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Animal Cuts Review:
Is It Effective For Weight Loss?

Tyler Sellers
Published by Tyler Sellers
Fact checked by Donald Christman, BHSc FACT CHECKED
Last updated: November 7, 2021

As a bodybuilder and personal trainer, I’m always struggling with the battle of cutting without losing muscle mass.

And many of my clients also look for ways to get into shape and lose some body fat a bit quicker than just by eating healthy and exercising.

Animal Cuts fat burner is one supplement that promises to help here, but many of these products tend to promise more than they deliver.

So, we did some extensive research with a nutritionist and tested it out with some clients.

What Is Animal Cuts Fat Burner?

Product image for Animal Cuts

Animal Cuts fat burner is one of the most recent weight loss products to hit the market. It’s a dietary supplement aimed at helping with body fat loss using all-natural ingredients.

More on those shortly.

The supplement is delivered in small packs that contain 8 different pills to target very specific body responses.

These range from stimulating your brain to boosting your metabolism, reducing stress, and improving your energy levels.

It’s quite a unique approach to providing a weight loss product, as most other supplements would simply provide one pill or a powder to drink before your workout routine starts.

The company that makes Animal Cuts also says that this allows people more flexibility with the dosage, especially when it comes to the stimulants that could mess up your sleep if you took them later in the day.

Now, let’s take a look at what Animal Cuts contains.

Suitable For Men & Women

Animal Cuts product image

Animal Cuts

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Animal Cuts Ingredients

Supplement Facts of Animal Cuts Fat Burner

One thing I should point out is that the company hides behind a proprietary blend, which means you don’t know exactly what amounts each ingredient has.

Here’s what Animal Cuts contains. It’s broken down into 8 sections because it’s provided in 8 different capsules.

We also had our nutritionist look at the ingredients to see if they are supported by any scientific evidence.

1. Stimulant Complex (750 mg)

Ingredients: Caffeine Anhydrous, Yerba Mate, Raspberry Ketones, Kola Nut, Guarana, Coleus Forskohlii, Evodiamine.

Animal Cuts has a very high stimulant content. It’s a mix of caffeine anhydrous and other central nervous stimulants like yerba mate, and there is evidence from studies that suggests it may boost brain energy levels [1].

The idea is that this mix may give you enough mental stimulation to help with everyday activities and to remain focused and motivated during your exercise routine.

I would also say that these are not uncommon in fat burners, with caffeine having thermogenic properties as well.

2. Metabolic Complex (750 mg)

Ingredients: Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea Extract, White And Black Tea Extract, Oolong Tea Extract.

This is where things should become interesting for weight loss.

The product mixes raw coffee bean extract with different tea leaves. The main support for the metabolic function we could find is around the coffee bean and green tea.

However, they may provide a metabolic boost due to the caffeine they contain. Overall, there is evidence to support the metabolic boosting capabilities [2], but we just think that other fat burners have a more comprehensive list of ingredients with proven fat melting abilities.

3. Thyroid Complex

Olive Leaf Extract and Salvia Officinalis

Ingredients: L-Tyrosine, Olive Leaf Extract, Salvia Officinalis.

I’ll try my best not to bore you with some physiology facts, but it’s important to understand how the thyroid gland influences your weight.

Depending on how active the thyroid is in developing hormones, you can see either people who struggle with weight loss or people who can eat all they want and not gain a pound.

I know, it’s quite unfair.

“Since the BMR in the patient with hypothyroidism (see Hypothyroidism brochure) is decreased, an underactive thyroid is generally associated with some weight gain. The weight gain is often greater in those individuals with more severe hypothyroidism.” -

Unfortunately, there is limited scientific evidence to prove that these ingredients help to regulate your thyroid, so we’re a bit skeptical about these [3].

4. Water Shedding Complex

Ingredients: Dandelion Root, Uva Ursi Leaf, Hydrangea Root, Buchu Leaf, Juniper Berry, Celery Seed.

So, shedding water weight is sometimes a good thing if your body is retaining excess amounts. This may sometimes happen during bulking phases and when you use certain types of pre-workout supplements.

However, getting rid of water weight might also give you the false impression that fat burning is working.

Personally, this is a pill I would skip as it’s not the right way to lose weight.

5. Nootropic Complex

Bacopa Monniera and Huperzine

Ingredients: DMAE, Cocoa Powder, Bacopa Monniera, Huperzine.

Technically I would put raspberry ketones from the stimulant complex in here as well, as I take one nootropic that contains it.

There’s also reasonable evidence that these work to stimulate brain activity and brain chemistry. But to be honest, I don’t see much point in having them in a product that claims to burn fat.

Yeah, it’s a nice bonus, but I’d rather stick with a dedicated nootropic product.

6. Cortisol Inhibiting Complex

Ingredients: Ashwagandha Root Extract, Eleutherococcus Senticosus, Phosphatidylserine, Magnolia Bark Extract.

Cortisol is often referred to as the stress hormone, but strictly speaking, it’s a disrupted cortisol cycle that may cause your stress levels to increase.

There’s certainly evidence to suggest that stress is directly linked to weight issues, but I’m not entirely convinced that a few herbal ingredients may make a big enough difference.

This pill shouldn’t do you any harm, but if you have a stressful work and family life, then I wouldn’t expect this to make a huge difference.

7. CCK Boosting Complex

Apple Pectin and Cinnamon

Ingredients: Cha-de-bugre, Apple Pectin, Cinnamon.

This is an interesting pill, and it could help folks that have to go from eating a calorie surplus for bulking to a deficit for cutting.

CCK refers to cholecystokinin, which is a hormone tied to your appetite. More of the hormone may make extended fasting periods that little bit easier.

