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Zotrim Review (2022 Updated) A Remedy or Another Scam?

Tracy Thompson
Published by Tracy Thompson
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Last updated: March 25, 2022

I always tell my clients that more than half the weight loss and cutting phases comes down to healthy eating habits and monitoring daily calorie intake. And as a fitness coach, I have always been careful when promoting weight loss supplements.

Here's the thing with products like Zotrim.

Based on our research with dietitians, they often contain unproven ingredients or don't contain enough proven ingredients. In either situation, you can just end up wasting your time and effort while seeing no change in your BMI.

So, we got some clients to help us out to see if we could find anything positive for this Zotrim review.

What Is Zotrim?

zotrim products

Zotrim is a fat burner supplement for women produced by a company called Health Nutrition Limited from the UK.

Its main idea is to support people with weight loss goals to overcome bad eating habits and trigger natural fat-burning processes.

The formula has changed only slightly over the past ten years with the addition of a small amount of caffeine and vitamins.

It comes in capsule form that you take just before eating meals, which may spread out the thermogenic effect over more hours of the day [1].

The company also claims that it's an appetite suppressant to curb food cravings.

And that was one of the effects we were most interested in because so many people fail with their diets when they reach for junk food on a daily basis.

It also claims to help boost energy levels with some mental stimulants included.

What you have to keep in mind, though, is that this is not some magic pill that you can take to avoid regular exercise and a balanced diet. You will still need to pay close attention to your food intake to make any difference.

Suited for Women

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Ingredient Quality
Product Effectiveness
Overall Score 3.7

Benefits of Zotrim

So the first thing we liked about this weight loss supplement is that it only contains natural herbs and vitamins without any weird chemicals. That should mean that you won't have any nasty stomach issues.

There are also ingredients that help with a mental focus at work, the gym, and life in general.

I personally found that it did make me feel full for longer, which can help promote weight loss. But I would add that it might not be strong enough for longer intermittent fasting periods.

Does Zotrim Have Downsides?

The main issue I have with Zotrim is that the formula is nowhere near enough suited for weight loss goals. Yes, it will help you eat less, but thermogenic ingredients are the best way to lose a few more pounds.

There is some caffeine content, but the daily dose is less than a cup of coffee, so that won't really trigger much fat burning.

I also didn’t like that the Zotrim ingredients label is a bit confusing. It doesn't tell you how many mg of each item is in it but rather a percentage. That means you don't have the exact amount to plan stacking with other supplements.

  • Contains only natural ingredients that don't seem to cause stomach upset
  • Some positive comments about boosted focus and mental energy
  • Seems to work for stopping food cravings in between meals
  • Multiple capsules a day make it easier to adjust the dose
  • Not enough thermogenic effect from ingredients to support fat loss
  • It's difficult to decipher the exact nutritional value of ingredients on the label, making stacking difficult

Our Overall Rating

Here is our overall rating for Zotrim:

  • Ingredient Quality: 3.5/5*
  • Capsule Size: 4.5/5*
  • Price: 4/5*

The main problem is the proprietary formula and our test results that indicate that it’s not strong enough.

How Does Zotrim Work?

female taking a pill

Unlike other weight loss pills, Zotrim aims to mainly target your appetite and mental focus to help you lose weight.

Those are positive approaches to personal health and well-being, and they should make eating healthy foods a bit easier.

When you don't constantly crave snacks in between meals, it's more likely that you'll eat fewer calories.

It also provides a small caffeine intake, but it's probably not enough to increase metabolism and more fat burning.

Multiple studies have shown that doses of over 200 mg bring the best results [2].

Zotrim Ingredients

There are five active ingredients that are mainly based on plant extracts. And here's what my dietitian had to say about each of them.

Damiana Leaf Extract

This traditional herbal medicine has been long used as a type of aphrodisiac. But it seems like most studies suggest that it may help with several positive effects for stomach issues [3].

The Zotrim documentation claims that this helps improve your general mood and makes you less prone to comfort eating. This is not something our clients confirmed feeling, and that is probably down to a low dosage amount.

Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is an herbal extract from South America that has been shown to have several benefits if you want to lose weight.

Yerba Mate may allow for extra energy expenditure during exercise, and we have seen success stories about it helping as an appetite suppressant. And one study, in particular, found positive results on reducing the body's ability to produce more fat cells [4].

Guarana Seed Extract

You may be familiar with this ingredient if you've had an energy drink like Monster or RedBull. It's a stimulating seed with a stronger effect than caffeine [5].

Personally, I have found that it helps you remain energetic for an active lifestyle. So if you have a busy job, hectic family life, and want to maintain a certain level of diet and exercise, this could be a good one to have.


Caffeine is known to influence your metabolic rate through an effect called thermogenesis [6]. By burning more calories and fat even when not exercising, it can help with losing weight, even if it's just a few grams a day.

The only problem I have is that the dosage of 75 mg per day is less than a cup of coffee and just not enough to make a meaningful difference.

Vitamins B3 and B6

B vitamins play an important role in releasing the energy from carbs, and getting a boost like this could help when you're in a calorie deficit period for losing a few pounds [7].

While you can get plenty of these through eating meat, many diets will result in you not only eating less but also less meat. For health purposes, it's a good thing to add, but the big question is whether the dosage is large enough and the Zotrim label doesn't specify it.

Where Can You Buy Zotrim?

We have seen Zotrim for sale on Amazon, but we always recommend going to a company’s official website to avoid ending up with a fake supplement.

Zotrim has a good online store, and they offer regular discounts and bulk-order offers. Unfortunately, free shipping is only available on bulk orders, so if you plan to use Zotrim by ordering a single pack at a time, then it's going to work out expensive.

We also found that shipping takes about 3 to 4 days for the order we placed, which isn't the fastest either.

Suited for Women

zotrim product sample


Ingredient Quality
Product Effectiveness
Overall Score 3.7

How Does Zotrim Compare To Other Products?

different containers of pills and capsules

This is an important comparison we also make with the few products that we have had proven good results from.

By comparing our personal and client data from those using Zotrim to previous results we've had with other products, we can tell you exactly how well it works.

Our data shows that we have seen far better results with PhenQ to support a weight loss process.

The main reason we can see is that PhenQ has a better formula with scientific proof for ingredients like Chromium, L-carnitine, and caffeine.

These are also in an optimum dosage to support both stopping hunger and burning off some fat.

Other fat burners you may want to check out:

Online Zotrim Reviews

5 stars in a blue background

The last thing we did was read through hundreds of online customer reviews from people with experience of taking Zotrim.

Here are two interesting ones.

Tracey had hit a plateau in her weight loss journey and wanted some support for extending her fasting periods. While she did find that using Zotrim helped with fasting, she didn't lose weight and switched to another product.  - Tracey From Oakland

Jon had a stack where he would take Zotrim and a thermogenic dietary supplement. This worked well for his cutting phases, but he didn't think that Zotrim on its own would work. - Jon From Seattle


Does Zotrim Have Caffeine?

Yes, Zotrim has some caffeine, and you have to be careful when you take it. The dosage is small at 75 mg per day, but it could mess with your sleep if you take Zotrim later in the day.

Is It Safe to Take Zotrim Long-Term?

Yes, taking Zotrim is safe long term. The ingredients generally don't cause side effects, and when you have a balanced diet, they shouldn't cause any issues.

Should You Use Zotrim For Your Weight Loss Program?

While Zotrim doesn't advertise that it helps you lose weight quickly, we just didn't find enough support to recommend it for long-term benefits either. It seems to work well enough on your hunger, but not on burning extra calories.

For this, we still recommend PhenQ, which has a formula that has worked for many of our clients who have struggled with weight gain. The main ingredients are chromium, L-carnitine, and caffeine which are easy on the stomach.

More importantly, they are in a strong enough dose based on clinical trials to boost your metabolism as much as possible in a natural way.

We Recommend This Instead


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