A person with abs lifting a dumbbell
By Tyler Sellers 9 hours ago
5 Best Dumbbell Ab Exercises for a Stronger Core
Building visible abs is one of the most challenging goals in bodybuilding, mostly because gym-goers usually aren’t aware of their mistakes. It’s not all about reducing the body fat percentage but increasing the muscle size as well. Therefore, I would like to share some efficient weighted ab exercises that have helped my clients reveal their abdominal muscles. Let’s dive in. Read more >
A man doing heel touches indoors
By Christiana Mikesch 9 hours ago
How To Do Heel Touches? (Muscles Used & Their Benefits)
Heel touches are great bodyweight exercises that target the abdominal muscles. As a fitness trainer, I recommend all my readers and clients add heel touches to their exercises to target their obliques and rectus abdominal muscles. This exercise focuses on all the abdomen's main muscles, thus improving stability and strength. Keep reading to know the benefits of heel touches and how to perform... Read more >
A buff male doing push ups for his lower chest
By Michael Garrico 9 hours ago
5 Best Push-Ups for Lower Chest (To Try at Home)
In my decade-long experience as a fitness instructor, a significant number of male clients come in with the same problem—a saggy chest. So, I usually put them on a bi-weekly routine of push-up workouts and advise them on the importance of proper nutrition and adequate sleep. To help my readers as well, I decided to team up with a physical therapist to share some of these push-up workouts that... Read more >
Gym coach teaching dumbbell workouts for lats
By Michael Garrico 10 hours ago
8 Best Lat Exercises With Dumbbells (Have a Thicker Back)
It may be challenging to build your lats by solely relying on pull-up bars, lat machines, and similar gym equipment. That's why you should start performing dumbbell lat exercises to boost your lat hypertrophy and build more strength. Based on our firsthand experience and after testing numerous dumbbell lat exercises, we singled out the best ones for building muscle. After the testing phase, I... Read more >
A person working out her quads indoors
By Connor Sellers 10 hours ago
6 Best Outer Quad Exercises (Unleash Your Leg Power)
Quadriceps is the upper leg's biggest muscle, composed of four muscles. One of those muscles is called the outer quad, but anatomically speaking, the correct name is vastus lateralis. I tested more than 20 outer quad exercises with my team of fitness experts. It took me over 20 hours to evaluate which leg exercises are best for hypertrophy and building strength. Keep reading below to learn the... Read more >
Couple doing bicep exercises using dumbbell
By Connor Sellers 1 day ago
10 Best Dumbbell Biceps Exercises (Muscle-Building Routine)
As a fitness coach, I’ve worked with countless clients wanting to build bigger and stronger biceps. Since this is such a common goal, after conducting thorough research and observing my clients’ progress for years, I’ve decided to compile a list of the best dumbbell bicep exercises that can help achieve those bulging biceps my clients desire. Let’s explore how you can improve your... Read more >
Lifting a barbell for shoulder exercises
By Michael Garrico 1 day ago
13 Best Barbell Shoulder Exercises (Upper-Body Workout Plan)
Shoulder exercises constitute a significant part of every well-rounded upper-body workout plan. I do my shoulder workouts twice a week. And the majority of shoulder exercises are performed with a barbell. That's why I compiled an extensive list of all barbell shoulder exercises I know to help you develop big and robust upper body musculature. After reading the article, you will know the most... Read more >
A woman doing a lying hip flexor stretch for workout
By Christiana Mikesch 1 day ago
2 Lying Hip Flexor Stretches (Effective Post-Workout Ideas)
Most athletes only focus on stretching before they start the more intense parts of their workouts. But doing a lying hip flexor stretch after a leg or core workout day can provide a lot of relief for tense and sore muscles. To help our clients and readers better understand how to perform this stretch for maximum benefits, I got my physical therapist to help out and provide some detailed... Read more >
A person holding up a barbell for Triceps workout
By Tyler Sellers 1 day ago
9 Best Barbell Tricep Workouts (Get Explosive Arm Strength)
There are some barbell triceps exercises to implement in your daily workout to boost the muscle-building effect. I tested over 20 barbell exercises and singled out the best ones for growing all three triceps heads. They are compound and isolation because that is the most functional and effective way to train your triceps. After reading the article, you will be ready to implement triceps... Read more >
Showing back and shoulder muscles
By Connor Sellers 2 days ago
9 Best Shoulder Isolation Exercises (For a Perfect V-Shape)
Shoulder muscles are one of the largest muscles in the body, and training them will improve your shoulder health and posture, increase strength, and prevent injuries. My team and I dedicated months of research to find the best shoulder isolation exercises for developing your desired V-shape look. Read on to find out. Read more >
a man doing half kneeling quad stretches
By Tyler Sellers 2 days ago
Half Kneeling Quad Stretch (How To Do For Tight Muscles?)
Getting your quads fully activated and ready to go for a workout routine should be an important part of every warm-up routine before a leg workout day. But as a personal fitness coach, I still see many people make a half-serious effort that they might as well skip. To help our readers and clients better understand how to stretch the legs, we got a physiotherapist involved to provide details on... Read more >
A woman stretching her hamstrings while seated
By Tracy Thompson 2 days ago
2 Seated Hamstring Stretches In Chair (Workout for the Legs)
The seated hamstring stretch is one of the easiest ways for people to prepare their legs for all kinds of workouts. The reason I often recommend it over the standing variation is that it allows you to focus on the stretch and not on trying to balance. But my physical therapist also highlighted a few other benefits and some simple mistakes people make when stretching their hamstrings. It’s... Read more >
A woman stretching out her Levator Scapulae Neck
By Christiana Mikesch 2 days ago
4 Levator Scapulae Stretches (Ways to Relieve a Sore Neck)
If you’ve ever had to deal with stiff and sore neck muscles after a workout, then you know how inconvenient it can become. Not only can the neck pain be annoying during the day, but it can disrupt your sleep as well. My physio suggested targeted levator scapulae stretch to solve these issues. The problem is that you can easily do this stretch wrong and make it less effective. So, I got my... Read more >
A woman doing an overhead triceps stretch
By Tracy Thompson 2 days ago
5 Overhead Triceps Stretches (Tighten Your Arms & Muscles)
Arms and shoulders training days are possibly one of my favorites, but as a personal trainer, I’m always surprised how little effort people put into stretching their arms before and after lifting weights. One of the simplest stretches for the upper arm is the overhead triceps stretch, and when you do it right, it can become one of the easiest ways to reduce sore muscles. To help show our... Read more >
A woman doing a side lunge with a resistance band
By Christiana Mikesch 2 days ago
6 Side Lunges Stretches (Add Improvements to Your Workouts)
As a personal trainer, I often see people not spending enough time doing stretches on their lower body workout days. And this surprises me because it only takes a few minutes to add a lateral and side lunge stretch that can make a big difference. But there are some common mistakes people make, from toes pointed in the wrong direction to knees not being straight. So, our team got together with... Read more >
A woman stretching her real deltoids
By Tracy Thompson 2 days ago
5 Rear Deltoid Stretches (Improve Your Shoulder Effectively)
The rear deltoid muscle is a critical part of many different exercises, and you’ll have to fully engage it in many upper-body workout sessions. But, as a personal fitness coach, I often see people at the gym make mistakes when stretching their shoulder muscles. A simple mistake with wrongly aligning your arms can make an anterior deltoid stretch less effective. So, our team decided to ask a... Read more >