We did find some studies that support that these ingredients may help you better deal with hunger [4].

8. Bioavailability Complex

Ingredients: Piper Nigrum Extract, Ginger Root, Cayenne, Grapefruit, Quercetin, Naringin.

This is something that many folks overlook when taking a supplement product.

It’s one thing getting a load of ingredients into your stomach. But your digestive system has to be able to absorb them effectively.

That’s why you often see fat burners with things like cayenne pepper and ginger, as they may speed up micronutrient absorption to make the supplements more effective.

Overall, there’s just not enough to the metabolic complex to effectively burn fat. I just wish they had focused more on that area and reduced the number of pills.


What Does It Do To Your Body?

weight loss

OK, so we’ve looked at all the fancy nutritional info in this complete cutting stack, but what exactly does it all mean for your body.

To help explain this, I want to take a look at three main areas.

1. Thermogenic Boost

The main ingredients in Animal Cuts work by triggering a process called thermogenesis [5].

It’s a fancy term that means your body slightly raises the core temperature by burning off some additional fat.

When combined with a healthy calorie deficit diet, this may help to melt away more fat.

2. Appetite Suppression

Animal Cuts fat burner also claims to have ingredients that may help lower the effects of hunger cravings within the first three weeks.

This is one area that holds a lot of people back as the odd little candy bar or donut all add up to undoing all your hard work from the gym training sessions.

P.S. You can try RSP Liquid Burn since it's a good appetite suppressing fat burner.

Related: Are Appetite Suppressant Safe?

3. Water Shedding

Taking Animal Cuts may also result in lower water retention in muscles. Yes, this can quickly reduce the number you see on the weighing scales.

But it’s not really fat burning at it’s best.

And based on the Animal Cuts review comments we read in forums, it seems like most people lose weight in the form of water in those first few weeks.

Other fat burners we've reviewed:

Pros and Cons

The first thing I’d highlight is that quite a few people have commented that Animal Cuts may have helped them to burn off more fat.

I believe this is mainly the case due to the caffeine and a few other thermogenics, but those could also go against you.

We saw a few review comments that mentioned jitters and sleepless nights.

The other thing we didn’t find many supporting review comments on is appetite suppression, so it might fall short there as well.

  • Some of the ingredients might work well to boost weight loss
  • It’s easy to avoid the caffeine and other stimulants by skipping the red pill
  • Animal Cuts contains a lot of stimulants that might make you jittery
  • It doesn’t seem to work all that well to keep hunger cravings away
  • You need to take a lot of capsules each day

Suitable For Men & Women

Animal Cuts product image

Animal Cuts

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Side Effects

The first feedback I got from our nutritionist is that she wouldn’t expect major side effects, as all the ingredients are deemed generally safe.

Now, if you have a particularly sensitive stomach, then you might want to avoid taking all 8 capsules at the same time. That could cause some cramping or bloating.

The other one of the side effects to mention is that you’ll be taking a lot of caffeine. We didn’t really see customer complaints about this, mainly because you could skip the red capsule and avoid stimulants altogether.

Overall, I wouldn’t have too many concerns about the safety of the product.

However, if you experience some slight side effects, you may want to check out PhenQ - It's a well known fat burner and one I usually recommend to clients. PhenGold or Lean-XT are also on my list of recommended products.

Alternatively you can see our list of recommended fat burners for men.

Animal Cuts Customer Reviews

Animal Cuts Feedback

To give you a better understanding of what the general public thinks about this product, we pulled up some customer reviews we thought were interesting.

He did start seeing results after one week, but the side effects from the stimulants meant he was a bit jittery. When he cut out those capsules, the results slowed down as well. It seems like it might only work with the full dose. - Steve from Amsterdam

Joe didn’t suffer any side effects but does suggest taking the second lot of capsules just after lunch. He experienced positive results for weight loss and tended to cycle this product every few months.  - Joe from Ontario

Simon was overall quite happy and has continued to use this product for his cutting phases. He’s an amateur bodybuilder and often struggled with losing fat without dropping some muscle mass as well.  - Simon from Phoenix

This was a more negative Animal Cuts review, but it seems like Harry does have problems with other similar supplements. It could be down to a sensitive stomach, so keep that in mind. - Harry from LA


How Much Weight Can You Lose With Animal Cuts?

Some users have reported that you can lose up to 20 pounds with Animal Cuts. A lot of that will depend on how much water your body has retained and what your overall diet and exercise routine looks like.

How Long Does It Take for Animal Cuts to Work?

It takes about 3 weeks for Animal Cuts to work. Some users have reported results after a week, but you generally need to allow your body to gradually adapt to a new metabolic rate.

Does Animal Cuts Have Caffeine?

Yes, Animal Cuts has caffeine and some other stimulants as well. The dose is also quite high, which you have to consider if you plan on taking it later in the day where it could mess up your sleep and recovery time.

What Should You Take With Animal Cuts?

You should take Animal Cuts with a small meal first thing in the morning. Because you have to take quite a few different capsules, it’s not best to take all of them on an empty stomach to avoid discomfort.

Is Animal Cuts Worth It?

Based on our client’s feedback and Animal Cuts review comments in forums and other groups, we just think that the side effects of stimulants might be a bit too severe.

That’s why we wouldn’t recommend this product.

We still believe that PhenQ is one of the best fat burner supplements, and it continues to be the most popular with our clients.

While it also contains caffeine, the dosage is within safe limits and coupled with a scientifically backed list of fat burning ingredients.

Order yours today and then report back to us what the results were like.

Our #1 Recommendation


Ingredient quality
Overall Score 4.8
  • Boosts energy for better gym performance
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Improves overall mood and brain function
  • Replenishes body's lost electrolytes
  • Can be only purchased through the company website

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