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Modere Trim Review (2021 Updated) Legit or Just a Scam? 

Isaac Robertson
Published by Isaac Robertson
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Last updated: December 3, 2021

A ton of fat burners on the market claim to provide miracle results in just X days. In reality, however, these results are often misleading and don’t live up to company claims.

One of these dietary supplements is Modere Trim, whose formula claims to reduce fat cells.

To determine whether or not it’s worth your money, we’ve teamed up with medical experts to examine the effectiveness of the Trim’s ingredients, effects, and results.

Read on for our take on the Modere Trim review.

What is Modere Trim?

Product image for Modere Trim

Modere Trim is an award-winning weight management product whose several health benefits include burning fat and helping individuals undergo a full body transformation.

Modere is a company based in the United States, with Modere Trim being one of their flagship products.

Unlike other fat burners and weight loss supplements on the market that mainly come in pill form, Trim is available in liquid form and as a powder.

The company’s patented collagen HA matrix technology results in the ability to accelerate fat reduction and significantly improve muscle tone over time.

As a result, Modere Trim claims to work on both ends of the fat loss process - burning excess fat while also preventing the deposition of more fats.

Suitable for Men & Women

Product image for Modere Trim

Modere Trim

Modere Trim Ingredients

Supplement facts for Modere Trim

So does Modere Trim work? To determine how effective it is, let’s take a deeper look at the ingredients first.

1 - Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

We aren’t too impressed with the addition of their conjugated linoleic acid supplementation, considering it comes from added safflower seed oil which isn’t that effective for preventing weight gain.

Additionally, conjugated linoleic acid is far more effective at reducing body fat mass in animals than humans, making us skeptical about whether it can help individuals lose weight [1].

2 - Liquid Biocell®

Modere takes pride in their patented blend of compounds, a blend of hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, and collagen (ground-up chicken sternal cartilage extract).

This supposedly provides essential nutrients that reverse the aging process while producing youthful skin.

However, studies indicate their Liquid Biocell effects are minimal at best on skin health [2].

3 - Vegetable Glycerin

We were definitely surprised by this ingredient, considering it's mainly found in body-care products like shampoo and toothpaste.

While it definitely could help get rid of water weight, it doesn’t necessarily make a huge difference in shedding cellular fat storage or providing long-term effects on one’s weight loss journey.

4 - Cocoa

We’re not surprised to see cocoa, considering how popular it is as a weight loss ingredient. It’s an important ingredient for regulating energy levels and suppressing one’s appetite, which assists individuals with their exercise routine and prevents cravings from adding additional pounds to the user’s waistline.

5 - Xanthan Gum

We’re a bit skeptical about this ingredient, especially since xanthan gum is often used in fat-free foods to help individuals feel fuller over time.

While it does play a role in appetite suppression by slowing down the digestion process, it’s not necessarily something you’d want to put into your body as it can lead to stomach upset and diarrhea.

6 - Citric Acid

lemon and white powder in spoon

Yet another preservative agent, this ingredient gets a huge thumbs down from us, especially since it’s most likely manufactured instead of all-natural.

7 - Mixed Tocopherols

Being good for human skin, this mixture of different sources of Vitamin E is derived from plant sources like olive and sunflower oil.

It also plays a role in clearing up clogged arteries, making it beneficial for cardiovascular health and the potential to restore youthful skin.

8 - Sunflower Seed Oil

This ingredient raises some definite red flags, as it’s loaded with high-calorie fatty acids, which can actually hinder one’s ability to lose weight and even contribute to diseases like obesity.

9 - Rebaudioside A

This ingredient is extracted from the chrysanthemum plant and is mainly used as a calorie-free sweetener, making it a popular alternative to sugar. Studies also suggest it can lower cholesterol and keep blood sugar levels in check.

Modere Trim Pros

woman measuring her waist

The biggest pros of Modere Trim are some of its ingredients that accelerate weight loss in different ways.

The product decreases your appetite by making you feel full for more extended periods and also increases fat metabolism in the body.

The addition of collagen also helps reduce visible signs of aging and improves skin elasticity, which is a bonus for combating the effects of saggy skin from losing fat.

The added collagen was something I liked most about Modere Trim and something other weight loss supplements don’t cater to.

Thanks to that, the product not only helped me lose weight, but I also noticed more flexibility and healthier joints - something that’s especially crucial when it comes to overall muscle functionality.

Modere Trim Cons

The main drawback of the product is that it uses ingredients that are not necessarily scientifically backed.

Some of these ingredients are also not natural, such as preservatives that don’t do anything beneficial for the body.

The product is also unsuitable for vegan individuals and is rather pricey for what it offers.

Personally, my biggest issue with the product is that it’s simply not worth it. That Liquid Biocell ingredient mainly contains blended chicken cartilage, which could be sourced from other sources at a much lower price.

  • Highlights weight loss efforts by improving skin appearance
  • Prevents further fats from accumulating
  • Supports joint health and bones for better mobility and strength
  • Powdered product is easily absorbed by the body
  • Expensive in comparison to ingredients offered
  • Contains preservatives like potassium sorbate

Modere Trim vs. Other Dietary Supplements

Compared to other dietary supplements on the market, there are far better choices.

At nearly half the price, fat burners like PhenQ and Instant Knockout provide the same appetite control and fat metabolism results that Modere Trim does.

They’re also completely made from natural ingredients, ensuring that what you put into your body is of good quality.

Where To Buy Modere Trim

Trim can be bought from the Modere website or trusted sellers on Amazon.

Suitable for Men & Women

Product image for Modere Trim

Modere Trim

Shipping and Returns

The company offers worldwide shipping with a 30-day 100% refund policy (minus shipping charges). There is also a flat shipping fee applied to all products.

My product arrived ten days after being ordered, mainly because of their processing delay, which can take around 2 - 4 days to complete.

Despite this, their customer service was very helpful in keeping me updated on the product’s status.

What Customers Had To Say

customer review banner

Here are a few comments that we found from customers and the results they saw.

Jesie highlights how she lost 6 lbs within her first week of using the product, with 4 lbs in the week after. She thinks the chocolate taste is amazing, with Modere earning her continued support as it doesn’t trigger side effects like migraines. - Jesie from Arizona

Popp complains about seeing zero results despite using the product for nearly two months. Despite exercising more and eating healthier, she struggles to see any significant improvement in her body composition and would not consider buying it again. - C. Popp from Michigan

Should You Purchase Modere Trim?

When it comes to weight loss, our Modere Trim review has certainly analyzed its claimed benefits and ingredients in detail.

The combination of a fat-burning formula alongside the addition of collagen really helps promote the ‘beauty’ aspect of what it aims to provide.

Keeping all the claims aside, however, if you’re looking for a weight loss supplement that will accelerate the process behind losing weight, I’d personally recommend PhenQ as an alternative.

PhenQ offers the same benefits as Modere Trim, like inhibiting fat production and boosting energy, but with higher quality ingredients and more reputable evidence behind those ingredients to support the claims.

Order yours today and see the effects for yourself.

Our #1 Recommendation


Ingredient quality
Overall Score 5.0
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Blocks body fat production to stop weight gain
  • Improves your mood and energy levels
  • High-quality, all-natural formula
  • Can be only purchased through the company website

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