Close up shot of a steroid syringe
Supplements 6 days ago
Can Steroids Cause Yeast Infection? (Backed by Science)
Steroids can enhance your physique quickly, but their risks definitely outweigh the benefits. Recently, I came across a case of a university student who contracted a fungal infection on account of a doctor-prescribed steroid. After digging into the matter, I learned a good number of steroid users succumbed to yeast infection. However, correlation isn’t always causation. So, I teamed up with a... Read more >
A hot female mountain bike rider in the forest
Fitness 6 days ago
The 10 Hottest Female MTB Riders (2022 Updated)
It's no secret that mountain biking is one of the most physically demanding sports out there. It takes endurance, strength, and determination to hit the trails and make it to the finish line. But who are the female riders who are not only up for the challenge but also manage to look good doing it? We took our readers’ votes (more than 1.000 of them) and created this list of the hottest female... Read more >
Close up shot of a scoop of Maca
Supplements 6 days ago
Is Maca Pre-Workout Good? (6 Healthy Benefits You Must Know)
Maca is one of the many popular items in the superfood world. Many bodybuilders and athletes use it to boost their energy levels and supplement their diet. As a fitness expert, I was curious whether its effects were real or exaggerated. So, I teamed up with a dietician, read some clinical studies, and even had some clients incorporate this supplement into their diet. Here’s what we found. Read more >
A person doing low intensity workout in a gym
Training 6 days ago
LISS for Fat Loss (How Does It Help in Losing Weight?)
Low-intensity steady-state cardio, more commonly known as LISS training, is far less well known than its counterpart, HIIT workout. Yet, it’s practiced by many beginners without knowing what it is and how they can leverage it to burn body fat more efficiently. In over ten years of helping people achieve their fitness goals, I’ve always started beginners out with low-intensity steady-state... Read more >
Top view of picking up fish oil
Supplements 6 days ago
Can Fish Oil Reduce Belly Fat? (9 Amazing Health Benefits)
Fish oil refers to oil extracted from the tissue of fatty fish like tuna, salmon, mackerel, and cod. But in this article, we’ll be referring to the supplements commonly used among fitness enthusiasts and common folks. And while several studies show it’s great for heart health and bodybuilding, it led me to wonder if it plays a role in burning belly fat. So, I paired up with a fellow... Read more >
Guava on plate
Diet 3 days ago
Is Guava Good for Weight Loss? (8 Benefits You Must Know)
Native to Central America, guava is a popular tropical fruit among many fitness enthusiasts, including myself. Like most fruits, guavas are low in fat, sodium, and calories, making them an ideal snack. Lately, I’ve been curious as to whether they could help promote weight loss. So, I paired with a dietician and had some of my clients volunteer for a little experiment to see whether eating... Read more >
Holding stomach from being hungry
Weight Loss 6 days ago
Does Being Hungry Mean You’re Losing Weight? (Science-Based)
I recently came across a fitness influencer’s YouTube video, where they basically argued that it’s good to stay hungry because it puts your body in fat-burning mode. While there’s some truth to that, it’s important to realize that there’s quite a lot that goes on behind hunger and weight loss. To delve deeper into the subject, I paired up with a dietician and reviewed a lot of... Read more >
Holding two supplement container
Supplements 6 days ago
Can You Mix Pre-Workout With Protein Shake? (Quick Guide)
Many of my clients who want to lose fat and gain muscle have asked me at least once if they can take a protein shake and pre-workout at the same time. The two supplements were meant to help people achieve different health and fitness goals, but I decided to build on what I know from my professional experience with a few days of additional research on the benefits and drawbacks of combining... Read more >
Getting a scoop from a pre workout powder
Supplements 6 days ago
How Much Pre-Workout Should I Take? (From a Fitness Coach)
As a personal trainer, my clients often ask me how much pre-workout they should take to boost their energy levels. Because there is no one-size-fits-all pre-workout, my recommendations vary depending on the type of training, as well as the client at hand. To give them the best advice possible, I spent a few days gathering available resources and researching the recommended dosages to increase... Read more >
Pouring water on glass
Weight Loss 6 days ago
Does Drinking Water Before Bed Help You Lose Weight?
