fat burner or one with fewer stimulants.

We suggest checking your tolerance with a single scoop, and if you don’t experience any adverse reaction, you can take a second serving of The Ripper Fat Burner to get better and faster results.

Just like Steel Shredded AF, The Ripper Fat Burner is intended to consume healthy adults 18 years of age and above.

Customer Reviews

While we trust the feedback from our clients, we also want to show you what people have said online about The Ripper.

Matt thought the fat-burning effect of the product was OK but struggled a lot with jitters throughout the day.

It also didn’t react well when he took a pre-workout supplement, which had some overlapping ingredients.

- Matt from Springfield

This bodybuilder thought it provided a good mental boost, but he had to avoid taking it later in the day as it messed up his sleep. He was happy enough with the cutting effects.-  Steve from NYC

Frank uses this product occasionally and said that he needed to avoid drinking coffee when he did take it. He also suggests avoiding the pineapple shred flavoras it seems sweet and fake.- Frank from Baltimore

Jay is a runner and thought that The Ripper Fat Burner had a fast-acting formula, and the mental boost may have helped for his morning runs.- Jay from El Paso

Where to Buy The Ripper Fat Burner?

You can buy The Ripper Fat Burner on Amazon for $25 to $30 per bottle.

Keep in mind that this information was acquired when writing this review to make some changes possible.

A bottle contains 30 servings suitable for a month if you take it once a day.

You may choose from 11 flavors, including Dark Grape, Fruit Punch, Pineapple Shred, Pixie Sticks, Raspberry Lemonade, Razor Lime, and Watermelon Candy.

According to the JNX Sports website, The Ripper Fat Burner is also available at other stores like GNC, iHerb, M&S, and Naskor Sports.

Fat Burner Alternatives

There are so many fat burner options on the market it can take time to find the right one. We compared The Ripper to three popular fat burner supplements, so read on to see how it stacks up against the competition.


PhenQ promises to stand out from traditional fat burners because it takes a multi-faceted approach to weight loss, including reducing stored fat, inhibiting new fat deposits, suppressing appetite, and boosting energy.

After several weeks of use, users in our test group yielded strong results supported by before and after body measurements.

As a fitness trainer, it is essential that I know what I am putting in my body, and PhenQ offers a transparent label that I appreciate more than The Ripper’s proprietary blends.

Interestingly, The Ripper comes in powder form that you mix with water and drink in the morning, whereas PhenQ is in pill form with recommended dosing, one tablet with breakfast and one with lunch.

PhenQ is more expensive than The Ripper, but shopping on the official website guarantees you get the real deal and their 60-day, cash-back guarantee. Plus, you’ll score a complimentary bottle or two when you order bulk, as I did.

Vintage Burn

Old School Labs manufactures Vintage Burn, a weight loss supplement that targets athletes. Its blend of ingredients helps athletes burn fat while keeping their hard-earned muscle mass.

Like most fat burners, including The Ripper, Vintage Burn focuses on increasing thermogenesis, energy, and mental focus using a combination of caffeine, green coffee beans, and green tea extract.

I am unsure how the amounts of the thermogenic ingredients compare because while Vintage Burn clearly lists amounts on its label, The Ripper label is less transparent with proprietary blends.

Overall, our test group found the Vintage Burn dosing easy enough to handle with just two pills daily. However, we saw mixed results in body composition following several weeks of use.

Vintage Burn is more expensive than the Ripper, but ordering from the official website will get you a 20% discount for utilizing the subscription-based service.


Phenocal is a dietary supplement marketed as a weight loss pill that claims to help individuals lose weight by reducing appetite, increasing energy levels, boosting metabolism, and promoting fat burning.

It contains natural ingredients, including green tea leaf extract, chromium, biotin, cocoa extract, Glucomannan, and hoodia gordonii. Like The Ripper, it lacks transparency with a proprietary blend.

As a fitness trainer, I find proprietary blends frustrating and generally advise my clients to avoid them.

That said, our test group had moderate success using Phenocal over several weeks alongside our diet and exercise plan. With the proprietary blend, knowing if each ingredient is at maximum effectiveness dosing is impossible.

Like many fat burners, it comes in pill form, not a powder like The Ripper. It does cost more than The Ripper, but ordering from the official website gets you bulk discounts.


Is the Ripper Fat Burner Safe to Take?

The Ripper Fat Burner is safe to take if you’re not sensitive to stimulants. It contains a high dose of caffeine and Guarana extract, which some people find makes them jittery.

But we did find that all the ingredients are classed as generally safe to consume.

Other safe fat burning supplement: SuperHD Review

How Long Does It Take for the Ripper Fat Burner to Work?

The Ripper Fat Burner takes 30 to 60 minutes to work. People tend to get better results when they drink it after fasting, as this allows the ingredients to absorb faster and burn fat.

Similar product: Genius Burn Review

What Is the Price of the Ripper Fat Burner?

The price of The Ripper Fat Burner is about $25 to $30 per bottle, depending on where you buy it.

Do We Recommend The Ripper Fat Burner?

Overall, we thought The Ripper Fat Burner was an ok product if you’re not overly sensitive to stimulants, but it didn’t entirely give us the same great results we’ve seen with other fat-burning supplements.

In our opinion, there may be some better options with fewer stimulants for more sensitive individuals who experience symptoms like jitters, energy crashes, etc.

Having said this, our top product in this category is still PhenQ because it continues to use a formula that suits most people’s needs.

You also won’t feel jittery after it, as the stimulant dosage is more suitable for sensitive individuals, unlike The Ripper, which has a pretty high stimulant content.

Also, no sudden energy spikes and crashes have been reported from taking this one.

Order yours today and check out our full product review as well.

We Recommend This Instead


PhenQ CTA supplement product
Overall Score 5.0
  • Boosts energy for better gym performance
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Improves overall mood and brain function
  • Replenishes body's lost electrolytes
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of September
  • Can be only purchased through the company website
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