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A muscular person lifting weights while using naked mass protein powder
By Isaac Robertson 6 months ago
5 Best Vegan Mass Gainers (2023 Review) Tried & Tested
As a vegan personal trainer, I spend a lot of time researching plant-based sports supplements. Some of my bodybuilding clients often ask me for recommendations on vegan mass gainers. The problem with most mass gainers is that they contain amino acids from dairy and other animal products. So, I teamed up with a few clients and my dietitian to research the best vegan mass gainer supplements and... Read more >
weight gainer supplements
By Isaac Robertson 6 years ago
9 Best Mass Gainer Supplements (2023 Updated) Tried & Tested
Weight gainer supplements are designed to help you put on pounds by providing you with a higher calorie source. Also called mass gainers, their caloric content can range anywhere from 250 calories all the way up to 1000 calories or more. If you’re someone who struggles with gaining weight, this might seem like the ideal solution. But is it? In this review, let’s go over some of the... Read more >