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A person holding protein powder with Modere Trim and PhenQ logos on the sides
By Connor Sellers 4 weeks ago
Modere Trim Vs Phenq (2023 Updated) Which Is The Best?
As a team of personal fitness trainers, our staff at Total Shape often get involved in many discussions about the latest and greatest fat-burning supplements. While most of them turn out to be snake oil, we do give every new recommendation the full attention of research and testing. And that’s exactly what we did when we heard some people say that Modere Trim was giving them better weight loss... Read more >
A person in the gym holding a sack of protein powder
By Connor Sellers 2 months ago
How Many Calories In Protein Powder (Average Values)
Over the past ten years working as a fitness coach, I’ve never had a client who hasn’t come to the gym stacked with a protein powder, although only a few of them actually expressed concerns about the calories they might be getting from it. To see if protein powder consumption can lead to a higher calorie intake, I teamed up with my dietitian and took two months to investigate the number of... Read more >
A buff person working out in the gym with Prevail Pre-workout powder in the foreground
By Connor Sellers 4 weeks ago
Prevail Pre-workout Review (2023 Updated) Is It The Best?
After reading good reviews regarding Prevail pre-workout, I decided to try the pre-workout over the course of 5 months to verify if the effects are as portrayed on the website. I solicited the help of my dietitian and other gym-goers to learn more about Prevail and how it keeps you concentrated during your workout. The information I gathered is discussed in this article. Let's get into it. Read more >
a person taking down notes with supplements and pre-workout on the side
By Connor Sellers 4 months ago
7 Pre-workout Ingredients to Avoid And Why (From A Nutritionist)
Being in the fitness industry for such a long time, I often get my hands on pre-workout formulas with highly questionable supplement-fact panels. While it’s difficult to recommend the best pre-workout (since it depends on preferences), it’s not hard to tell what formulas to avoid, thanks to their shady ingredients list. To help my clients and readers steer clear of questionable pre-workout... Read more >
A buff male drinking pre-workout
By Connor Sellers 4 months ago
The Pros and Cons of Pre-Workout Supplements (Science-Based)
As a fitness coach, I always use pre-workouts for my exercise routines. But I’ve recently found that most of my clients don't trust this supplement. So, in addition to my long-standing experience with pre-workouts, I decided to do in-depth research and review relevant literature on the pros and cons of pre-workout supplements. I even scheduled an interview with a renowned nutritionist and... Read more >
A muscular man holding injectable steroids
By Connor Sellers 4 months ago
Should Steroids Be Taken With Food? (Advice From a Doctor)
Many athletes take steroid drugs for right and wrong reasons. And as a personal trainer, I’ve had to learn about all the effects that my clients could face. One of the more commonly prescribed steroids for some of my clients has been an oral version, and I had an interesting conversation with one of these people about how and when they take it. It turns out that there are some specific... Read more >
a woman holding a burger with one hand and eating a vegetable with the other hand
By Connor Sellers 4 months ago
How to Lose Face Fat? (9 Simple Tips You Need to Do)
As a personal trainer, I have many clients with very specific weight loss goals. And while most of the time it’s all about belly fat, I’ve had a few people who have struggled to reduce facial fat. The problem with targeted fat loss is that your body tends to get rid of easily accessible abdominal fat first. So even with a healthy weight, you might still struggle with losing facial fat. So,... Read more >
A person jogging in the winter snow
By Connor Sellers 5 months ago
Losing Weight in Winter (5 Simple Tips on How to Do It)
I’m not sure what it is about cold weather that makes people slip when it comes to their healthy lifestyle habits. It just seems like it’s a lot more effort to lose weight in winter. Fortunately, there are a few things that can help you with weight management in the darker months of the year, and they won’t involve moving to a warmer climate in Florida or South America. To give you the... Read more >
A person doing yoga at home while looking at her phone
By Connor Sellers 5 months ago
How To Lose 30 Pounds In A Month (From A Dietitian)
I’ve often had new clients come to me with urgent requests to help them with fast weight loss expectations because they want to get beach fit for a holiday or impress friends and family at a wedding. The problem with a goal to lose 30 pounds in 30 days is that most people won’t have the willpower to do what is necessary. And to help you better understand how you can achieve such a goal, I... Read more >
Two people in the gym discussing at a treadmill
By Connor Sellers 5 months ago
Should You Do Cardio Before Or After Weights?
As a fitness trainer, I’m often asked whether it is good to do cardio before or after they work out. Working closely with my fitness coach colleague, I spent hundreds of hours researching to get the information and give them a more accurate answer. Keep on reading to know the best time to do your cardio. Read more >
A person setting up a treadmill
By Connor Sellers 4 months ago
Does Walking on an Incline Burn Belly Fat? (Science-Based)
As a long-time fitness trainer, I always recommend my clients who want to lose weight quickly increase the intensity of their cardio exercise. As many of them use treadmills in the gym, I usually suggest raising the incline to challenge their muscles and burn more calories. And since I always strive to help them reach their weight loss goals faster, I set aside a few weeks to study the science... Read more >
A person drinking in the gym beside a person holding up pre workout
By Connor Sellers 5 months ago
Pre-Workout vs Energy Drink (Which One Is Best for You?)
What you take before your workout is just as important as what you take after it. Pre-workouts and energy drinks are some of the most popular and effective products consumed by many young gym enthusiasts before working out. Both of them can have a positive effect on your physical performance, but which one does it better? To determine this, I paired up with a dietician to study my clients. We... Read more >