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PhenQ vs Phen24 (2023 Review) Which One Should You Buy?

Tyler Sellers
Published by Tyler Sellers
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Last updated: October 3, 2022
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PhenQ and Phen24 are from the same company, and I wonder how they compare when it comes to helping a person lose weight.

Dietary supplements often get a bad reputation, especially if the same company is churning out one disappointing product after another.

So I am jumping in the PhenQ vs Phen24 debate. I did my research into both products and took a look at the results that they promised.

What are PhenQ and Phen24?

​PhenQ works by delivering five benefits that maximize fat-burning. It reduces stored body fat, suppresses the appetite, stops fat production, increases energy, and boosts mental focus. On the other hand, Phen24 speeds up your metabolism and activates thermogenesis in your body, even while you're asleep.

Phen24 night pills are taken before your last meal.

​They claim it can help you with fat loss every hour. It has a similar composition to other nighttime fat burners.


What Are The Similarities?

PhenQ bottle

The similarities between PhenQ and Phen24 are that they are both Phentermine alternatives, and my research into both products shows that they deliver similar benefits. I also discovered that they hardly cause any side effects if you use them properly.

Let’s discuss how these fat burners work to help you lose weight.

Suppresses Appetite

Both formulas contain natural fat burning ingredients that can suppress your appetite. It can help you eat appropriate serving sizes and reduce those late snacks.

PhenQ and the Phen24 formula both have chromium picolinate. Studies show that it’s an effective supplement to reduce cravings [1].

Suppresses Appetite

Both formulas contain natural fat burning ingredients that can suppress your appetite. It can help you eat appropriate serving sizes and reduce those late snacks.

PhenQ and the Phen24 formula both have chromium picolinate. Studies show that it’s an effective supplement to reduce cravings [1].

Increases Metabolism

phen24 thumb

The natural ingredients in both PhenQ and Phen24 can boost your metabolism, which may lead to an increase in body heat. More body heat equals more calories burned.

PhenQ and the Phen24 day formula both have several ingredients to support the metabolism, including capsicum, cayenne powder, and caffeine.

The night Phen24 weight loss pills affect your metabolism differently, and I’ll cover that in the next section.

If you’re curious about the best time to take your fat burner pill, read our detailed write up about it: When To Take Fat Burners

Boosts Energy Levels

Any good diet pills will also give you an increase in energy levels. You need more energy to burn through calories and aid your weight loss journey.

Both products have caffeine or green tea to support your energy and help your body get through tough workouts [2]. It’s a natural fat burner that helps your weight loss journey. However, take note that caffeine could end up making you feel jittery or unable to sleep at night.

Increases Metabolic Rate

Both supplements can help you with losing weight. As I mentioned earlier, the fat burner supplements increase your metabolic rate and reduce hunger cravings.

They aren’t magic pills, though. You still have to put in the work to burn fat. You need to have a calorie-reduced diet, exercise, and get plenty of rest to lose those extra pounds.

Weight loss pills may give you that extra push for losing weight faster. But it’s meant to supplement your diet, not replace it.

What Are The Differences?

PhenQ vs Phen24 conclusion banner

The main difference between PhenQ and Phen24 is that the former is designed for people looking to consume fewer calories to avoid weight gain. On the other hand, Phen24 is for individuals looking to boost their metabolism, even during the night.

We discuss it in more detail below.


As I mentioned earlier, the evening Phen24 pills work differently vs the day version and PhenQ. Your metabolism goes into a resting mode while you sleep. The nightly Phen24 pills adjust to that.

It helps support your metabolic rate but not in a way that increases energy. Instead, it boosts calmness, making it easier to sleep and get rest.


PhenQ contains a unique formula called a-Lacys Reset. It’s a scientifically-proven formula that helps to increase your metabolic rate and burn calories faster.

It has several ingredients that Phen24 doesn’t have in their formula, including nopal, l-carnitine, and capsimax powder.

PhenQ has been around the market a lot longer than Phen24, so there are more happy users. If you’re looking for a more established product, then you may want to consider PhenQ.

Other Supplements Matched Against PhenQ:

What Do People Say About PhenQ and Phen24?

I’ve encountered clients and read some reviews who said they liked the fat burn they got from PhenQ. People also report in these reviews that they had no side effects and had a great work out performance overall.

Phenq testimonial

I don’t personally know anyone who has used the Phen24 product, but here is one review that I found in my research:

Other weight loss supplements you can try:

PhenQ vs Phen24: Which Is Better For Weight Loss?

PhenQ and the day Phen24 supplements can help reduce your appetite, increase your metabolic rate, boost energy, and ultimately support weight loss.

The big difference is the night Phen24 supplements. Having that extra work while you sleep is a unique benefit that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

Although some users find it a hassle to take 2 pills, and because of this, Phen24 ends up pricier, too.

PhenQ, however, contains the a-Lacys reset, which is quite an interesting blend of scientifically proven weight loss and fat burning ingredients.

I don’t think you can go wrong with PhenQ or Phen24. But if you compare them head to head, PhenQ may give you better results without having to take a separate pill in the morning and another at night.

If you try out either one, let us know which one you think is best! We would love to learn and support your weight loss goals and results.

Other users have also found it effective for fat loss. The images here speak for themselves:

Taylah results PhenQ

Nicola Before After v2

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  • Block body fat production to stop weight gain
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  • Cons
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