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battle ropes featured
By Isaac Robertson 2 months ago
The Best Battle Ropes
Reviews and Buyer’s Guide
No matter your fitness level and goals, whether you like to train indoors or outdoors, or you want to make your workouts more challenging and exciting, you could greatly benefit from adding a high-quality battle rope to your home gym. I hope one of the best battle ropes reviewed in this guide will help you sculpt and strengthen your entire body in no time. So, let’s cut a long story short and... Read more >
weighted vest
By Tyler Sellers 4 weeks ago
10 Best Weighted Vests For CrossFit (2023 Updated)
We’re huge fans of CrossFit, and one way we get to spice things up with clients is by adding a few pounds for bodyweight exercises. And I don’t mean piling on the flabby stuff again. You can completely transform strength training by using an adjustable weighted vest for everything from plyometrics to pull-ups and push-ups. You can even put on the vest for running to make sure you burn off... Read more >
crossfit gloves header banner
By Tyler Sellers 4 months ago
Best CrossFit Gloves
Reviews & Buyer’s Guide
I’m always surprised to see how many people do CrossFit workouts without gloves to protect their hands. But a good pair of CrossFit gloves could do so much more than help you avoid blisters and calluses. When you gain more grip, you’ll be amazed at how much more effective each of the exercises might be. But before you just pick up a pair of leather workout gloves, let me show you our... Read more >
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By Tyler Sellers 3 weeks ago
The Best Fitness Watch For Crossfit
Activity Tracker Buyer’s Guide
We work with a lot of CrossFit athletes and other fitness enthusiasts, from beginners all the way to advanced levels. For a long time, the problem was that many fitness tracking devices wouldn’t track all the different high intensity moves. You could end up with a lot of gaps, which made tracking fitness levels and progress a lot more difficult to achieve. While technology has caught up a... Read more >