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The Best Supplements For Cutting Fat Fast
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I work with lots of bodybuilders who go through cutting phases a regular basis, myself included.

And I’ll be honest.

It’s not my favorite part of training, as it requires a lot more discipline when it comes to eating. So I’ve always tried to figure out ways to get to my lean muscle mass goals as quickly as possible.

And fat burners are a key part of that process.

Unfortunately, there are loads of these fat burning pills that do very little for a cutting phase, so we spent about 4 months to come up with this list of best cutting supplements.

Our Top Cutting Supplements

1 - PhenQ (Editor's Choice)


PhenQ has been a favorite in our team and with clients for quite a while among dozens of weight cutting supplements.

The one thing we like the most is that it seems to work well to reduce your food intake without feeling hungry all the time.

We’ve seen good evidence that it may help lose fat and create a more defined muscle shape.

Check out our full PhenQ review.

Active Content:

  • Capsimax, Chromium, Caffeine
  • Claims to use only scientifically proven ingredients
  • Seems to work well for appetite suppression
  • Good bulk-order discounts available
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • The formula might be a bit strong for women

2 - Burn Lab Pro

burn lab pro

This is one of the fat burners that we generally recommend to people who need some protein supplementation to lose weight without the risks of jitters.

Lots of people simply don’t like taking any weight cutting supplement with caffeine, but they still want the fat loss to get that lean muscle effect.

Check out our full Burn Lab Pro Fat Burner review here.

Active Content:

  • Forskohlii Root, HMB, Capsimax
  • Many positive comments about increased fat burning during exercise
  • Avoids the use of stimulants for fewer risks of jitters
  • Seems to work well to preserve muscle mass
  • The bulk-discounts could be a bit better

3 - Leanbean Fat Burner


This fat loss supplement is ideal for women as the formula is designed for the average female athlete.

As a result, it should trigger your metabolism to do more activity without the negative side effects from huge doses of stimulants. We’ve had plenty of clients who achieved some good fat loss with this product.

The added vitamins may also give your immune system a bit of a boost as well.

Check out our full Leanbean review here.

Active Content:

  • Glucomannan, Choline, Chromium
  • Specifically formulated for women
  • Comes with a good boost of B vitamins
  • Seems to work well to reduce stored body fat
  • You’ll need to spread out 6 capsules daily

4 - Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner

Burn-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner

Burn-XT takes the thermogenic approach to boost your metabolism. This means it slightly raises your body temperature, which burns off some extra calories [1].

It’s also one of the best supplements for losing weight as we saw lots of comments on how it helps in suppressing hunger in between meals.

And the less often you reach for snacks, the more likely you are to succeed in a cutting phase.

Check out our full Burn-XT review here.

Active Content:

  • L-Carnitine, Caffeine, Capsimax
  • Comes in convenient capsules to take throughout the day
  • Positive reports about boosted fat loss
  • Many people find it works well to suppress hunger cravings
  • Tends to leave a bit of an aftertaste

5 - Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy

Optimum Nutrition is one of the best supplements for cutting based on the included amino acids.

The company claims that they have been chosen to specifically keep your muscles lean and bulked while boosting your fat loss processes.

With the added green coffee bean and green tea extract, you could easily mix it into a morning smoothie or a bowl of cereal to kick start your day.

Active Content:

  • Taurine, L-Glutamine, L-Arginine
  • Comes in a powdered form that mixes easily
  • Contains some green coffee and green tea extract for added energy
  • People seem to be happy with the flavors
  • The proprietary blend hides the detailed amounts of amino acids and nutrients

6 - Pro Jym Protein Powder

Pro Jym Protein Powder

Yes, technically, this is a protein shake, but high protein diets have been shown to help with burning away fat and building lean muscle mass.

If you’ve switched your food intake to low-carb, then it might be a struggle to get enough protein into your meals. And that’s where Pro Jym may help bridge the gap and support muscle growth as well.

Each serving has 24 grams of protein sourced from whey protein isolate, micellar, milk, and egg white proteins.

Active Content:

  • Whey Protein, Casein, Egg Protein
  • Large dose of protein may help with burning more fat
  • A good combination of proteins for a better amino acid profile
  • Whey protein can helps build muscle mass, increase strength, and shorten recovery time
  • The powder mixes easily into a tasty shake
  • Requires a more carefully planned macro intake for success

7 - Vintage Burn Muscle-Preserving Fat Burner

Vintage Burn Fat Burner

This fat burning supplement probably has the coolest looking bottles, but it also happens to contain a formula that works well for performance athletes.

Our clients have not only experienced good fat loss, but they also found that it provides added energy during a workout to build more lean muscle mass.

Active Content:

  • Caffeine, Garcinia Fruit, Raspberry Ketones
  • Moderate caffeine dose should help avoid the jitters
  • Reports of boosted workout performance
  • Added raspberry ketones should help with a mental energy boost
  • Doesn’t seem to make you feel full enough

8 - Animal Cuts All-in-One Complete Fat Burner

Animal Cuts All-in-One Complete Fat Burner

This fat burning supplement has a unique formula that aims to trigger processes in your body that range from muscle maintenance to improved carb processing.

We also like the added ketones, which may result in some added brain power without the side effects of a large dose of stimulants.

