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PhenQ Vs PhenQ Ultra (2023 Updated) Opt For The Best One

Tyler Sellers
Published by Tyler Sellers | Senior Coach
Last updated: September 16, 2023
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When it comes to weight loss supplements, the one product that our team at Total Shape recommends to athletes and those trying to lose a few pounds is PhenQ.

But I recently had a client show me a new bottle he received called PhenQ Ultra. I was a bit suspicious, as I hadn't received anything from the company about this in their recent newsletters.

So, we decided to do some research and look into this, and consequently, we decided to verify this new product the only way that actually matters - through a head-on PhenQ vs PhenQ Ultra comparison.

PhenQ and PhenQ Ultra Key Differences

Two cyan blue bottles of slightly different hue on the ground

The main difference between PhenQ and PhenQ Ultra is that only the original named version is an official product by Wolfson Brand Ltd.

This is a reputable brand from the UK with a long history of making weight loss supplements.

It’s a fat burner entirely based on natural ingredients that influence metabolic rates and hunger cravings.

On the other hand, PhenQ Ultra is only available with a few resellers on popular online eCommerce stores. And when we ordered a bottle, the whole packaging and ingredient list looked wrong.

Let’s take a closer look at what our thorough research revealed about these products.

Features Head to Head

We broke our research down by product so that you can see exactly what the differences are.


A person running on a treadmill with PhenQ in the foreground

The first thing we did for this PhenQ vs PhenQ Ultra comparison was to research the label before we put it to the test.

Ingredient Formula

Here is a breakdown of the PhenQ ingredients and what scientific research says about them.

Capsicum Blend

You’ll often see this as Capsimax powder on fat-burning supplements, and this is an extract from chili peppers.

There is plenty of scientific evidence that it can influence your metabolic rate and boost how many calories you burn to release more energy [1].

It might also help with satiety, which means that you’ll feel full for longer and avoid snacking between meals.

Chromium Picolinate

And speaking of appetite, PhenQ also contains chromium, which has been shown to directly influence your body’s hunger signals [2]. My dietitian mentioned that it had become one of those secret weapons in the weight loss industry because of this significant impact on the body.

“Food intake was reduced by 25 percent among overweight women receiving the chromium supplements, compared to an 8 percent reduction in the placebo group, according to findings of the randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study.”

- Stephen Daniells, Writer at


This is probably one of the most heavily researched fat-burning ingredients. The most reliable scientific studies have shown a direct link between caffeine and a metabolic process called thermogenesis [3].

It’s the one fat-reducing ingredient that I always look for in supplements, as it can have the biggest impact on your weight.


Nopal is also becoming more popular in the dietary supplement industry because there is growing evidence that this fiber has a direct impact on appetite suppression [4]. And even more interestingly, this research has also shown that it could slow down the processing of sugar and unhealthy fats.

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L-Carnitine Fumarate

L-Carnitine Fumarate is an amino acid that influences how the body transports fatty acids from fat storage to muscles [5]. The more quickly those fatty acids move, the less of a bottleneck you might end up with.

Essentially, this should make the whole process, from breaking down fat to burning off the energy, work more effectively.


A woman outside with PhenQ in the foreground

To find out whether PhenQ still works as well as our previous test results showed, we got a group of nine people to go through one week of training without a weight loss supplement.

We followed that with a week of doing the same training routine, but this time with a daily dose of PhenQ.

What we found is that it does have good fat-burning properties, as most of our test group noted a faster reduction in their BMI than before.

Just as important was what they said about it working as an appetite suppressant. All of them found it easier to either extend fasting times or cut out snacking in between meals.

PhenQ also seems to work well to prevent new fat cells from increasing in size, which makes weight management easier.


One thing I really like about PhenQ is that it comes in small bottles and the capsules are small and easy to get down. Most diet pills these days try to get everything into one capsule, and those can get quite large.

With PhenQ, I can simply put the bottle in my bag if I plan to take it later in the day.

  • Effective supplement to boost how many calories you burn throughout the day
  • Users find that it also boosts their mood and energy levels
  • The diet pills are small and easy to swallow
  • Comes with a great money-back guarantee for a risk-free trial
  • You can only buy it directly on the official website

Tailored For Men and Women

PhenQ product on white background


Overall Score 4.9

PhenQ Ultra

PhenQ Ultra in the foreground with a person in the background lifting a dumbbell

Now it’s time to look at PhenQ Ultra and see where it came from and what it’s about.

Ingredient Formula

We ordered a bottle and noticed that the packaging and labels were very different.

Capsimax Powder

Capsimax has been shown to have two benefits for getting your body in shape. First of all, it can boost your metabolism and help you burn off more calories. Secondly, scientists have shown that it works as an appetite suppressant as well [6].