As a fitness trainer for many years, I have experimented with many simple ways to lose weight, like drinking water before going to bed at night. Knowing that water can help support many of our body processes, including fat loss, I devoted three days to doing my research and spoke with a nutritionist at Total Shape to review the science behind this. Today, I'll share what I found out, so keep... Read more >
A person lifting weights in the gym with Gorilla Mode Nitric in the foreground
Supplements 3 days ago
Gorilla Mode Nitric Pre-Workout Review (2022 Updated)
Many pre-workout supplements, such as Gorilla Mode Nitric, claim to increase strength, endurance, and overall energy level to get the most out of your time at the gym. I spent some time digging up studies on this product and going through testimonials before trying the product myself for three months to see if it lived up to its fame. I’ve gathered all the research in this Gorilla Mode Nitric... Read more >
A woman doing yoga indoors
Weight Loss 6 days ago
Does Yoga Burn Fat? (5 Poses For Burning Extra Calories)
I’ve noticed that many people who do yoga stay in great shape. I’ve even recommended many beginner clients to do yoga as a great way to start their fitness journey. Yet, I’m always met with the same question: how does something as low-intensity as yoga allow you to burn calories, build muscle, and get in shape? So, I spent a month studying yoga’s physical benefits to better understand... Read more >
Female Handball players playing in a court
Fitness 6 days ago
14 Sexiest Female Handball Players (2022 Updated)
Are you a fan of women’s handball? If so, you'll love our list of the 14 sexiest female handball players in the world. We asked our readers to help us put this list together, and we got a ton of responses. These ladies are absolutely amazing, and they're sure to inspire you to hit the courts yourself. So without further ado, let's get started. Read more >
A hot female table tennis player posing for the camera
Fitness 6 days ago
10 Hottest Female Table Tennis Players (2022 Updated)
It's no secret that there are plenty of absolutely amazing and incredibly talented female table tennis players, and they're sure to inspire you to hit the courts yourself. But we decided to ask our readers to participate in a survey and make a list of the top 10 picks based only on physical appearance. The survey lasted for one month, and the results are in. So without further ado, it's time to... Read more >
Top view of eating healthy meal
Weight Loss 6 days ago
8 Signs Of Not Eating Enough For Weight Loss
Some people trying to lose weight restrict their calorie consumption too much, causing them more harm than good and actually slowing down their weight loss. I always advise my clients to eat nutritiously balanced meals and keep tabs on their bodies. To help them better grasp this, I spent days researching the negative signs people should be able to recognize while on calorie restriction. I... Read more >
Doja Cat posing for the camera
Weight Loss 7 days ago
Doja Cat Weight Loss Journey (Diet And Workout Routine)
Many people know Doja Cat for her music, but not many are aware of her weight loss transformation. As a fitness trainer, I like keeping up with celebrity weight loss stories, and Doja Cat’s caught my attention. So, I decided to look into it and extract some helpful fitness principles for my clients. I spent a few weeks watching her interviews, observing her before and after photos, and... Read more >
A male skier taking a selfie in the mountains
Fitness 1 week ago
12 Hottest Male Skiers (2022 Updated)
My friends in the fitness world and I can get into pretty spirited debates about who makes the list of sexiest athletes, and recently we were discussing sexy male skiers. Though we may not always agree with who should be on the list, we do agree that to compete at a high level in any sport requires top-notch fitness, both physically and mentally. After much discussion, our group came up with a... Read more >
A female skier posing for the camera
Fitness 6 days ago
13 Hottest Female Skiers (2022 Updated)
A recent conversation with my colleagues at Total Shape, who are avid skiers, centered around how they stay fit during the off-season to be ready to hit the slopes the first chance they get. The chat quickly shifted to how professional skiers stay in shape for their sport, and the discussion ended up in creating a comprehensive list of the most beautiful female athletes in the skiing... Read more >
A row of female rugby players
Fitness 6 days ago
10 Hottest Female Rugby Players (2022 Updated)
If you have ever watched a match, you know that to play rugby, you must have peak fitness. As a personal trainer, I always want to understand what these elite athletes do to stay in top form for their sport. I presented the question to my colleagues at Total Shape of who are the hottest female Rugby players and what makes them hot; I got some great names for the list. Who do you think is the... Read more >
A woman holding her groin
Weight Loss 1 week ago
How to Get Rid of Groin Fat? (3 Effective Ways to Lose It)
Fat upper pubic area, commonly called FUPA, is the excess fat accumulated above the pubic bone, and it’s not something most people like having on them. A lot of sources out there will tell you that you can spot-remove groin fat, but unfortunately, that’s not possible. However, there are some ways to get rid of it. As a fitness trainer for over a decade, I’ve helped a number of clients who... Read more >
A person eating a fatty hamburger
Weight Loss 1 week ago
Eat Fat To Lose Fat? (Is It True Or A Myth)
Eating high-fat foods can be crucial for your fitness goals. Yet every time I bring this up to a new client, I’m met with apprehension until I lay down the facts and show them the results. In my over ten years of successfully helping people with their fitness goals, I’ve noticed time and again that increasing a client’s intake of the right kind of fat allows them to thrive and lose weight... Read more >
A variety of ginger on a chopping board
Weight Loss 1 week ago
How To Make Ginger Wraps and Burn Belly Fat (Easiest Way)
People try many things to lose fat quickly. Recently, one of my clients asked me about wraps (specifically ginger wraps) and whether they can help you burn fat. I was always skeptical about these wraps, which certainly includes ginger wraps, but I spent a week researching available sources on the topic and discussing them with a dietician to get a definitive answer. So, in this article, we’re... Read more >
A person sneezing with telekast f in the foreground
Supplements 1 week ago
Telekast F Tablet (What Is It and Is It Effective?)
