PhenQ vs LeanBean (2024) Everything Changed This Year

Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BSc, CPT
Published by Lisa Lorraine Taylor, BSc, CPT | Staff Writer
Last updated: June 19, 2024
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Two of the best fat burner products on the market right now are LeanBean and PhenQ.

Whether it’s reducing BMI to a minimum for a professional athlete, or just losing some unwanted love handles, while both of them work very well, your results can be impacted if you make the wrong choice.

After having both male and female clients test them and getting their feedback, I’ve put together this guide on how both products work, their benefits, potential side effects, and ultimately how you can make the right decision.

What Is PhenQ?


PhenQ is a popular fat burning supplement that has clinically proven thermogenic ingredients. Wolfson Berg, the company behind PhenQ, claims that they have created more than a standard fat burning supplement. It supposedly contains ingredients that help stop the production of new fat.

If you’ve ever experienced the yo-yo effect on your weighing scales, then you know how weight loss efforts can play some evil tricks on you.

Studies show that PhenQ is also one of those weight loss supplements that makes use of stimulants like caffeine.

Our test results show that combining it with the right diet and fitness regime, this can have quite an impact on fat loss as well as increase mental energy levels and motivation.*

The final highlighted feature in many online review comments is that it can work well to help with appetite and hunger cravings, especially during fasting periods.*

These are often the times when most people fail and give in to those sugary snacks.

Since I started taking PhenQ, I have increased my energy levels and significantly reduced body fat over two months. Despite containing caffeine, it didn't disrupt my sleep, showcasing its balanced ingredient profile.

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What Is Leanbean?

leanbean pink product bottle

LeanBean is one of the leading weight-loss supplements and one of the very few fat burners that has been specifically designed for women. It also claims to be one of the most effective solutions for weight loss without the use of stimulants.

One of the most important effects we noticed during testing is that it’s not just designed for weight loss, but also works quite well as an appetite suppressant.

These features might sound rather simple, but they have resulted in a product that the entire team at Total Shape has placed at the top of our list when recommending a female fat burning supplement.

A female member of my team tried Leanbean and within the first few weeks, she mentioned a decrease in cravings and a reduction in fluid retention over time. After three months, her transformation was evident, attributing a significant role to Leanbean in her progress.

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LeanBean Fat Burner

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Basically, you won’t need to work out smaller doses for your weight loss goals, and you get a formula that can help with the flabby stuff as well as hunger cravings.

We talk more about this in our full LeanBean review article, and comparison of Leanbean to ​another fat burner. Make sure to watch our video below to learn more.


Our Testing Approach

A number of our male and female clients showed a keen interest in evaluating the comparative effects of Leanbean and PhenQ. To ensure a consistent and focused study, we included participants from both genders.

We divided them into two separate groups, with each group assigned to test one of the supplements over a period of eight weeks.

Prior to initiating the study, we conducted a thorough analysis of their existing diet, exercise routines, body fat percentage, and current rate of weight loss to establish a clear starting point.

Throughout the experiment, both groups experienced notable fat loss, as evidenced by changes in body metrics. However, we observed that women achieved better results with LeanBean since it has a unique female formula.

Common Ingredients

Here at TotalShape, we are big fans of natural ingredients and supplements that are not unnecessarily stuffed with fillers and artificial crap that sounds like it should be in some chemistry lab.

The good news is that during our research for this LeanBean and PhenQ comparison, we got confirmation from dietitians that all the ingredients would be classified as natural.



As it turns out, this mineral has been linked to reducing insulin resistance, according to a study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry [1].

This is an important signal in your body that tells muscles to use up more blood glucose for energy.

So, it looks like the scientists in both companies find this equally critical to creating their weight loss supplements.

Now, onto the unique stuff...

Leanbean vs Phenq Unique Ingredients

So, with limited similarities, the question is: what’s the difference between LeanBean and PhenQ?



Phenq Unique Ingredients

1. Capsimax

This is a blend of different peppers that have been proven to have thermogenic effects.

