Total Shape Resistance Bands
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Total Shape

Total Shape Resistance Bands (2-Pack)

  • 30-60 lbs Purle Band: Enhances mobility & stretching.
  • 50-125 lbs Green Band: Ideal for lower body workouts.
  • 3/4" Width Purple Band: Perfect for small muscle groups.
  • 1.75" Width Green Band: Supports large muscle training.
  • Durable & Skin-Friendly: Long-lasting, comfortable use.


Transform your exercise routine with the Total Shape Resistance Band Set, featuring two distinct bands tailored for a comprehensive workout experience.

The purple band, with a resistance level of 30 to 60 pounds and a width of 3/4″, is superb for enhancing mobility, jumping, and stretching exercises. It’s particularly effective for small to medium muscle groups, like biceps, and offers light assistance for pull-ups, making it a versatile tool for both gym equipment exercises and bodyweight training.

The green band, broader at 1.75″ and offering a resistance of 50 to 125 pounds, is the go-to choice for working large muscle groups. It’s ideal for lower body workouts, such as squats and deadlifts, and provides excellent support for stretching and assisted pull-ups.

Both bands, made from robust and skin-friendly materials, are essential for anyone seeking to elevate their strength training, whether at home or in the gym.

Customer Reviews

  1. The black band has become my go-to for pre-workout stretches, the white band’s higher resistance is a regular for my leg days. Both seem pretty durable too. Only wish they came with a storage bag.



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