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Pouring pre workout supplement in tumbler
By Tyler Sellers 1 week ago
Do’s and Don’ts for Taking Pre-workout (A Pro’s Guide)
Pre-workouts are one of my favorite supplements, and I routinely recommend them to my clients and regular gym-goers. That’s why it pains me to see some armchair experts and inexperienced personal trainers give bad advice on using this dietary supplement, which often leads to disappointing performance. So, I spent four weeks examining the relevant literature and talking with my fitness... Read more >
Man choosing which pre workout supplement to pick
By Connor Sellers 2 weeks ago
How to Choose A Pre-workout Supplement (Ultimate Guide)
Being a professional in the fitness world for more than a decade, I know that choosing a good pre-workout for yourself may mean the difference between a good exercise performance and a great one, as well as between decent results and extraordinary. However, with countless formulas flooding the market, many people tend to ignore some essential traits when choosing the right product for them. So,... Read more >
A buff male in an indoor swimming pool
By Michael Garrico 1 week ago
Is Pre-Workout Good for Swimming? (From A Trainer)
One of my clients was taken by surprise when I advised her to take pre-workout supplements for swimming. She thought they were only effective in the gym for lifting weights and muscle building. So, to answer her many questions, I decided to compile what I know about pre-workouts, their ingredients, and what makes them suitable for swimming. I also consulted a dietician specializing in sports... Read more >
Man doing push ups in gym with Podium product overlay
By Connor Sellers 18 hours ago
Podium Fuse Pre-Workout Review (2022) Is It Good Enough?
In my 11-year personal training career, one of my priorities has always been helping my clients find the perfect, expert-approved pre-workout supplement that'll boost them up without experiencing side effects. Lately, I often get asked about Podium pre-workout and its efficiency. So, I decided to team up with a nutritionist and test this new gluten-free pre-workout before recommending it to my... Read more >
A boxer fixing hand protection, man mixing pre workout supplements
By Tyler Sellers 1 week ago
10 Best Pre-Workout for Boxing (2022) Boxer’s Perspective
Not all supplements are made equal. Some sports demand more intensity from you than others, so your body needs the right supplements to perform well. Boxing, for example, quickly depletes your body’s amino acids, energy stores, oxygen supply, and electrolytes. To find a supplement that’d help boxers perform at their peak given these demands, we conducted an experiment here at TotalShape. We... Read more >
Holding pre-workout supplement, a man with hair loss
By Tyler Sellers 3 weeks ago
Does Pre-Workout Cause Hair Loss? (According to a Doctor)
My typical routine as a fitness trainer often involves training clients and recommending nutrition and bodybuilding supplements that will help them get the best results. Recently a new client asked me: does pre-workout cause hair loss? I assured him that the claims that pre-workout supplements cause baldness are just not true. But to back my word, I decided to consult a medical doctor with whom... Read more >
A teenager working out in the gym
By Tyler Sellers 2 weeks ago
10 Best Pre-Workout for Teens (2022 Review) Tried and Tested
Recently, some parents asked me if pre-workout was safe for their teens. While my answer was  yes, I added that choosing the right supplement is what matters the most. Since many teens are getting into sports, I decided it’d be helpful to curate a list of the best pre-workouts for teens currently available. As a gym bro who’s tried many pre-workouts over the years, it’s safe to say some... Read more >
diabetic man pouring pre workout supplement in his tumbler
By Connor Sellers 1 month ago
Is Pre-workout Safe for Diabetics? (What You Need To Know)
When I work with my fitness clients, knowing any health conditions they have allows me to tailor their diet, exercise, and supplement plan to their specific needs. Some of my clients have diabetes, and many want to know how supplements, specifically pre-workout, might affect them. Our dietician and I sat down and examined several popular pre-workout supplements and common ingredients to examine... Read more >
A person with hangover, overlay of pre workout supplement container
By Michael Garrico 1 month ago
10 Best Pre-Workouts for Hangover (2022 Buyer’s Guide)
Hangover symptoms may include headache, nausea, sweat, and dehydration, all of which affect your overall exercise performance. But if you find yourself with a hangover like that, there are a few products that might help. While many pre-workout supplements claim to relieve such ailments, not all of them contain ingredients that are actually effective. So, I spent several months researching... Read more >
A bearded man smiling at the camera
By Tyler Sellers 1 month ago
Is Pre-workout Bad for Your Teeth? (From A Dentist)
Being a fitness trainer, I often get questions about whether the benefits of pre-workouts outweigh some risks. Recently conversations have revolved around the question if pre-workouts are bad for oral health. Because I am a fitness trainer and don’t hold a dental degree, I reached out to an experienced professional to go over available literature on the subject and discuss what happens when... Read more >
A person lifting weights in the gym with Gorilla Mode Nitric in the foreground
By Connor Sellers 1 month ago
Gorilla Mode Nitric Pre-Workout Review (2022 Updated)
Many pre-workout supplements, such as Gorilla Mode Nitric, claim to increase strength, endurance, and overall energy level to get the most out of your time at the gym. I spent some time digging up studies on this product and going through testimonials before trying the product myself for three months to see if it lived up to its fame. I’ve gathered all the research in this Gorilla Mode Nitric... Read more >
A buff person working out in the gym with Prevail Pre-workout powder in the foreground
By Connor Sellers 2 months ago
Prevail Pre-workout Review (2022 Updated) Is It The Best?
After reading good reviews regarding Prevail pre-workout, I decided to try the pre-workout over the course of 5 months to verify if the effects are as portrayed on the website. I solicited the help of my dietitian and other gym-goers to learn more about Prevail and how it keeps you concentrated during your workout. The information I gathered is discussed in this article. Let's get into it. Read more >