One study from BMC Obesity found that subjects who took 4mg of capsimax a day experienced a change in body fat after 12 weeks of treatment (at 5.91% more than placebo subjects after adjustment for covariates (p = 0.0402))[2].

Basically, this ingredient raises your body temperature slightly by releasing the energy stored in body fat.

2. Caffeine Anhydrous

Yes, that morning trip to Starbucks can actually be affecting your waistline, with countless studies showing that caffeine burns fat at moderate doses. One study from Obesity Research found that subjects who consumed caffeine lost 5.9 +/-1.8 (SD) kg (7.0 +/- 2.1%) of body weight (p < 0.001) [3].

Plus, caffeine gives you a nice mental boost to stay motivated. If you're sensitive to caffeine, this ingredient might cause you to have some jitters if you take too much of it.

3. Nopal

Who would have thought that a cactus called nopal can help with your weight loss? The fiber that is extracted from this plant helps to make you feel full for longer parts of the day to help with fasting.

The high fiber content of nopal helps to regulate your appetite and reduce the amount of fat in your body by helping your body to break down and excrete the fat.

- Allison Adams, Registered Dietitian

4. L-Carnitine

This amino acid can help in two ways. First, it releases energy from fat, which helps with your weight loss journey. But that energy is then also available to other body functions, so you don’t feel as drained while dieting and building muscle mass [4].


Fibers Eggs Vitamin Chloride Zinc and Green Coffee Bean

The first thing to note is that LeanBean is caffeine and stimulant-free which will suit those that are more sensitive to these substances. However, they still contain ingredients that can have positive effects on your metabolism.

1. Konjac Fiber

Similar to the Nopal contained in PhenQ, this soluble dietary fiber turns into a gel-like substance that can help you feel full and make your digestion more effective [5].

2. Choline

Once your metabolism has broken body fat down into fatty acids, the contained energy has to be transported to your muscles. Choline has been shown to help with that delivery process [6].

3. Vitamin B6, B12

If you’ve ever felt drained or constantly tired, then a lack of B6 and B12 is a likely cause. With even a small boost, you can combat tiredness, especially when you’re exercising a lot.

4. Chloride

Most people just think of potassium and sodium as the important electrolytes for hydration, but chloride plays an equally important role.

5. Zinc

Your metabolism, digestion, and hormonal balancing are all reliant on zinc, especially when you’re training on a regular basis [7].

6. Green Coffee Bean

This is possibly one of the most underrated antioxidants, but raw beans really are a wonder of nature, and they don’t have a potent caffeine kick.

Green coffee beans are the same as regular coffee beans, except that they haven't been roasted yet. They are high in a substance called Chlorogenic Acid

- Joe Leech, Health Blogger

7. Turmeric

This Asian spice is commonly found in curries, but it’s included in supplements for its thermogenic effect [8] as well as it’s impact on brain function.

8. Garcinia Cambogia

You may have noticed this fruit more often in health food stores, and it’s a great helper to deal with hunger and promote weight loss.

9. Acai Berry

This berry is believed to have positive effects on body mass [9], and you might have noticed it more commonly included in natural weight loss supplements.

10. Piperine

Not to be mistaken for the cayenne peppers listed under PhenQ, piperine is extracted from black peppers and plays a role in your digestive system to make it easier to absorb micronutrients.

Check out our ​LeanBean comparison with:

Ingredient PhenQ LeanBean
Caffeine Anhydrous
Konjac Fiber
Vitamin B6, B12
Green Coffee Bean
Garcinia Cambogia
Acai Berry

PhenQ vs LeanBean: When Should You Take These?

pills in bottle

This is probably the most significant difference between the PhenQ and LeanBean, besides the natural ingredients. Each of these comes in the form of pills, and both of them require that you take them multiple times a day.

Here are the recommendations that our testing team followed.

PhenQ is recommended as 1 pill with breakfast and one with dinner. It’s easy to remember, and most people like that it doesn’t mean they have to bring them out during the day.

LeanBean, on the other hand, requires 2 capsules to be taken 3 times a day with meals or snacks.