If you are like me and many others worldwide suffering from seasonal allergies, you know the struggle to get through the day, never mind getting a workout in. I’m always on the lookout for the best way to get relief so I can get back into my routine. That is why when I heard a talk at the gym about how great Telekast F is for allergies, I had to do some research. With the help of our medical... Read more >
A man holding bottle of pills and syringe
Supplements 6 days ago
Can Anabolic Steroids Cause Cancer? (According to a Doctor)
As a fitness trainer, I have many discussions with my clients about performance-enhancing drugs, primarily the significant risks involved. Many clients are curious because they see other people’s fast and massive muscle gains and know precisely how they got there, leaving them to wonder if they should try steroids too. The risks of doping with an anabolic steroid are plenty. Still, my focus... Read more >
A person with hay fever close up image
Supplements 1 week ago
Can Steroids Help With Allergies? (Backed by Science)
Many of my fitness clients cringe when they hear “steroids” because the first image that pops into their head is an Arnold Schwarzenegger-like physique. The truth is that different steroids have valid uses, including corticosteroids for treating allergic rhinitis (hay fever). When used properly, they are safe treatment options. I sought professional medical advice, talked at length with our... Read more >
A man injecting syringe in his body
Supplements 1 week ago
5 Best Steroids for Beginners (Recommended by Athletes)
As a personal trainer, I promote hard work, proper diet, and all-natural supplements as a successful fitness trifecta and will never throw my support behind illegal substances. That said, education plays a vital role in being a good fitness trainer. I constantly hear conversations about anabolics, so I decided to research the common steroids used by athletes so that when I cannot discourage my... Read more >
Pink tablets on a table
Supplements 1 week ago
How to Use Dianabol Tablets? (3 Steps From a Nutritionist)
As a fitness trainer, I often hear clients and other gym goers tempted to fast-track their gains by using anabolic steroids like Dianabol. Dianabol or other anabolic steroids present a considerable risk that some people don’t consider because the reward is so appealing. One of the critical roles of a fitness trainer is to provide the clients with all they need to make informed decisions.... Read more >
Top view of different protein filled foods
Diet 1 week ago
13 Best Protein Foods for Muscle Growth (A Quick Guide)
Whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain muscle, your body needs protein to sustain itself and grow stronger. And trying to build muscle without eating protein is like driving a car without fuel: you’re not going anywhere. With over a decade of experience helping clients with their muscle-building goals, I’ve learned that not all protein sources are created equal. Some sources support... Read more >
A man running in a stadium
Training 1 week ago
How Much Should I Run To Lose Weight? (From a Coach)
Running is one of the best ways to lose fat, but if you don’t do it right, you could potentially injure yourself, tire yourself chronically, or backtrack your fitness goals. Over the course of my career as a fitness trainer, I’ve studied various running programs for fat loss and observed how they work to burn calories and shed weight. So, in this article, we’ll take a look at how to lose... Read more >
A sexy female poker player in a casino
Fitness 1 week ago
16 Hottest Female Poker Players (2022 Updated)
Recently while at the gym with my clients, there was a lengthy discussion about which sports require a high level of physical and mental endurance. The suggestion of Poker got a bit of a chuckle and then a pause as we acknowledged that top-notch endurance is required to compete at a high level. The discussion evolved into who are the hottest female poker players. Read on to find out who made... Read more >