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A muscular person doing pull ups
By Connor Sellers 6 months ago
Do Pull-Ups Burn Fat or Help with Weight Loss? (The Answer)
In my coaching experience, pull-ups are an indispensable part of every strength training since they activate multiple muscles and gradually pile on muscle mass. Since it is a complex exercise, I wanted to investigate if it could also play an important role in burning calories and be a part of weight loss workout plans. So I conducted my research by recording the results of five of my clients... Read more >
A woman doing sit ups and a woman pinching her belly fats
By Connor Sellers 4 months ago
Do Sit-Ups Burn Belly Fat? 4 Facts You Really Need to Know
Although I think I'm at my peak fitness performance, my fitness journey hasn't always been smooth, and my results were laughable when I started. My primary motivation was losing belly fat, and I spent weeks browsing through research papers and talking to my dietician to see if sit-ups can aid in burning belly fat. I have composed this piece to share the knowledge I obtained and my experience... Read more >
Performing calisthenics indoors
By Connor Sellers 6 months ago
Do Calisthenics Burn Fat? (You’ll Be Surprised to Find Out)
Many of my new fitness clients forget the early gym days with push-ups, pull-ups, and jumping jacks and assume that to increase muscle mass and strength, they must resort to weight lifting. Well, in my years of working out and guiding clients as a personal trainer, I have learned, time and again, that proper bodyweight training will target body fat, encourage muscle definition, and promote... Read more >
Happy couple sitting in hot tub
By Connor Sellers 4 months ago
Does The Hot Tub Burn Fat Or Is It A Complete Myth?
As a personal fitness trainer, I do a lot of research into all the possible methods that my clients can use to lose weight successfully. It all starts with the right diet and workout routine, but ideas like hot tub soaking to deal with body fat can be fascinating. Now, it’s not like a trip to the hot tub directly loosens that belly fat, but there’s more to it than benefits for muscle... Read more >
An active person showing fit body
By Connor Sellers 4 months ago
Do You Burn More Fat With More Blood Flow?
As a personal fitness trainer, I spend a lot of time studying and researching the science behind how the human body works and responds to physical activity and diet. And one of the most interesting areas I have researched is how blood flow has been directly linked to fat stores. What surprised me the most is that it influences the body in a completely different way from what I expected. The... Read more >
Honey in a bottle and Cinnamon
By Connor Sellers 6 months ago
Can Cinnamon And Honey Help You With Weight Loss?
During a recent conversation with my dietitian, she pointed out that there’s increasing evidence of a cinnamon and honey link to weight loss. As a personal trainer, I’m always looking for ways to help my clients lose weight more efficiently, so I decided that I needed to do some research. So, I spent a couple of weeks reading through scientific literature with the help of my dietitian and... Read more >
Different tea on table
By Connor Sellers 4 months ago
8 Best Teas for Weight Loss With Fat Burning Effect
As a personal fitness coach, I work closely with my clients and dietitians to make their weight loss efforts as effective as possible. One of the more interesting ways that I have found to deal with belly fat more effectively is by adding certain types of teas. But you can’t just drink any kind of tea, as not all of them will have an impact on fat cells. So, I got together with my... Read more >
Top view of magnesium foods
By Connor Sellers 4 months ago
Is Magnesium Good as a Pre-workout? According to a Dietitian
Having trained hundreds of clients, I’ve noticed that quite a few of them took magnesium right before their training sessions. I’ve never personally used magnesium as a fitness supplement, so I wanted to check if it could have some substance as a pre-workout. For this reason, I collaborated with a team of dietitians to establish the role of magnesium as a pre-workout, and I used it over the... Read more >
Women measuring their weights
By Connor Sellers 4 months ago
Can You Target Fat Loss or Is It Down to Luck?
Many of my clients come to me with certain ideas of what they want to look like and where they want to lose weight. As a personal trainer,  I tell them that can be a challenge, as there are many factors that influence how and where you lose fat. To figure out if there are ways to use a mix of high-intensity training and strength training to target a very specific area of the body, I got... Read more >
Avocado oil in a bowl
By Connor Sellers 4 months ago
Does Avocado Oil Burn Fat? (And How To Use It)
Avocados have achieved a kind of superfood status, and people add them to their meal plans for many different reasons. And while most people add them to savory meals, these fruits can deliver a large dose of healthy fats to any kind of meal or smoothie. One of the more interesting questions I got from a client was whether avocado oil would help or disrupt weight loss efforts. So I got together... Read more >
Rice spread on a wooden platform
By Connor Sellers 4 months ago
Is Rice a Good Pre-workout Meal? According to a Dietician
As one of the most popular staple grains for nearly half of the world's population, rice is one of those meals you can easily pair with anything and eat anytime. But is it a good pre-workout meal? As a bodybuilder, I strive to have pre-workout meals that'll boost and sustain my energy before and during my workouts. I interviewed a dietician and fitness coach to determine if rice is one of those... Read more >
The rock showing his chest muscles
By Connor Sellers 4 months ago
The Rock Chest Workout Routine That Will Bulk Up You Pecs
As a personal fitness and strength coach, I'm always looking for new workout ideas to give my clients a varied training routine to get them into the best shape possible. And there are generally not many people better than Dwayne The Rock Johnson to model such training plans on. So, our team spent a few weeks researching The Rock workout routines that we could find in interviews and social media... Read more >