Alpha Lipoic Acid

This is a common ingredient in the supplement industry, and there are studies that confirm it can have a positive impact on fat [7]. The problem is that this PhenQ Ultra product lists a proprietary blend with cysteine for a total of 25 mg.

First of all, I don’t like seeing proprietary blends as it makes stacking very difficult. Secondly, that dosage looks like it’s very low as the studies mentioned above all used significantly higher doses.

Caffeine Anhydrous

PhenQ Ultra also lists caffeine as one of the main ingredients. It contains 142.5 mg, which is a bit more than one and a half cups of brewed coffee [8]. It’s a reasonable amount, but some people like to have a higher dose, especially for a supplement that you typically take in the morning.


This is a form of vitamin B3, and there are studies that have shown a positive overall health benefit. It could also be helpful for removing liver fat, which could significantly improve liver function [9].

I just don’t see how this will help PhenQ Ultra as a fat metabolism booster.

Black Pepper

And finally, I’ll mention that PhenQ Ultra also contains some black pepper extract. You’ll find this in many different supplements, and its main goal is to make it easier for your body to absorb other ingredients [10].


A person holding dumbbells in the gym with PhenQ Ultra in the foreground

OK, we took the chance and did a similar test with PhenQ Ultra, relying on a few of our team members and clients who volunteered to run a test. We did the same thing and started with a baseline week of training with any diet supplements.

Then we went through a week of training with PhenQ Ultra.

Regarding the ‘fat burn’ effect, our results showed that it’s significantly lower with PhenQ Ultra. And that is a total giveaway that this is some form of counterfeit product. I can’t see the PhenQ makers creating a product called PhenQ Ultra and making it less effective.

Also, PhenQ Ultra isn’t available on the official website that Wolfson Brand Ltd. operates under.


Having looked at the PhenQ and PhenQ Ultra diet pills side-by-side, they seem to be the same shape and size. That means both products are easy to swallow, and you can bring the bottle anywhere in your bag.

I generally like doing this to split the dose or to take it later in the day for a caffeine boost when I’m not at home.

  • PhenQ Ultra contains a decent dose of caffeine that shouldn’t cause jitters
  • Includes Capsimax as a proven metabolic booster
  • Pills are easy to swallow without getting stuck in your throat
  • This diet pill seems to be a counterfeit product not made by the same company as PhenQ
  • PhenQ Ultra has a lower impact on appetite and fat metabolism

Stand Out Research Findings

A scientist looking at a person's vitals

Here I want to draw your attention to a few important features of these products.


Proven Ingredients

The PhenQ diet pills have a carefully researched formula, and we were able to find reliable scientific literature on each ingredient to support its use in a diet supplement.

Not only that, but none of our testing team members reported a side effect while taking PhenQ. And online reviews also don’t mention any major issues when taking the recommended dose.


Based on our experience and all the PhenQ reviews we read online, this is a great product for athletes in a cutting phase, as well as people trying to lose a few pounds for health reasons.

All our testing has shown that the right diet and workout routine combined with PhenQ can significantly speed up your progress towards your fitness goals.

PhenQ Ultra

Limited Dosage

One thing my dietitian immediately pointed out was that while some ingredients on the PhenQ Ultra label were chosen based on scientific evidence, the dosage was way too low to make enough of a difference.

And considering that most online retailers charge a lot more for it than PhenQ, it really is a bad way to spend your money.


Overall, I can’t see any suitable target group for PhenQ Ultra. There are just too many question marks over who makes it and what the background is since it’s not from the same reliable company as PhenQ.

Add to that the fact that it’s a lot more expensive and doesn’t work anywhere near as well as the original; it should be a no-go product.


How Many Times A Day Do You Take PhenQ?

You take PhenQ once or twice a day. The recommended intake is in the morning before breakfast. But many people like to spread out the dosage by taking a morning and a lunchtime pill.

Can You Take Two PhenQ Weight Loss Pills At Once?

Yes, you can take two PhenQ pills at once. It’s the recommended dose per day, but I would not advise taking twice the number of pills. Such a high dose could make you jittery and cause mood swings.

Which Product Will Help You Lose Weight?

Based on our research and testing, we would recommend that You only buy PhenQ. The PhenQ Ultra product that seems to be available with several online retailers looks like it’s a counterfeit product.

Not only is it nowhere near as effective as other fat burners, but you could be taking risks with the quality and purity of the ingredients.

Try adding PhenQ to your healthy diet plan and keep up with your workout routine to see how much of a difference this product can make.

Tailored For Men and Women


PhenQ product on white background
Overall Score 4.9
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Blocks body fat production to stop weight gain
  • Improves your mood and energy levels
  • High-quality, all-natural formula
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of September
  • Can be only purchased through the company website
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