Active Content:

  • Caffeine, Guarana, Raspberry Ketones
  • Combines different herbs to target more body functions
  • Positive reports that it has helped people lose weight
  • May work well to support better brain function
  • The proprietary blend would make stacking more difficult

9 - Rev Labs Rev Burn Thermogenic Fat Burner

Rev Labs Rev Burn Thermogenic Fat Burner

Rev Labs Rev Burn is one of the best supplements for cutting that seems to have the most comments about how well it works in making you feel full for longer.

If you can reduce hunger cravings, then you might be able to extend your fasting periods to achieve a leaner body and muscle mass.

Active Content:

  • Caffeine, L-Carnitine, Glucomannan
  • Users like that it seems to help deal with cravings in between meals
  • Seems to boost thermogenic processes to burn more calories
  • Could possibly help for some increased energy levels
  • The strong stimulants could affect your sleep

10 - Ram Advantage C-Prime 5

C-Prime 5

The final one of our recommended weight cutting supplements comes from Ram Advantage who claims that it has developed a formula that makes it the best at processing carbs more effectively.

You should notice an energy boost without the over-stimulation that other weight cutting supplements often have.

Active Content:

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid, Cinnamon, Taurine
  • Claims to support faster carb processing
  • Doesn’t use caffeine, so it may be suitable for taking later in the evening
  • Positive comments about retained muscle fibers
  • Some find the capsules a bit large to easily swallow

Buyer’s Guide

buyers guide

1 - Decide On The Types Of Ingredients

The biggest mistake you could be making in the cutting phase is trying to focus on muscle building.

When you’re trying to cut, you need to focus on ingredients that ideally trigger your thermogenic metabolism to get rid of a few grams of the nasty stuff.

The most common thermogenics are caffeine, pepper extract, and turmeric [2].

One thing to avoid in weight cutting supplements is large amounts of calories from carbs or fat. Some whey protein may be OK as it could help with fat reduction, but make sure you factor that into your diet plan [3].

Some supplements for cutting also has added amino acids, particularly branched-chain amino acids, and nutrients like vitamins and minerals to support better muscle growth, enhance fat metabolism, and minimize muscle breakdown.

“Increasing your protein intake can lead to increased muscle mass and metabolism.”


- Selene Yeager, Health and Fitness Writer

2 - Look Out For Stimulants


Most cutting supplements will rely heavily on caffeine. The reason is that caffeine is one of the most studied and proven thermogenic supplements.

Yes, that means your morning coffee could be helping you lose weight and gain better muscle definition. But too much of a good thing is always a bad thing.

Some cutting supplements have very strong doses of stimulants, and this could lead to jitters and insomnia [4].

And if you like a few cups of coffee while you work, then your body could quickly become overstimulated.

“My early studies showed that caffeine exaggerated the stress responses that were produced by threatening challenges in the task, like performing arithmetic in your head as fast as possible.”


- Robbie Gonzalez, Writer at

3 - Deal With Hunger Cravings

The best supplements for weight loss should include ingredients that also deal with your hunger.

You know that feeling after going through a high-calorie bulking phase, and suddenly you have to stop a lot of that food. 

Getting rid of some of the food will be welcome.

But your body is likely to start sending you those signals to go for the snack drawer in the pantry.

The more support you can get from your supplement to keep you feeling full for longer, the better your chances are to lose some extra fat.

4 - Compare The Dosage


This can be a bit difficult, but it’s an important thing to factor in.

Before you decide which products to choose, you need to carefully look at the dosage of each ingredient. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should automatically go for the strongest products.

Men and women have very different needs, and products designed for a male bodybuilder might not suit the average size woman.

Also, keep in mind that stuff like caffeine might give you some negative effects if you take a very large dose.

5 - Choose A Budget

As you can see, the above cutting fsupplements come in a wide range of prices. There are products for every budget, and setting yourself a price is important.

Now, I would say that when you’re bodybuilding, you’ll probably only want to take these supplementation for weight loss for a few weeks.

So, even if some of the products seem expensive at first, it’s not going to be an ongoing expense.


What Supplements Help Cut Fat?

Thermogenic supplements like turmeric, caffeine, and pepper may help cut fat during training. They work by slightly raising your body temperature, which uses energy from stored body fat.

Are Protein Shakes Good for Cutting?

Yes, protein shakes may be good for cutting. High-protein diets have been shown to help with losing some pounds, as they may encourage the body to source more energy from body fat which can promote weight loss.

And The Best Supplement for Cutting Is

Out of all the products we have tested, PhenQ is what we keep recommending as the best cutting supplement to serious bodybuilders. We’ve seen athletes lose weight at much faster rates than planned without having to battle constant hunger cravings.

The great thing is that it comes with a money-back guarantee.

So, if you don’t get the expected lean muscles you’re looking for, then it’s not going to be a waste of money.

Order yours today and then let us know on social media how it worked out for you.

Other users have also found it effective for fat loss. The images here speak for themselves:

Taylah results PhenQ

Nicola Before After v2

Our #1 Recommendation


Ingredient Quality
Overall Score 4.8
  • Claims to use only scientifically proven ingredients
  • Seems to work well for appetite suppression
  • Good bulk-order discounts available
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • The formula might be a bit strong for women


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