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weighted vest for running
By Tyler Sellers 3 months ago
The Best Weighted Vest For Running:
Reviews and Buyer’s Guide
Weight vests are an excellent way to get the maxim results out of your running. You’d be surprised how much they can help to prepare you for competitive events. Or to drop a few extra pounds. But before you just pick up the first weight vest you can find, make sure you consider this. There are products that are suitable for strength training like push-ups and pull-ups, but they will likely... Read more >
By Connor Sellers 4 months ago
The Best Folding Exercise Bikes
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide
Doing a cardio workout at home is one of the best ways to bridge trips to the gym or other exercise classes. And folding bikes can make that workout routine a lot more effective without causing trouble at home with large training equipment taking up too much space. The problem with a lot of the folding exercise bikes is that they are too flimsy or have limited features. You definitely want to... Read more >
recommended mini exercise bikes
By Isaac Robertson 4 months ago
The Best Mini Exercise Bikes That Are Small and Portable
In a busy world like ours, mini exercise bikes are definitely a game-changer. They allow you to perform low-impact exercises in the comfort of your own home even while you're doing something else. This makes them a great alternative for those of you who can't hit the gym regularly. Our team recently went on a quest for the best mini exercise bikes in stores today. And after weeks of testing,... Read more >
Cardio machine
By Connor Sellers 4 months ago
What’s the Best Cardio Machine?
Equipment for Your Home Gym
Cardio isn’t much fun. Or is it? Well, it can be fun, effective, and functional if you make the right choice. Should you hop on the elliptical as usual? Or perhaps the stationary bike or indoor rower would be better? But, nothing can beat a good jog or run! And you’ve heard the treadmill and stair climber are unsurpassed calorie burners. Which one is your best bet? Check out our list and... Read more >
header banner
By Connor Sellers 4 months ago
The Best Stair Climber Machine
Home Stepper Buyer’s Guide
Stair climbers are one of my top recommendations for our clients who require a low impact machine that specifically focuses on the lower body. If you’ve had any problems with treadmills or an elliptical machine, then it’s most likely down to the strain those machines might put on your ankles, knees, and hips. Unfortunately, we’ve encountered a lot of stair steppers that were really not... Read more >
By Tyler Sellers 2 days ago
The Best Fitness Watch For Small Wrists
Slim & Thin Activity Trackers
We often have women ask us about recommendations for the best fitness tracker for small wrists. The problem we often faced with many clients throughout the years is that the smaller fitness tracking devices tend to have fewer features or not work that well. But, it seems like technology has finally done some catching up for small wrists, and our team set out to test as many fitness trackers as... Read more >
By Tyler Sellers 2 months ago
The Best Fitness Tracker for Cyclists
A Watch Guide for Biking
Tracking fitness levels has become a major part of amateur and professional training plans in all types of sports, exercise, and fitness classes. But when it comes to fitness tracking for cyclists, we ended up trying a load of devices that were less than suitable. Issues like inaccurate distance and pace, as well as optical heart rate monitoring, seemed to be common. But we did find the top... Read more >
recumbent bike header banner
By Tyler Sellers 2 months ago
The Best Recumbent Bike for Seniors
Stationary Exercise Bicycles
As we get older, staying active and keeping fit becomes increasingly difficult. But that shouldn’t out a stop at looking our best, now should it? In fact, finding a great way to exercise at home can dramatically improve your quality of life. Recumbent exercise bikes are a perfect solution as they offer a wide range of adjustable resistance levels and are quite convenient to use and... Read more >