It does have the advantage of spreading the effects out more, but you’ll have to carry them with you during your weight loss process.

Do PhenQ and Leanbean Have Side Effects?

PhenQ and Leanbean have very limited side effects, based on my own experience with clients, and having read hundreds of fat burner review comments specifically for these two supplements.

PhenQ - If taken late in the day, the caffeine can cause jitters and insomnia. This is more common among people who suffer from caffeine or stimulant sensitivity.

LeanBean - In rare cases, it has caused some temporary nausea when taken on an empty stomach.

However, these are easily avoided, and most reviews don’t have any problems with side effects. Most recommend taking PhenQ earlier during the day while avoiding other stimulants like coffee or energy drinks.

But what about the price...

PhenQ vs LeanBean: How Much Do They Cost?

Over several months, my PhenQ and LeanBean test comparison involved monitoring special offers and prices. Because of the different dosages, it’s easiest to compare these fat burners based on a month’s supply.

Both PhenQ and Leanbean are sold at a premium price, making them on the more expensive side of fat-burning supplements. It's worth noting that both products offer bulk option which could save you money and lose weight in the long run. The single and bulk offers are within similar ranges.

While they are very comparable from a money perspective, price shouldn’t really be a huge deciding factor.

But how do you choose?

Choosing the Right Fat Burner

Toned man and woman

For most women, the female-friendly formula to lose weight is LeanBean, designed to burn fat without caffeine is just going to be hard to beat.

But, if you need that extra kick from stimulants to help boost physical and mental energy levels, then PhenQ really is a very good option to lose weight. I would recommend that my female performance athletes try out PhenQ as their top choice of supplements most of the time.

For my other clients who just want to lose weight, the recommendation generally is the appetite suppressant LeanBean. It ensures you don't end up with unwanted snacking during the day, especially during midnight.

Gender-Specific Effects of Leanbean and PhenQ

Leanbean is specifically marketed towards women, raising questions about its distinct effects on different genders, for example in areas like hormonal balance, metabolic rates, and weight loss patterns.

For instance, women might experience different fat distribution changes or appetite control effects due to hormonal variations. Understanding these nuances can guide users in choosing the most suitable supplement for their unique physiological needs and weight loss goals.

Long-Term Use and Sustainability of Leanbean and PhenQ

While detailed long-term data on Leanbean and PhenQ is limited, understanding their sustained effectiveness is key. Delving into how these supplements maintain results, the likelihood of tolerance development, and optimal usage duration is vital.

Based on our own experience and research into this supplements, we can say that we haven't encountered issues with long-term intake. Both products keep delivering results, and people our testers who achieved their ideal weight, regularly go back to to it to avoid fluctuations.


What is PhenQ’s Risk?

PhenQ’s risk is that while the weight loss pills are generally safe to consume, you should stick to the recommended dosage. The pills contain caffeine to boost energy, potentially affecting sleep if taken in excess.

How Does Leanbean Work?

Leanbean works as a supplement designed especially for women. It includes ingredients such as Glucomannan in clinically proven doses (3g per day) to support your fitness goals. This unique combination of fiber, vitamins, and botanical extracts satiates your body and reduces tiredness.

Our Verdict on PhenQ vs LeanBean

Looking at our test results, we highly recommend PhenQ as a top choice.

PhenQ is likely a better choice for women wanting to lose weight. It uses natural ingredients that can supercharge metabolism, reduce cravings, burn fat, and assist with weight loss.

PhenQ's main difference from LeanBean is its caffeine content. So if you think you need an extra boost from this stimulant and other thermogenic ingredients like Capsimax powder to enhance your physical performance, then PhenQ might work better.

For Men


Rated With Total Shape's Scoring System

  • One of the few vegan-friendly natural fat burners for women
  • For a fat burner, it does an above average job suppressing appetite
  • The caffeine dose from green tea extract is moderate
  • Your money back if you are not completely satisfied
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of June
  • May cause an upset stomach

* individual results may vary

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